Accessions evaluated for: 025 CAPSULE - SHAPE OF LOBEES in study 2019 OSEVA PRO s.r.o Research Inst. of Oilseed Crops (42)

Selected item(s) below:

06146315O0800042 'Nobel'Papaver somniferum L. Image *German Democratic Republicrounded15O0800042 **
16146415O0800043 'Nordstern'Papaver somniferum L. Image Germanyrounded15O0800043 **
26146615O0800045 'Nyazi Mutaft'Papaver somniferum L. Image unknownNot Availablerounded15O0800045 **
36146315O0800042 'Nobel'Papaver somniferum L. Image *German Democratic Republiczaoblený15O0800042 **
46146415O0800043 'Nordstern'Papaver somniferum L. Image Germanyzaoblený15O0800043 **
56146615O0800045 'Nyazi Mutaft'Papaver somniferum L. Image unknownNot Availablezaoblený15O0800045 **