Carum carvi L.

Origin from: Slovenia
Maintained by: Not in the NPGS Collection.
Received: 1999
Growth class: spring
Backup location:
Life form: Annual and/or Biennial
Improvement status: Wild
Reproductive uniformity:
Form received: Seed

Accession names and identifiers

Type: Institute identifier
SVNJULALP-99 17/154
Type: Collector identifier
SVN 154/99
Type: Donor identifier
Comment: Troubsko
kmín kořenný
Type: Other or unclassified name
Carum carvi
Type: Full taxon

Intellectual Property Rights

Comment: Multi-Lateral System FAO item
Date Issued:
FAO Standard Material Transfer Agreement
Date Issued:
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Additional Availability Information

Accession is not in the NPGS, contact the donor for availability. Historical record only. Please do not request this accession.


Curator: Kateřina SMÉKALOVÁ, CRI – Genetic Resources of Vegetables and Special Crops (CZE061) smekalova@genobanka.cz

Source History


  • Enter ECN into system: 09-Dec-2003.