Accessions evaluated for: 031 FLOWER - CALYX SEPALA - TE in study 2017 AGRITEC, Research, Breeding and Services Ltd._LEGUMES (02)

Selected item(s) below:

02718005L0101014 'Sundance'Pisum sativum L. United Statesblunt to rounded05L0101014 **
12717605L0101010 'No 8720'Pisum sativum L. Ethiopiabluntly pointed05L0101010 **
22724705L0101081 'A 110 751'Pisum sativum L. unknownbluntly pointed05L0101081 **
32724805L0101082 R 156Pisum sativum L. unknownbluntly pointed05L0101082 **
42724905L0101083 R 168Pisum sativum L. unknownbluntly pointed05L0101083 **
52718805L0101022 'WSU 28'Pisum sativum L. United Statesostře zahrocené05L0101022 **
62718805L0101022 'WSU 28'Pisum sativum L. United Statessharply pointed05L0101022 **
72718005L0101014 'Sundance'Pisum sativum L. United Statestupé až zakulacené05L0101014 **
82717605L0101010 'No 8720'Pisum sativum L. Ethiopiatupě zahrocené05L0101010 **
92724705L0101081 'A 110 751'Pisum sativum L. unknowntupě zahrocené05L0101081 **
102724805L0101082 R 156Pisum sativum L. unknowntupě zahrocené05L0101082 **
112724905L0101083 R 168Pisum sativum L. unknowntupě zahrocené05L0101083 **