Accessions evaluated for: 017 FLOWER - PETAL - EXTENT OF in study 2016 OSEVA PRO s.r.o Research Inst. of Oilseed Crops (3)

Selected item(s) below:

06142515O0800004 'Bulharsky II'Papaver somniferum L. Image Bulgariaintermediate about 30% area15O0800004 **
16146715O0800046 'Peragis'Papaver somniferum L. Image Netherlandsintermediate about 30% area15O0800046 **
26153515O0800114 'Pitvarosi Tef'Papaver somniferum L. Image Hungaryintermediate about 30% area15O0800114 **
36153615O0800115 'Diospegi elit'Papaver somniferum L. Image HungaryNot Availableintermediate about 30% area15O0800115 **
46154815O0800127 'Lori'Papaver somniferum L. Denmarkintermediate about 30% area15O0800127 **
56154915O0800128 'Indra'Papaver somniferum L. Swedenintermediate about 30% area15O0800128 **
66157415O0800153 'Parmo'Papaver somniferum L. Image Denmarkintermediate about 30% area15O0800153 **
76157615O0800155 'Lazur'Papaver somniferum L. Image Polandintermediate about 30% area15O0800155 **
86157815O0800157 'Extaz'Papaver somniferum L. Image Romaniaintermediate about 30% area15O0800157 **
96157915O0800158 'De Botosani'Papaver somniferum L. Image Romaniaintermediate about 30% area15O0800158 **
106158115O0800160 'Hollabruner Blaumohn'Papaver somniferum L. Image Austriaintermediate about 30% area15O0800160 **
116158215O0800161 'Waldvierfler Graumohn'Papaver somniferum L. Image AustriaNot Availableintermediate about 30% area15O0800161 **
126161015O0800190 'Orfeus'Papaver somniferum L. Image Czech Republicintermediate about 30% area15O0800190 **
136161215O0800192 SVKPOL 98/07Papaver somniferum L. Image unknownintermediate about 30% area15O0800192 **
146153715O0800116 'Soproni tef'Papaver somniferum L. Image Hungarylarge about 50% area15O0800116 **
156161515O0800195 'Postomi'Papaver somniferum L. Image Hungarymalá asi 10% plochy15O0800195 **
166161515O0800195 'Postomi'Papaver somniferum L. Image Hungarysmall about 10% area15O0800195 **
176142515O0800004 'Bulharsky II'Papaver somniferum L. Image Bulgariastřední asi 30% plochy15O0800004 **
186146715O0800046 'Peragis'Papaver somniferum L. Image Netherlandsstřední asi 30% plochy15O0800046 **
196153515O0800114 'Pitvarosi Tef'Papaver somniferum L. Image Hungarystřední asi 30% plochy15O0800114 **
206153615O0800115 'Diospegi elit'Papaver somniferum L. Image HungaryNot Availablestřední asi 30% plochy15O0800115 **
216154815O0800127 'Lori'Papaver somniferum L. Denmarkstřední asi 30% plochy15O0800127 **
226154915O0800128 'Indra'Papaver somniferum L. Swedenstřední asi 30% plochy15O0800128 **
236157415O0800153 'Parmo'Papaver somniferum L. Image Denmarkstřední asi 30% plochy15O0800153 **
246157615O0800155 'Lazur'Papaver somniferum L. Image Polandstřední asi 30% plochy15O0800155 **
256157815O0800157 'Extaz'Papaver somniferum L. Image Romaniastřední asi 30% plochy15O0800157 **
266157915O0800158 'De Botosani'Papaver somniferum L. Image Romaniastřední asi 30% plochy15O0800158 **
276158115O0800160 'Hollabruner Blaumohn'Papaver somniferum L. Image Austriastřední asi 30% plochy15O0800160 **
286158215O0800161 'Waldvierfler Graumohn'Papaver somniferum L. Image AustriaNot Availablestřední asi 30% plochy15O0800161 **
296161015O0800190 'Orfeus'Papaver somniferum L. Image Czech Republicstřední asi 30% plochy15O0800190 **
306161215O0800192 SVKPOL 98/07Papaver somniferum L. Image unknownstřední asi 30% plochy15O0800192 **
316153715O0800116 'Soproni tef'Papaver somniferum L. Image Hungaryvelká asi 50% plochy15O0800116 **