Accessions evaluated for:

028 SPIKE - COLOUR OF THE AWNS in study 1978 Genebank Dept.-Div. Genet. & Plant Breed.- Res. Inst. Crop Production

Accession028 SPIKE - COLOUR OF THE AWNSPlant NameObservation details
01C0102616 1Acion
01C0102622 1Mascot
01C0102744 1TAW 9183/72
01C0102748 1TAW 14798/70
01C0102750 1TAW 25337/72
01C0102755 1TAW 42498/71
01C0102757 1Bongo
01C0102758 1Burma
01C0102766 1Feldmann
01C0102769 1Linos
01C0102771 1Nimbus
01C0102786 1P 6148 (Kobierzyce)