Silene flos-cuculi (L.) Greuter & Burdet

Origin from: Slovakia
Maintained by: Crop Research Institute, Prague, Gene Bank
Received: 2002
Growth class:
Backup location:
Life form:
Improvement status: Wild
Reproductive uniformity:
Form received: Seed

Accession names and identifiers

BES 575/99
Type: Collector identifier
Lychnis flos-cuculi
Type: Unverified name
Lychnis flos-cuculi
Type: Full taxon

Intellectual Property Rights

Comment: Multi-Lateral System FAO item
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Date Issued:
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Additional Availability Information

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Curator: Tomáš VYMYSLICKÝ, Research Institute for Fodder Plants, Ltd. (CZE096) vymyslicky@vupt.cz

Source History

  • Accession was collected. 27-Aug-1999. Slovakia
    Locality: Taskovka, Podbeskydska brazda Habitat: dry meadow Latitude: 49 deg. 27 min. 15 sec. North (49.45444000), Longitude: 19 deg. 27 min. 39 sec. East (19.46111000) GoogleMap it. Elevation: 740 meters.
    1. CZE096, Research Institute for Fodder Plants, Ltd.


  • Enter ECN into system: 10-Oct-2002.