We apologize, but the distribution of Solanum lycopersicum L. and Capsicum spp. is suspended due to the EU regulation (details); only accessions with CZE (CSK) origin are tested and available.

Avena L. (spring) accessions
Code: spring

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Some descriptor observations are linked to specific inventory lots within an accession. Click on the accession link for those listed as "Not Available" to see availability of other lots within an accession. Note that specific genotypes might be inventory lot specific. For clonal material, male and female plants may be represented by different inventory lots within an accession.

02398103C0700001 'Cesky Zluty'Avena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*103C0700001 **
12398203C0700002 'Chlumecky Zluty'Avena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*103C0700002 **
22398303C0700003 'Radosinsky Zluty'Avena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*103C0700003 **
32398403C0700004 'Detenicky Bily'Avena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*103C0700004 **
42398503C0700005 'Horicky'Avena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*103C0700005 **
52398603C0700006 'Irbit'Avena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*103C0700006 **
62398703C0700007 'Nalzovsky'Avena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*103C0700007 **
72398803C0700008 'Rychlik'Avena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*103C0700008 **
82398903C0700009 'Studnicky'Avena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*103C0700009 **
92399003C0700010 'Stupicky Bily'Avena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*103C0700010 **
102399103C0700011 'Taborsky'Avena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*103C0700011 **
112399203C0700012 'Valecovsky Bily'Avena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*103C0700012 **
122399403C0700014 'Brnensky Zlatak'Avena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*103C0700014 **
132399503C0700015 'Jindrichovsky Bily'Avena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*103C0700015 **
142399603C0700016 Valecovsky 4Avena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*103C0700016 **
152399703C0700017 Valecovsky 2Avena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*103C0700017 **
162399803C0700018 'Valecovsky Nepolehavy'Avena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*103C0700018 **
172399903C0700019 'Valecovsky Ligovo II'Avena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*103C0700019 **
182400003C0700020 'Valecovsky Vitez'Avena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*103C0700020 **
192400103C0700021 'Valecovsky Hvezdovy'Avena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*103C0700021 **
202400203C0700022 'Slapsky Vitez'Avena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*103C0700022 **
212401003C0700030 Udycz 101Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*103C0700030 **
222401203C0700032 Udycz 100Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*103C0700032 **
232401303C0700033 'Teodozja'Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*103C0700033 **
242401403C0700034 'Tatrzanski'Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*103C0700034 **
252401503C0700035 TatarskiAvena sativa L. PolandNot Available*103C0700035 **
262401603C0700036 'Sobieszynski'Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*103C0700036 **
272401703C0700037 'Solacki Wczesny'Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*103C0700037 **
282401803C0700038 SaskiAvena sativa L. PolandNot Available*103C0700038 **
292402003C0700040 PlatekAvena sativa L. PolandNot Available*103C0700040 **
302402103C0700041 Nagi PulawskiAvena sativa L. PolandNot Available*103C0700041 **
312402303C0700043 'Nahy'Avena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*103C0700043 **
322402403C0700044 'Modzurowski'Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*103C0700044 **
332402603C0700046 KozakAvena sativa L. PolandNot Available*103C0700046 **
342402703C0700047 JagielloAvena sativa L. PolandNot Available*103C0700047 **
352402803C0700048 HrywakAvena sativa L. PolandNot Available*103C0700048 **
362402903C0700049 DippawskiAvena sativa L. PolandNot Available*103C0700049 **
372403003C0700050 Drogerny zlatyAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*103C0700050 **
382403103C0700051 'Bialy Orzel'Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*103C0700051 **
392403303C0700053 R 12/65Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*103C0700053 **
402403403C0700054 P 295Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*103C0700054 **
412403503C0700055 LP 214Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*103C0700055 **
422403603C0700056 MongoliaAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*103C0700056 **
432403703C0700057 'Buddah'Avena sativa L. AustraliaNot Available*103C0700057 **
442403803C0700058 Piby AAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*103C0700058 **
452403903C0700059 StrengulAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*103C0700059 **
462404003C0700060 JongensklipAvena sativa L. South AfricaNot Available*103C0700060 **
472404103C0700061 TiruncesAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*103C0700061 **
482404203C0700062 BalkanAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*103C0700062 **
492404403C0700064 White KingAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*103C0700064 **
502404503C0700065 Weston IIAvena sativa L. IndiaNot Available*103C0700065 **
512404603C0700066 ValverinceAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*103C0700066 **
522404703C0700067 SumarkAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*103C0700067 **
532404803C0700068 MirassowAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*103C0700068 **
542404903C0700069 'Engelbreckt I'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*103C0700069 **
552405003C0700070 'OAC 144'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*103C0700070 **
562405103C0700071 'Diadem'Avena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*103C0700071 **
572405203C0700072 Minsker 025Avena sativa L. unknownNot Available*103C0700072 **
582405303C0700073 'Maelor'Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available103C0700073 **
592405403C0700074 'Bambu I'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*103C0700074 **
602405603C0700076 LonginusAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*103C0700076 **
612405703C0700077 LaxtonAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*103C0700077 **
622405803C0700078 LaworAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*103C0700078 **
632405903C0700079 Hybrid 181Avena sativa L. unknownNot Available*103C0700079 **
642406003C0700080 Krajova ze Zdiaru (Stefaniak)Avena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaHistoric103C0700080 **
652406103C0700081 GordonAvena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*103C0700081 **
662406303C0700083 GeationAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*103C0700083 **
672406403C0700084 ExaAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*103C0700084 **
682406503C0700085 CaptainAvena sativa L. unknownHistoric103C0700085 **
692406703C0700087 Rouge de TithiviersAvena strigosa Schreb. FranceNot Available*103C0700087 **
702406803C0700088 Rouge 31Avena sativa L. AlgeriaNot Available*103C0700088 **
712406903C0700089 Precoce du MarocAvena sativa L. MoroccoNot Available*103C0700089 **
722407003C0700090 Noire de l'AubeAvena sativa L. FranceNot Available*103C0700090 **
732407103C0700091 Noire 912Avena sativa L. AlgeriaNot Available*103C0700091 **
742407203C0700092 MultigraphAvena sativa L. FranceNot Available*103C0700092 **
752407303C0700093 MijoAvena sativa L. FranceNot Available*103C0700093 **
762407403C0700094 Hative de SiberiaAvena sativa L. FranceNot Available*103C0700094 **
772407503C0700095 Hative d'OrchesAvena sativa L. FranceNot Available*103C0700095 **
782407603C0700096 Souveraine le PeupleAvena sativa L. FranceNot Available*103C0700096 **
792407903C0700099 'Fleur du Nord'Avena sativa L. FranceNot Available*103C0700099 **
802408003C0700100 'Blanche de Bersee'Avena sativa L. FranceNot Available*103C0700100 **
812408103C0700101 DollarAvena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*103C0700101 **
822408203C0700102 'Pentland Provender'Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*103C0700102 **
832408303C0700103 AA 736Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*103C0700103 **
842408403C0700104 AA 732Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*103C0700104 **
852408503C0700105 Early InebleAvena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*103C0700105 **
862408603C0700106 Z 164Avena sativa L. YugoslaviaNot Available*103C0700106 **
872408703C0700107 Z 53Avena sativa L. YugoslaviaNot Available*103C0700107 **
882408903C0700109 Bankuti 124Avena sativa L. HungaryNot Available*103C0700109 **
892409003C0700110 Babolnai 2338Avena sativa L. HungaryNot Available*103C0700110 **
902409103C0700111 VobesderAvena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*103C0700111 **
912409203C0700112 'Kehra Varane'Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*103C0700112 **
922409303C0700113 Kehra TanguAvena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*103C0700113 **
932409403C0700114 Kehra SaagirikesAvena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*103C0700114 **
942409503C0700115 TodoAvena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*103C0700115 **
952409603C0700116 'Skorospelyj'Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*103C0700116 **
962409703C0700117 'Jubilejnyj'Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*103C0700117 **
972409803C0700118 AribionatoAvena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*103C0700118 **
982409903C0700119 AjgorudoAvena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*103C0700119 **
992410003C0700120 Mutica 832Avena sativa L. MongoliaNot Available*103C0700120 **
1002410103C0700121 Cebeco 7181Avena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*103C0700121 **
1012410203C0700122 Cebeco 6817Avena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*103C0700122 **
1022410303C0700123 Cebeco 6731Avena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*103C0700123 **
1032410403C0700124 'Laura'Avena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*103C0700124 **
1042410503C0700125 'Abed Solve'Avena sativa L. DenmarkNot Available*103C0700125 **
1052410603C0700126 'Gora'Avena sativa L. BelgiumNot Available*103C0700126 **
1062410803C0700128 'Argus'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*103C0700128 **
1072410903C0700129 'Mission'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0700129 **
1082411003C0700130 Klein 69 BAvena sativa L. ArgentinaNot Available*103C0700130 **
1092411103C0700131 Weibulls 16535Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*103C0700131 **
1102411203C0700132 Svalofs 68322Avena sativa L. SwedenHistoric103C0700132 **
1112411303C0700133 'Sang'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*103C0700133 **
1122411403C0700134 Tzelle DwarfAvena sativa L. DenmarkNot Available*103C0700134 **
1132411603C0700136 'Yamaska'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*103C0700136 **
1142411703C0700137 'Linda'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*103C0700137 **
1152411803C0700138 Salzmunde 7676/67Avena sativa L. *German Democratic RepublicNot Available*103C0700138 **
1162411903C0700139 UrsusAvena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*103C0700139 **
1172412003C0700140 'Random'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*103C0700140 **
1182412103C0700141 'Husar'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*103C0700141 **
1192412203C0700142 'Endspurt'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*103C0700142 **
1202412303C0700143 'Borrus'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*103C0700143 **
1212412403C0700144 'Flamingspracht'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*103C0700144 **
1222412503C0700145 'Flamingstrumpf'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*103C0700145 **
1232412603C0700146 'Flamingsspitze'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*103C0700146 **
1242412703C0700147 'Flamingssilber'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*103C0700147 **
1252412803C0700148 E 70Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0700148 **
1262412903C0700149 M 70Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0700149 **
1272413003C0700150 'Sumter 3'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0700150 **
1282413203C0700152 'Ryhti'Avena sativa L. FinlandNot Available*103C0700152 **
1292413303C0700153 'Ponta'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*103C0700153 **
1302413403C0700154 'Chernigovskij 83'Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*103C0700154 **
1312413503C0700155 OrlovskijAvena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*103C0700155 **
1322413603C0700156 'Otter'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0700156 **
1332413703C0700157 'Leanda'Avena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*103C0700157 **
1342413803C0700158 'Junon'Avena sativa L. BelgiumNot Available*103C0700158 **
1352413903C0700159 KarinAvena sativa L. BelgiumNot Available*103C0700159 **
1362414003C0700160 'Mana'Avena sativa L. BelgiumNot Available*103C0700160 **
1372414103C0700161 'Flamo'Avena sativa L. FranceNot Available*103C0700161 **
1382414203C0700162 'Weikus'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*103C0700162 **
1392414303C0700163 'Thor'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*103C0700163 **
1402414503C0700165 'Ortley'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0700165 **
1412415003C0800030 'Chilocco'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0800030 **
1422415103C0800031 'Checota'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0800031 **
1432415403C0700174 'Flamingsstern'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*103C0700174 **
1442415503C0700175 'Julius'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*103C0700175 **
1452415603C0700176 'Enno'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*103C0700176 **
1462415903C0700179 Palestine-DwarfAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0700179 **
1472416003C0700180 'Portal'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0700180 **
1482416103C0700181 'Eta'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0700181 **
1492416203C0700182 'Holden'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0700182 **
1502416303C0700183 'Rallus'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*103C0700183 **
1512416603C0700186 Endress ST 11955Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*103C0700186 **
1522416703C0700187 'Pettis'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0700187 **
1532416803C0700188 'Kota'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0700188 **
1542417003C0700190 'Coronado'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0700190 **
1552417103C0700191 'Ballard'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0700191 **
1562417403C0700194 'Yancey'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0700194 **
1572417803C0700198 'Harmon'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*103C0700198 **
1582418003C0800033 'Pennlan'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0800033 **
1592418403C0700204 'Markton'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0700204 **
1602418803C0700208 'Pelso'Avena sativa L. FinlandNot Available*103C0700208 **
1612419203C0700212 VIR K 2301Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*103C0700212 **
1622419603C0700216 'Charkovskij 596'Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionHistoric103C0700216 **
1632421103C0700231 'Aristata 7'Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*103C0700231 **
1642422703C0700247 'Stendskij Malyj Rannij'Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*103C0700247 **
1652422903C0700249 'Stipruoles'Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*103C0700249 **
1662423003C0700250 'Tulunskij 86/5'Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*103C0700250 **
1672423203C0700252 'Vjatskij 6522'Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*103C0700252 **
1682425103C0700271 OdnogrivyjAvena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*103C0700271 **
1692425203C0700272 Beloruskij 34Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*103C0700272 **
1702425603C0700276 'Selma'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*103C0700276 **
1712425703C0700277 'Titus'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*103C0700277 **
1722425803C0700278 'Sorbo'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*103C0700278 **
1732425903C0700279 'Nina'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*103C0700279 **
1742426103C0700281 'Greta'Avena sativa L. BelgiumHistoric103C0700281 **
1752426603C0700286 Santa Fe SelAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0700286 **
1762426703C0700287 NP 1Avena sativa L. IndiaNot Available*103C0700287 **
1772426903C0700289 'Wyndmere'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0700289 **
1782427003C0700291 'Tyler'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0700291 **
1792427303C0700294 'Mesa'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0700294 **
1802427403C0700295 'Jefferson'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0700295 **
1812427603C0700297 'Forager'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0700297 **
1822427703C0700298 'Fayette'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0700298 **
1832427903C0700300 'Beedee'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0700300 **
1842428803C0700309 Vjatskij 20/63Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*103C0700309 **
1852428903C0700310 Wierchniaczeskij 055Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*103C0700310 **
1862429803C0700319 'Pulawski stredniorychly'Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*103C0700319 **
1872430003C0700321 Grzywacz WolynskiAvena sativa L. PolandNot Available*103C0700321 **
1882431203C0700333 Gorczanski bialyAvena sativa L. PolandNot Available*103C0700333 **
1892431303C0700334 Ligowo SieleckiAvena sativa L. PolandNot Available*103C0700334 **
1902431403C0700335 'Red Rustproof'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0700335 **
1912431603C0700337 'Sielecki bialy'Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available103C0700337 **
1922431703C0700338 'Stormont Arrow'Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*103C0700338 **
1932432103C0700342 Games HullesAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0700342 **
1942432203C0700343 I 11Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0700343 **
1952433003C0700351 Jugoslavsky 365Avena sativa L. YugoslaviaNot Available*103C0700351 **
1962434103C0700362 Tighina 929Avena sativa L. RomaniaNot Available*103C0700362 **
1972434903C0700370 J 17Avena sativa L. YugoslaviaNot Available*103C0700370 **
1982435003C0700371 J 18Avena sativa L. YugoslaviaNot Available*103C0700371 **
1992435103C0700372 J 19Avena sativa L. YugoslaviaNot Available*103C0700372 **
2002437903C0700400 'Shaw'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*103C0700400 **
2012438503C0700406 ManicAvena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*103C0700406 **
2022438603C0700407 MD 314Avena sativa L. RomaniaNot Available*103C0700407 **
2032439803C0700419 No 905Avena sativa L. BulgariaNot Available*103C0700419 **
2042444903C0700470 E 68Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0700470 **
2052445003C0700471 'M 68'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0700471 **
2062445703C0700478 'Eaton'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0700478 **
2072448203C0700504 'Lamar'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*103C0700504 **
2082449403C0700516 'Edelhofer Frueh'Avena sativa L. AustriaNot Available*103C0700516 **
2092450303C0700525 'Kamouraska'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*103C0700525 **
2102452003C0700542 Tepler HochlandAvena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*103C0700542 **
2112453403C0700556 GrizzlyAvena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*103C0700556 **
2122453903C0700561 'Gemini'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*103C0700561 **
2132454903C0700571 'Dumont'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*103C0700571 **
2142456103C0700583 Weihenstephaner GotenAvena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*103C0700583 **
2152456303C0700585 'Torso'Avena sativa L. *German Democratic RepublicNot Available*103C0700585 **
2162456503C0700587 WojsiakAvena sativa L. PolandNot Available*103C0700587 **
2172457203C0700594 'Donald'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*103C0700594 **
2182457303C0700595 CascadeAvena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*103C0700595 **
2192457403C0700596 AthabascaAvena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*103C0700596 **
2202457903C0700601 MadisonAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0700601 **
2212458603C0700608 Rogar 8Avena sativa L. ItalyNot Available*103C0700608 **
2222458703C0700609 'Endress Franken'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*103C0700609 **
2232458803C0700610 Rienhardt OberkoselAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*103C0700610 **
2242459903C0700621 Weihenstephaner GuntramAvena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*103C0700621 **
2252460403C0700626 'Delphin'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*103C0700626 **
2262462203C0700644 'Nos Nackt'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*103C0700644 **
2272463003C0700652 'Candida'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*103C0700652 **
2282465503C0700677 'Torch'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*103C0700677 **
2292468803C0700710 'Centennial'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0700710 **
2302468903C0700711 'Lyon'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0700711 **
2312469603C0700718 UngarnAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*103C0700718 **
2322470103C0700723 'Barra'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*103C0700723 **
2332470203C0700724 'Vital'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*103C0700724 **
2342470303C0700725 ArneAvena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*103C0700725 **
2352470603C0700728 TrefinAvena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*103C0700728 **
2362470903C0700731 JuhaAvena sativa L. FinlandNot Available*103C0700731 **
2372471803C0700740 Weibulls TriosatAvena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*103C0700740 **
2382472003C0700742 'Rosinante'Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*103C0700742 **
2392477503C0700797 'Opus'Avena sativa L. DenmarkNot Available*103C0700797 **
2402477903C0700801 Svalofs Ligowo IAvena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*103C0700801 **
2412478303C0700805 MirajAvena sativa L. RomaniaNot Available*103C0700805 **
2422478803C0700810 'Panther'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*103C0700810 **
2432480603C0700828 'Diane'Avena sativa L. BelgiumNot Available*103C0700828 **
2442480703C0700829 'Beacon'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*103C0700829 **
2452480903C0700831 StemhaferAvena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*103C0700831 **
2462481303C0700835 'Algerian Black'Avena sativa L. AlgeriaNot Available*103C0700835 **
2472481503C0700837 'Rhiannon'Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*103C0700837 **
2482481703C0700839 'Forward'Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*103C0700839 **
2492481803C0700840 'Laurel'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*103C0700840 **
2502481903C0700841 'Mesdag'Avena sativa L. FranceNot Available*103C0700841 **
2512482303C0700845 'Rigal'Avena sativa L. BelgiumNot Available*103C0700845 **
2522487403C0700896 'Graigs Afterlea'Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*103C0700896 **
2532487803C0800042 'Powys'Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*103C0800042 **
2542488903C0700911 UrcarAvena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*103C0700911 **
2552489403C0700916 ParkAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0700916 **
2562490003C0700922 Standfers Hobi WeissAvena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*103C0700922 **
2572492703C0700949 LandhaferAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*103C0700949 **
2582493703C0700959 'Ulan'Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*103C0700959 **
2592494403C0700966 LucyAvena sativa L. Not Available*103C0700966 **
2602494503C0700967 'Risto'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*103C0700967 **
2612495103C0800045 'Ujszegedi'Avena sativa L. HungaryNot Available*103C0800045 **
2622496203C0700984 'Pollux'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*103C0700984 **
2632496303C0700985 'Catrix'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*103C0700985 **
2642496403C0700986 'Tiger'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*103C0700986 **
2652496503C0700987 'Caesar'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*103C0700987 **
2662496603C0700988 'Arnold'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*103C0700988 **
2672496703C0700989 'Permit'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*103C0700989 **
2682497003C0700992 ATB 4/1/B2Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*103C0700992 **
2692497203C0700994 Strind (Local)Avena sativa L. DenmarkNot Available*103C0700994 **
2702497403C0700996 'Sandra'Avena sativa L. NetherlandsHistoric103C0700996 **
2712497503C0700997 Petkuser Neuzucht 253Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*103C0700997 **
2722497603C0700998 Bankuti 553Avena sativa L. HungaryNot Available*103C0700998 **
2732497703C0700999 Nowy 96Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*103C0700999 **
2742498103C0701003 'Erbgraf'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*103C0701003 **
2752498603C0701008 Gelshafer Borden WeissAvena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*103C0701008 **
2762498703C0701009 'Goldschatz'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*103C0701009 **
2772499103C0701013 JelberAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*103C0701013 **
2782499203C0701014 Kanadischer RiesenAvena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*103C0701014 **
2792499303C0701015 Kraffts ChinesischerAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*103C0701015 **
2802499403C0701016 Lochows 86/39Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*103C0701016 **
2812499903C0701021 RinkauAvena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*103C0701021 **
2822500003C0701022 'Niagara'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701022 **
2832500203C0701024 SteriselAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701024 **
2842500303C0701025 Scotland ClubAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701025 **
2852500603C0701028 'Sauk'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701028 **
2862500703C0701029 'Toral'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701029 **
2872500803C0701030 'Vicland'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701030 **
2882501003C0701032 M 72Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701032 **
2892501103C0701033 'Anita'Avena sativa L. BelgiumNot Available*103C0701033 **
2902501203C0701034 'De Soto'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701034 **
2912501303C0701035 SchwarzhaferAvena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*103C0701035 **
2922501403C0701036 Green MountainAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701036 **
2932501503C0701037 BentlandAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701037 **
2942501603C0800048 'Carolee'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0800048 **
2952501703C0701039 'Craig'Avena sativa L. New York, United StatesNot Available*103C0701039 **
2962501903C0701041 'Colfax'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701041 **
2972502003C0701042 'Ceal'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701042 **
2982502103C0701043 ClimaxAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701043 **
2992502203C0701044 E 72Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701044 **
3002502303C0701045 Ferguson 560Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701045 **
3012502403C0701046 'Fulgrain'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701046 **
3022502603C0701048 Ferguson 922Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701048 **
3032502703C0701049 GlabrataAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701049 **
3042502903C0701051 'Grundy'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701051 **
3052503003C0701052 IndioAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701052 **
3062503103C0701053 'Jewell'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701053 **
3072503203C0701054 'Kanota'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701054 **
3082503303C0701055 'Mahaska'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701055 **
3092503403C0701056 MinhaferAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701056 **
3102503503C0701057 MindoAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701057 **
3112503603C0701058 'Amuri'Avena sativa L. New ZealandHistoric103C0701058 **
3122503703C0701059 'Taiko'Avena sativa L. New ZealandNot Available*103C0701059 **
3132503903C0701061 CC 4146Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*103C0701061 **
3142504003C0701062 CC 4761 (Creme)Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*103C0701062 **
3152504103C0701063 MutantAvena sativa L. IsraelNot Available*103C0701063 **
3162504403C0701066 EtiveAvena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*103C0701066 **
3172504603C0701068 Banner 49Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701068 **
3182504703C0701069 JacksonAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701069 **
3192505303C0701075 'Zephyr'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701075 **
3202506203C0701084 'Platin'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*103C0701084 **
3212506803C0701090 'Fultex'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701090 **
3222506903C0701091 CC 4659Avena strigosa Schreb. United KingdomNot Available*103C0701091 **
3232507003C0701092 'Tobias'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*103C0701092 **
3242507103C0701093 SidobresAvena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*103C0701093 **
3252507203C0701094 HannibalAvena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*103C0701094 **
3262507303C0701095 'Nerva'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*103C0701095 **
3272507403C0701096 ParsivalAvena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*103C0701096 **
3282507503C0701097 'Unisignum'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*103C0701097 **
3292507603C0701098 S 451Avena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*103C0701098 **
3302507703C0701099 S 459Avena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*103C0701099 **
3312507803C0701100 WZ 1933Avena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*103C0701100 **
3322507903C0701101 BiancaAvena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*103C0701101 **
3332508003C0701102 NatalAvena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*103C0701102 **
3342508103C0701103 'Tarra'Avena sativa L. AustriaNot Available*103C0701103 **
3352508203C0701104 'Bruce'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701104 **
3362508303C0701105 'Cayuse'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701105 **
3372508403C0701106 'Dal'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701106 **
3382508503C0701107 'Diana'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701107 **
3392508603C0701108 DoodlandAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701108 **
3402508703C0701109 'Forvic'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701109 **
3412508803C0701110 'Froker'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701110 **
3422508903C0701111 'Lodi'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701111 **
3432509003C0701112 'Ora'Avena sativa L. United StatesHistoric103C0701112 **
3442509103C0701113 'Trio'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701113 **
3452509203C0701114 'Windsor'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701114 **
3462509303C0701115 'Wright'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701115 **
3472509403C0701116 'Scott'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*103C0701116 **
3482509503C0701117 ElfAvena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*103C0701117 **
3492509603C0701118 Maris TitanAvena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*103C0701118 **
3502509903C0701121 'Ohotsuku'Avena sativa L. JapanNot Available*103C0701121 **
3512510003C0701122 01.00.01.Avena sativa L. JapanNot Available*103C0701122 **
3522510103C0701123 01.00.02.Avena sativa L. JapanNot Available*103C0701123 **
3532510203C0701124 08.00.16.Avena sativa L. JapanNot Available*103C0701124 **
3542510303C0701125 08.00.36.Avena sativa L. JapanNot Available*103C0701125 **
3552510403C0701126 ShirokatahoAvena sativa L. JapanNot Available*103C0701126 **
3562510503C0701127 ZenshinAvena sativa L. JapanNot Available*103C0701127 **
3572510603C0701128 'Kuromi'Avena sativa L. JapanNot Available*103C0701128 **
3582510703C0701129 'Kalott'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*103C0701129 **
3592510803C0701130 'Solidor'Avena sativa L. *German Democratic RepublicNot Available*103C0701130 **
3602511003C0701132 'Otee'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701132 **
3612511103C0701133 'Sinelnikovskij 14'Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*103C0701133 **
3622511203C0701134 'Lgovskij 78'Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionHistoric103C0701134 **
3632511303C0701135 'Jaycee'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701135 **
3642511403C0701136 'Ansi'Avena sativa L. DenmarkNot Available*103C0701136 **
3652511503C0701137 'Elgin'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*103C0701137 **
3662511703C0701139 'Rhea'Avena sativa L. FranceHistoric103C0701139 **
3672511803C0701140 'Grin Noir'Avena sativa L. FranceNot Available*103C0701140 **
3682512103C0701143 'Sinelnikovskij 21'Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*103C0701143 **
3692512303C0701145 AS 54Avena sativa L. *German Democratic RepublicNot Available*103C0701145 **
3702512503C0701147 'Korwood'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701147 **
3712512603C0701148 'Mackinaw'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701148 **
3722512703C0701149 'Mariner'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701149 **
3732512803C0701150 'Spear'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701150 **
3742512903C0701151 'Flamingsnova'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*103C0701151 **
3752513003C0701152 'Saturn'Avena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*103C0701152 **
3762513103C0701153 'Brooks'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701153 **
3772513303C0701155 'Astro'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701155 **
3782513603C0701158 CulbersonAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701158 **
3792513803C0701160 MadridAvena sativa L. SpainNot Available*103C0701160 **
3802513903C0701161 'Albion'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701161 **
3812514003C0701162 'Victor'Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*103C0701162 **
3822515403C0701177 'Tartar King'Avena sativa L. England, United KingdomNot Available*103C0701177 **
3832515603C0701179 Early ChampionAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701179 **
3842515703C0701180 Early MountainAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701180 **
3852515803C0701181 BelyakAvena sativa L. Malmohus, SwedenNot Available*103C0701181 **
3862516303C0701186 'Tobolsk'Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*103C0701186 **
3872516403C0701187 Old Island BlackAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701187 **
3882516503C0701188 'Idamine'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701188 **
3892516703C0701190 Black NorwayAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701190 **
3902517203C0701195 Awnless ProbsteierAvena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*103C0701195 **
3912517303C0701196 Japan Sel.Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701196 **
3922517403C0701197 Irish VictorAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701197 **
3932517503C0701198 GothlandAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701198 **
3942517703C0701200 StandwellAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701200 **
3952518103C0701204 'Lee'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701204 **
3962518303C0701206 'Ithacan'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701206 **
3972518603C0701209 PattersonAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701209 **
3982518803C0701211 PalestineAvena byzantina K. Koch United StatesNot Available*103C0701211 **
3992519403C0701217 OtoeAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701217 **
4002519703C0701220 FulwinAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701220 **
4012520203C0701225 CedarAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701225 **
4022520303C0701226 'Fulton'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701226 **
4032520603C0701229 'Ranger'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701229 **
4042520703C0701230 'Tama'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701230 **
4052520803C0701231 RustlerAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701231 **
4062520903C0701232 CentoreAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701232 **
4072521003C0701233 'Benton'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701233 **
4082521103C0701234 'Cody'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701234 **
4092521203C0701235 'Neosho'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701235 **
4102521303C0701236 'Overland'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701236 **
4112521403C0701237 WinemaAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701237 **
4122521503C0701238 'Atlantic'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701238 **
4132521603C0701239 'Delair'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701239 **
4142521703C0701240 DupreeAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701240 **
4152521903C0701242 CimarronAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701242 **
4162522003C0701243 Le ConteAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701243 **
4172522103C0701244 'Southland'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701244 **
4182522203C0701245 'Victirgrain 48-93'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701245 **
4192522303C0701246 AlamoAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701246 **
4202522403C0701247 ArkwinAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701247 **
4212522503C0701248 MinlandAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701248 **
4222522603C0701249 'Putnam'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701249 **
4232522703C0701250 Mid-SouthAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701250 **
4242522803C0701251 AB 110Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701251 **
4252522903C0701252 CraterAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701252 **
4262523003C0701253 'Sumter'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701253 **
4272523103C0701254 'Goldcrest'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701254 **
4282523203C0701255 'Goldfield'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701255 **
4292523303C0701256 Alamo XAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701256 **
4302523403C0701257 'Arlington 23'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701257 **
4312523603C0701259 VIR K 1766 LocalAvena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*103C0701259 **
4322523903C0701262 VIR K 10586 LocalAvena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*103C0701262 **
4332524003C0701263 VIR K 2468 LocalAvena sativa L. MongoliaNot Available*103C0701263 **
4342524103C0701264 VIR K 2472 LocalAvena sativa L. MongoliaNot Available*103C0701264 **
4352524203C0701265 VIR K 1929 LocalAvena sativa L. ChinaNot Available*103C0701265 **
4362524303C0701266 VIR K 1932 LocalAvena sativa L. ChinaNot Available*103C0701266 **
4372524403C0701267 VIR K 11014Avena sativa L. ChinaNot Available*103C0701267 **
4382525203C0701275 'Nuprime'Avena sativa L. FranceNot Available*103C0701275 **
4392525303C0701276 'Komez'Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*103C0701276 **
4402525803C0701281 S 464Avena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*103C0701281 **
4412525903C0701282 7385Avena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*103C0701282 **
4422526003C0701283 7513Avena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*103C0701283 **
4432526103C0701284 7591Avena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*103C0701284 **
4442526203C0701285 UPBS 3016Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*103C0701285 **
4452526303C0701286 UPBS3024Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*103C0701286 **
4462526403C0701287 UPBS 3025Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*103C0701287 **
4472526503C0701288 UPBS 3026Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*103C0701288 **
4482526603C0701289 UPBS 3067Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*103C0701289 **
4492526703C0701290 AmuiAvena sativa L. New ZealandNot Available*103C0701290 **
4502526803C0701291 MakuruAvena sativa L. New ZealandNot Available*103C0701291 **
4512526903C0701292 OhauAvena sativa L. New ZealandNot Available*103C0701292 **
4522527003C0701293 OmihiAvena sativa L. New ZealandNot Available*103C0701293 **
4532527103C0701294 OwareAvena sativa L. New ZealandNot Available*103C0701294 **
4542527203C0701295 AlberAvena sativa L. UruguayNot Available*103C0701295 **
4552527303C0701296 'Allen'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701296 **
4562527403C0701297 CamelliaAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701297 **
4572527503C0701298 CanuckAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701298 **
4582527603C0701299 'Noble'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701299 **
4592527703C0800049 'Pennwin'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0800049 **
4602527803C0701301 RuakuraAvena sativa L. North Island, New ZealandNot Available*103C0701301 **
4612527903C0701302 'Salem'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701302 **
4622528103C0701304 'Stout'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701304 **
4632528203C0701305 SunlandAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701305 **
4642528303C0701306 Oats 18-001Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*103C0701306 **
4652528403C0701307 Oats 18-009Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*103C0701307 **
4662528503C0701308 Oats 17-015Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*103C0701308 **
4672528603C0701309 Oats 17-016Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*103C0701309 **
4682528703C0701310 Oats 17-017Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*103C0701310 **
4692528803C0701311 Oats 17-018Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*103C0701311 **
4702528903C0701312 Oats 16-019Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701312 **
4712529003C0701313 MontagnamoAvena sativa L. ItalyNot Available*103C0701313 **
4722529103C0701314 OmbroneAvena byzantina K. Koch ItalyNot Available*103C0701314 **
4732529203C0701315 'Sirene'Avena sativa L. FranceNot Available*103C0701315 **
4742529303C0800050 'Panema'Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*103C0800050 **
4752529403C0701317 'Trafalgar'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*103C0701317 **
4762529503C0701318 'Hermes'Avena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*103C0701318 **
4772529603C0701319 'Dato'Avena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*103C0701319 **
4782529703C0701320 'Fagot'Avena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*103C0701320 **
4792529803C0701321 TurboAvena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*103C0701321 **
4802529903C0701322 'Perona'Avena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*103C0701322 **
4812530003C0701323 'Svea'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*103C0701323 **
4822530103C0701324 'Kirovskij'Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*103C0701324 **
4832530203C0701325 'Mirnyj'Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*103C0701325 **
4842530403C0800051 'Bob'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0800051 **
4852530503C0701328 BorlineAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701328 **
4862530603C0701329 BelozernyjAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701329 **
4872530703C0701330 CI 9263Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701330 **
4882530803C0701331 GorizontAvena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*103C0701331 **
4892531403C0701337 Shokan 1Avena sativa L. JapanNot Available*103C0701337 **
4902531503C0701338 HyugakairyokuroAvena sativa L. JapanNot Available*103C0701338 **
4912531603C0701339 CollaAvena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*103C0701339 **
4922531703C0701340 LarissaAvena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*103C0701340 **
4932531803C0701341 'Sofi'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*103C0701341 **
4942531903C0701342 'Hedvig'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*103C0701342 **
4952532003C0701343 SaxoAvena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*103C0701343 **
4962532103C0701344 'Blyth'Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*103C0701344 **
4972532203C0701345 'Valko'Avena sativa L. FinlandNot Available*103C0701345 **
4982532303C0701346 'Moore'Avena sativa L. AustraliaNot Available*103C0701346 **
4992532403C0701347 Germplasm 77-018Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*103C0701347 **
5002532503C0701348 Germplasm 79-008Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*103C0701348 **
5012532603C0701349 Germplasm 80-005Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*103C0701349 **
5022532703C0701350 Germplasm 80-007Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*103C0701350 **
5032532803C0701351 Germplasm 81-005Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*103C0701351 **
5042532903C0701352 Germplasm 81-007Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*103C0701352 **
5052533003C0701353 Germplasm 81-008Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*103C0701353 **
5062533103C0701354 'Veles'Avena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*103C0701354 **
5072533203C0701355 'Pan'Avena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*103C0701355 **
5082533303C0701356 'Erntegold'Avena sativa L. AustriaNot Available*103C0701356 **
5092533603C0701359 'Dan'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*103C0701359 **
5102533703C0701360 'Ondine'Avena sativa L. BelgiumNot Available*103C0701360 **
5112533803C0701361 'Cernigovskij'Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*103C0701361 **
5122533903C0701362 'Alfred'Avena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*103C0701362 **
5132534003C0701363 'Dula'Avena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*103C0701363 **
5142535103C0701374 'Pirol'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*103C0701374 **
5152536803C0701391 'Markus'Avena sativa L. PolandHistoric103C0701391 **
5162536903C0701392 Obrazcov CiflikAvena sativa L. BulgariaHistoric103C0701392 **
5172537003C0701393 KoraiAvena sativa L. HungaryHistoric103C0701393 **
5182537203C0701395 Petkus 7770Avena sativa L. GermanyHistoric103C0701395 **
5192537303C0701396 Petkus 7850Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*103C0701396 **
5202537403C0701397 Petkus 7876Avena sativa L. GermanyHistoric103C0701397 **
5212537503C0701398 Petkus 8045Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*103C0701398 **
5222537603C0701399 Petkus 8162Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*103C0701399 **
5232537703C0701400 B 39Avena sativa L. PolandHistoric103C0701400 **
5242537803C0701401 'Boruta'Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*103C0701401 **
5252537903C0701402 'Tarok'Avena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*103C0701402 **
5262538003C0701403 'Orlik'Avena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*103C0701403 **
5272539003C0701413 Germ.Plasm.Release Oats 84-007Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*103C0701413 **
5282539703C0701420 'Fidler'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*103C0701420 **
5292539803C0701421 'Sentinel'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*103C0701421 **
5302540603C0701429 Severnyj 990Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*103C0701429 **
5312541103C0701434 'Cavell'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*103C0701434 **
5322542103C0701444 CzenyeteiAvena sativa L. HungaryNot Available*103C0701444 **
5332545003C0701473 MutineAvena sativa L. FranceNot Available*103C0701473 **
5342546803C0701491 LocalAvena sativa L. EthiopiaNot Available*103C0701491 **
5352547903C0701502 ColummiersAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*103C0701502 **
5362548903C0701512 Duppauer 851Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*103C0701512 **
5372550603C0701529 BranwenAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*103C0701529 **
5382551803C0701541 BojarAvena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*103C0701541 **
5392551903C0701542 DakotaAvena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*103C0701542 **
5402552003C0701544 NilsAvena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*103C0701544 **
5412552103C0701545 'Matyn'Avena sativa L. FranceNot Available*103C0701545 **
5422552303C0701547 PrafektAvena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*103C0701547 **
5432552403C0701548 RoarAvena sativa L. DenmarkNot Available*103C0701548 **
5442552503C0701549 BEL 8Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*103C0701549 **
5452552603C0701550 BEL 9Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*103C0701550 **
5462552703C0701551 D 104Avena sativa L. PeruNot Available*103C0701551 **
5472553003C0701554 'Bug'Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*103C0701554 **
5482553103C0701555 'Drug'Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*103C0701555 **
5492553303C0701557 Cebeco 8322Avena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*103C0701557 **
5502553403C0701558 FlamingswitAvena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*103C0701558 **
5512553503C0701559 Sto AleixoAvena sativa L. PortugalNot Available*103C0701559 **
5522553703C0701561 CliffAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*103C0701561 **
5532553803C0701562 ClydesdaleAvena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*103C0701562 **
5542554103C0701565 Black RivalAvena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*103C0701565 **
5552554203C0701566 BoswellAvena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*103C0701566 **
5562554303C0701567 Black TartarAvena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*103C0701567 **
5572554503C0701569 BoerAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*103C0701569 **
5582554703C0701571 BancroftAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*103C0701571 **
5592554803C0701572 Bahia BlancaAvena sativa L. ArgentinaNot Available*103C0701572 **
5602555003C0701574 AmarelaAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*103C0701574 **
5612555103C0701575 CumberlandAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701575 **
5622555203C0701576 PI 174524Avena sativa L. FranceNot Available*103C0701576 **
5632555303C0701577 PI 174532Avena sativa L. FranceNot Available*103C0701577 **
5642555403C0701578 PI 185657Avena sativa L. ArgentinaNot Available*103C0701578 **
5652555503C0701579 PI 185660Avena sativa L. ArgentinaNot Available*103C0701579 **
5662555603C0701580 PI 185776Avena sativa L. ArgentinaNot Available*103C0701580 **
5672555703C0701581 PI 185792Avena byzantina K. Koch ArgentinaNot Available*103C0701581 **
5682555803C0701582 De ArgeliaAvena byzantina K. Koch ArgentinaNot Available*103C0701582 **
5692555903C0701583 PI 189767Avena sativa L. TunisiaNot Available*103C0701583 **
5702556103C0701585 Bohnstedts Bonaner GoldAvena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*103C0701585 **
5712556303C0701587 Gillet et MagneAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*103C0701587 **
5722556603C0701590 Auslese aus Nr.2Avena sativa L. unknownNot Available*103C0701590 **
5732556703C0701591 Nue NoiseAvena sativa L. FranceNot Available*103C0701591 **
5742556803C0701592 Nue RennesAvena sativa L. FranceNot Available*103C0701592 **
5752556903C0701593 A. nuda L. PI 401775Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*103C0701593 **
5762557103C0701595 Ankara 76Avena sativa L. TurkeyNot Available*103C0701595 **
5772557203C0701596 Ankara 84Avena sativa L. TurkeyNot Available*103C0701596 **
5782557503C0701599 Germ. Plasm. Release 85-009Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*103C0701599 **
5792557703C0701601 Germ. Plasm. Release 86-011Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*103C0701601 **
5802557803C0701602 Germ. Plasm. Release 86-012Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*103C0701602 **
5812557903C0701603 Germ. Plasm. Release 86-013Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*103C0701603 **
5822558003C0701604 Germ. Plasm. Release 86-014Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*103C0701604 **
5832558103C0701605 Germ. Plasm. Release 86-015Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*103C0701605 **
5842558203C0701606 Germ. Plasm. Release 86-016Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*103C0701606 **
5852558303C0701607 Germ. Plasm. Release 86-017Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*103C0701607 **
5862558603C0701610 'Jasper'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*103C0701610 **
5872558703C0701611 MarionAvena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*103C0701611 **
5882558803C0701612 'Barmah'Avena sativa L. AustraliaNot Available*103C0701612 **
5892558903C0701613 BulbanAvena sativa L. AustraliaNot Available*103C0701613 **
5902559003C0701614 BundalongAvena sativa L. AustraliaNot Available*103C0701614 **
5912559103C0701615 'Salvator'Avena sativa L. *German Democratic RepublicNot Available*103C0701615 **
5922559303C0701617 BoppyAvena byzantina K. Koch New South Wales, AustraliaNot Available*103C0701617 **
5932559403C0701618 'Falenskij 3'Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*103C0701618 **
5942559603C0701620 EmrysAvena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*103C0701620 **
5952560003C0701625 'David'Avena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*103C0701625 **
5962560103C0701626 Ardenad AmerillaAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*103C0701626 **
5972560203C0701627 AmericanaAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*103C0701627 **
5982560403C0701629 Artemovskij 107Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*103C0701629 **
5992560503C0701630 Aveia PeludaAvena sativa L. PortugalNot Available*103C0701630 **
6002560703C0701632 BarwonAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*103C0701632 **
6012560903C0701634 BostchrisAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*103C0701634 **
6022561003C0701635 BountifulAvena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*103C0701635 **
6032561103C0701636 BovahAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*103C0701636 **
6042561203C0701637 College AlegeriaAvena sativa L. AlgeriaNot Available*103C0701637 **
6052561303C0701638 CPI 10858Avena sativa L. unknownNot Available*103C0701638 **
6062561403C0701639 Csesztregi TajfajtaAvena sativa L. HungaryNot Available*103C0701639 **
6072561503C0701640 FondationAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*103C0701640 **
6082561603C0701641 Gagybatory K TajfajtaAvena sativa L. HungaryNot Available*103C0701641 **
6092561703C0701642 0400764Avena sativa L. HungaryNot Available*103C0701642 **
6102561803C0701643 BEL 6Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*103C0701643 **
6112561903C0701644 LP 8675Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*103C0701644 **
6122562103C0701646 AU 145-110Avena sativa L. unknownNot Available*103C0701646 **
6132562203C0701647 A 77 232Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*103C0701647 **
6142562303C0701648 WW 17 578Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*103C0701648 **
6152562403C0701649 SV.74 463Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*103C0701649 **
6162562503C0701650 SV.75 547Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*103C0701650 **
6172562603C0701651 SV.77 576Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*103C0701651 **
6182562703C0701652 K 76 228Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*103C0701652 **
6192562803C0701653 K 76 279Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*103C0701653 **
6202562903C0701654 MG 779Avena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*103C0701654 **
6212563003C0701655 MG 0033.3Avena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*103C0701655 **
6222563103C0701656 MG 08007Avena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*103C0701656 **
6232563203C0701657 MGH 3258Avena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*103C0701657 **
6242563303C0701658 ZedacyAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*103C0701658 **
6252563603C0701661 SV.84 247Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*103C0701661 **
6262563703C0701662 Schweddscher WeiserAvena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*103C0701662 **
6272563803C0701663 'Lorenz'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*103C0701663 **
6282564003C0701665 'Skakun'Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*103C0701665 **
6292564103C0701666 Gural/STH 584Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*103C0701666 **
6302564303C0701668 'Karol'Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*103C0701668 **
6312564403C0701669 Santor/STH 785Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*103C0701669 **
6322564503C0701670 PilotAvena sativa L. FranceNot Available*103C0701670 **
6332564603C0701671 LP 8755Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*103C0701671 **
6342564703C0701672 WW 17579Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*103C0701672 **
6352564803C0701673 Pob 1185Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*103C0701673 **
6362564903C0701674 Gramena/AS 3025.86Avena sativa L. *German Democratic RepublicNot Available*103C0701674 **
6372565003C0701675 As 1358Avena sativa L. *German Democratic RepublicNot Available*103C0701675 **
6382565103C0701676 AS 1307Avena sativa L. *German Democratic RepublicNot Available*103C0701676 **
6392565203C0701677 'Lupus'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*103C0701677 **
6402565403C0701679 AsilokAvena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*103C0701679 **
6412565603C0701681 DerbyAvena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*103C0701681 **
6422565903C0701684 'Sanna'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*103C0701684 **
6432566003C0701685 MagneAvena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*103C0701685 **
6442566203C0701687 EchidnaAvena sativa L. AustraliaNot Available*103C0701687 **
6452566303C0701688 DolphinAvena sativa L. AustraliaNot Available*103C0701688 **
6462566403C0701689 'Marloo'Avena sativa L. AustraliaNot Available*103C0701689 **
6472567003C0701695 'Senator'Avena sativa L. AustriaNot Available*103C0701695 **
6482567303C0701698 'Avalanche'Avena sativa L. FranceNot Available*103C0701698 **
6492567503C0701700 'Manoire'Avena sativa L. FranceNot Available*103C0701700 **
6502567803C0701703 ExplorerAvena sativa L. AustriaNot Available*103C0701703 **
6512568303C0701708 'West'Avena byzantina K. Koch AustraliaNot Available*103C0701708 **
6522568603C0701711 GPR 87-005Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*103C0701711 **
6532569103C0701716 'Abel'Avena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*103C0701716 **
6542569703C0701722 Hd 2A 271Avena sativa L. FranceNot Available*103C0701722 **
6552571103C0701736 'Salvius'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*103C0701736 **
6562571203C0701737 'Terra'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*103C0701737 **
6572571303C0701738 OT 258Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*103C0701738 **
6582571403C0701739 'AC Hill'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*103C0701739 **
6592571503C0701740 'AC Percy'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*103C0701740 **
6602572503C0701750 'Karhu'Avena sativa L. FinlandNot Available*103C0701750 **
6612572803C0701753 '10026 Cn'Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*103C0701753 **
6622573203C0701757 'Kolbu'Avena sativa L. NorwayNot Available*103C0701757 **
6632573403C0701759 'Salomon'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*103C0701759 **
6642573803C0701763 'AC Steward'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*103C0701763 **
6652573903C0701764 'AC Lotta'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*103C0701764 **
6662576503C0701792 'Bandicoot'Avena sativa L. AustraliaNot Available*103C0701792 **
6672576903C0701796 'Potoroo'Avena sativa L. AustraliaNot Available*103C0701796 **
6682578103C0701808 'Neon'Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*103C0701808 **
6692578303C0701810 'Samuel'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*103C0701810 **
6702578403C0701811 'Valiant'Avena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*103C0701811 **
6712579403C0701822 'Lisbeth'Avena sativa L. FinlandNot Available*103C0701822 **
6722579803C0701826 'Lutz'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*103C0701826 **
6732580903C0701838 'Myriane'Avena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*103C0701838 **
6742581003C0701839 'Sallust'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*103C0701839 **
6752582903C0701858 'Paul'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0701858 **
6762583503C0701864 'OA 503-1'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available103C0701864 **
6772583603C0701865 'OA 504-6'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*103C0701865 **
6782583703C0701866 'OA 504-5'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*103C0701866 **
6792584403C0701874 'Coronado'Avena sativa L. BrazilNot Available*103C0701874 **
6802585003C0701881 'AC Hunter'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*103C0701881 **
6812586703C0701899 'NO 61-B'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*103C0701899 **
6822587303C0701905 'Roope'Avena sativa L. FinlandNot Available*103C0701905 **
6832588003C0701912 'Jaak'Avena sativa L. EstoniaNot Available*103C0701912 **
6842588103C0701913 'Villu'Avena sativa L. EstoniaNot Available*103C0701913 **
6852588503C0701917 'Radius'Avena sativa L. Czech RepublicNot Available*103C0701917 **
6862588703C0701919 'Akt'Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*103C0701919 **
6872589603C0701928 'Bullion'Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*103C0701928 **
6882591503C0701947 'Izak'Avena sativa L. Czech RepublicNot Available*103C0701947 **
6892598403C0702016 'Detenicky Schlanstedsky'Avena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*103C0702016 **
6902600403C0702036 MU 863547Avena sativa L. unknownNot Available*103C0702036 **
6912600503C0702037 No 12Avena sativa L. ChinaNot Available*103C0702037 **
6922603203C0702064 52952Avena spp. unknownNot Available*103C0702064 **
6932603803C0702070 52955Avena spp. unknownNot Available*103C0702070 **
6942603903C0702071 54999Avena strigosa Schreb. unknownNot Available*103C0702071 **
6952608603C0702118 'Arab'Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*103C0702118 **
6962608703C0702119 'Scorpion'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*103C0702119 **
6972608803C0702120 CD 1017Avena strigosa Schreb. Czech RepublicNot Available*103C0702120 **
6982608903C0702121 'Berdysz'Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*103C0702121 **
6992609003C0702122 'Gniady'Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*103C0702122 **
7002609303C0702125 'Krezus'Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*103C0702125 **
7012609503C0702127 Tabor IIAvena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*103C0702127 **
7022609603C0702128 Findzichovsky bilyAvena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*103C0702128 **
7032609703C0702129 'KWS Contender'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*103C0702129 **
7042609803C0702130 'Arden'Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*103C0702130 **
7052609903C0702131 'Bohum'Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*103C0702131 **
7062610003C0702132 'Breton'Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*103C0702132 **
7072610103C0702133 'Cwal'Avena sativa L. LithuaniaNot Available*103C0702133 **
7082610203C0702134 'Deresz'Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*103C0702134 **
7092610303C0702135 'Furman'Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*103C0702135 **
7102610403C0702136 'Hetman'Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*103C0702136 **
7112610503C0702137 'Rajtar'Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*103C0702137 **
7122610603C0702138 'Zuch'Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*103C0702138 **
7132610803C0702140 'Dregeruv zluty'Avena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*103C0702140 **
7142611903C0702151 KR 288/73L569Avena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*103C0702151 **
7152612203C0702154 'Kertag'Avena sativa L. Czech RepublicNot Available*103C0702154 **
7162612303C0702155 'Oliver'Avena sativa L. Czech RepublicNot Available*103C0702155 **
7172612403C0702156 'Obelisk'Avena sativa L. Czech RepublicNot Available*103C0702156 **
7182612503C0702157 'Otakar'Avena sativa L. Czech RepublicNot Available*103C0702157 **
7192612603C0702158 'Korok'Avena sativa L. Czech RepublicNot Available*103C0702158 **
7202612703C0702159 'Max'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*103C0702159 **
7212612803C0702160 'Zuton'Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*103C0702160 **
7222612903C0702161 'Lennon'Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*103C0702161 **
7232613003C0702162 Hative des AlpesAvena sativa L. FranceNot Available*103C0702162 **
7242613203C0702164 'SW Kerstin'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*103C0702164 **
7252613303C0702165 'Bohun'Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*103C0702165 **
7262613403C0702166 KinelskiiAvena sativa L. Russian FederationNot Available*103C0702166 **
7272613703C0702169 'Ticco'Avena sativa L. SloveniaNot Available*103C0702169 **
7282613803C0702170 'Sam'Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*103C0702170 **
7292613903C0702171 'Tenebra'Avena sativa L. FranceNot Available*103C0702171 **
7302614003C0702172 'Ranch'Avena sativa L. FranceNot Available*103C0702172 **
7312614503C0702178 'Grajcar'Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*103C0702178 **
7322614603C0702179 'Wintaroo'Avena byzantina K. Koch AustraliaNot Available*103C0702179 **
7332614703C0702180 Naakte Haver vit OverasseltAvena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*103C0702180 **
7346497103C0702190 'Yarran'Avena byzantina K. Koch New South Wales, AustraliaNot Available*103C0702190 **
7356497303C0702191 'Polar'Avena sativa L. Alaska, United StatesNot Available*103C0702191 **
7366497403C0702192 'Boone'Avena sativa L. Iowa, United StatesNot Available*103C0702192 **
7376497503C0702193 'Ripon'Avena sativa L. Quebec, CanadaNot Available*103C0702193 **
7386497603C0702194 'Otana'Avena sativa L. Idaho, United StatesNot Available*103C0702194 **
7396497803C0702195 'Lancer'Avena sativa L. South Dakota, United StatesNot Available*103C0702195 **
7406497903C0702196 'Corbit'Avena sativa L. Idaho, United StatesNot Available*103C0702196 **
7416498603C0702188 Chinese Hull-lessAvena sativa L. California, United StatesNot Available*103C0702188 **
7426498703C0702187 Hay's FavoriteAvena sativa L. Oregon, United StatesNot Available*103C0702187 **
7436584403C0702197 Red OatAvena sativa L. SpainNot Available*103C0702197 **
7446584503C0702198 'Tschermaks Early Oat'Avena sativa L. AustriaNot Available*103C0702198 **
7456584803C0702199 'Hill'Avena byzantina K. Koch Western Australia, AustraliaNot Available*103C0702199 **
7466584903C0702200 'Carbeen'Avena byzantina K. Koch New South Wales, AustraliaNot Available*103C0702200 **
7476585103C0702201 'Nile'Avena byzantina K. Koch Tasmania, AustraliaNot Available*103C0702201 **
7486585203C0702202 'Lort'Avena byzantina K. Koch Western Australia, AustraliaNot Available*103C0702202 **
7496585403C0702203 'Don'Avena sativa L. Illinois, United StatesNot Available*103C0702203 **
7506585503C0702204 'Hazel'Avena sativa L. Illinois, United StatesNot Available*103C0702204 **
7516585603C0702205 'Cypress'Avena byzantina K. Koch New South Wales, AustraliaNot Available*103C0702205 **
7526585803C0702206 'Goodland'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0702206 **
7536586103C0702207 'Dane'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*103C0702207 **
7546586203C0702208 'Panfive'Avena sativa L. New South Wales, AustraliaNot Available*103C0702208 **
7556586403C0702209 'Hakea'Avena sativa L. New South Wales, AustraliaNot Available*103C0702209 **
7566586803C0702210 'Pallinup'Avena sativa L. Western Australia, AustraliaNot Available*103C0702210 **
7576586903C0702211 'Numbat'Avena sativa L. South Australia, AustraliaNot Available*103C0702211 **
7586587003C0702212 'Nagus'Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*103C0702212 **
7596587103C0702213 'Tibor'Avena sativa L. Czech RepublicNot Available*103C0702213 **
7606587203C0702214 'Spartan'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*103C0702214 **
7616587303C0702215 'Kalle'Avena sativa L. EstoniaNot Available*103C0702215 **
7626663203C0702216 'Hronec'Avena sativa L. SlovakiaNot Available*103C0702216 **
7636663303C0702217 'Prokop'Avena sativa L. SlovakiaNot Available*103C0702217 **
7646663403C0702218 'Tatran'Avena sativa L. SlovakiaNot Available*103C0702218 **
7656663503C0702219 'Viliam'Avena sativa L. SlovakiaNot Available*103C0702219 **
7666663603C0702220 'Effektiv'Avena sativa L. AustriaNot Available*103C0702220 **
7676663703C0702221 'Espresso'Avena sativa L. AustriaNot Available*103C0702221 **
7686663803C0702222 'Eneko'Avena sativa L. AustriaNot Available*103C0702222 **
7696663903C0702223 'Elipso'Avena sativa L. AustriaNot Available*103C0702223 **
7706664003C0702224 'Erwin'Avena sativa L. AustriaNot Available*103C0702224 **
7716664103C0702225 'Poseidon'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*103C0702225 **
7726842503C0702226 'Norbert'Avena sativa L. Czech RepublicNot Available*103C0702226 **
7736842603C0702227 'Patrik'Avena sativa L. Czech RepublicNot Available*103C0702227 **
7746842703C0702228 'Sagar'Avena sativa L. Czech RepublicNot Available*103C0702228 **
7756842803C0702229 'Hynek'Avena sativa L. Czech RepublicNot Available*103C0702229 **
7766900903C0702230 'Ozon'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*103C0702230 **
7776901003C0702231 'Bingo'Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*103C0702231 **
7786901103C0702232 'Simpson'Avena sativa L. South Carolina, United StatesNot Available*103C0702232 **
7796901203C0702233 'Century'Avena sativa L. South Carolina, United StatesNot Available*103C0702233 **
7806901303C0702234 Horse FeedAvena sativa L. Karnataka, IndiaNot Available*103C0702234 **
7816901403C0702235 'Brigalow'Avena sativa L. New South Wales, AustraliaNot Available*103C0702235 **
7826901503C0702236 'Possum'Avena sativa L. South Australia, AustraliaNot Available*103C0702236 **
7836901603C0702237 'Quoll'Avena sativa L. AustraliaNot Available103C0702237 **
7846901803C0702238 'Glider'Avena sativa L. South Australia, AustraliaNot Available*103C0702238 **
7856901903C0702239 'AC Juniper'Avena sativa L. Alberta, CanadaNot Available*103C0702239 **
7866902003C0702240 'AC Morgan'Avena sativa L. Alberta, CanadaNot Available*103C0702240 **
7877345503C0702241 'Glamis'Avena sativa L. Wales, United KingdomNot Available103C0702241 **
7887345603C0702242 'Vít'Avena sativa L. SlovakiaNot Available103C0702242 **
7897345703C0702243 'Vaclav'Avena sativa L. SlovakiaNot Available103C0702243 **
7907345803C0702244 'Vojtech'Avena sativa L. SlovakiaNot Available103C0702244 **
7917345903C0702245 'Vazec'Avena sativa L. SlovakiaNot Available103C0702245 **
7927346003C0702246 'Dunajec'Avena sativa L. SlovakiaNot Available103C0702246 **
7937431303C0702247 'Tim'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available103C0702247 **
7947431403C0702248 'Bison'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available103C0702248 **
7957431603C0702249 'Frazier'Avena sativa L. Texas, United StatesNot Available103C0702249 **
7967431703C0702250 'Race Horse'Avena sativa L. Kyushu, JapanNot Available103C0702250 **
7977431803C0702251 'Conway'Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available103C0702251 **
7987432003C0702252 'Earl'Avena sativa L. AustriaNot Available103C0702252 **
7997432103C0702253 'Karma'Avena sativa L. MexicoNot Available103C0702253 **
8007432203C0702254 'Nusso'Avena sativa L. Not Available103C0702254 **
*. This accession is available for ordering from another inventory lot. Click on the accession link to see availability of other inventory lots.

Distribution Policy

According to the Decree no.458/2003 to the Act no.148/2003 on plant genetic resources in the Czech Republic users are allowed to order a maximum of 30 generatively and 10 vegetatively propagated samples per year (our business year is from November until October).

Shipments are processed in the order of acceptance. The average handling time is 10 working days.

Plant germplasm is distributed to scientists, educators, producers and other bona fide research and education entities. Distribution of germplasm from National Plant Germplasm collections (NPG) to fulfil requests from individuals seeking free germplasm strictly for home use is generally considered as inappropriate use of limited resources and conflicts with Government policy of not competing with commercial enterprises. Requestors can be asked, in an appropriate manner, to justify the use of specific NPG instead of suitable commercially available germplasm

Accessions listed in the Germplasm Resources Information Network (GRIN Czech) database as “not available” due to insufficient or low viability seed and/or scheduled for regeneration will generally not be available for distribution

To safeguard its international public goods character, and by a legal obligation with FAO and the Governing Body of the International Treaty of Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (ITPGRFA), germplasm for use in food and agriculture is transferred using the Standard Materials Transfer Agreement (SMTA) of the ITPGRFA.

CRI makes no warranties, express or implied, regarding the quality, viability or purity (genetic or mechanical), safety of and/or use of CRI-held germplasm including any warranty of merchantability, or fitness for a particular purpose, including without limitation, production, breeding, crossing, testing, commercialization, or non-infringement of third-party intellectual property.