Accessions evaluated for:

030 SPIKE - BRITTLENESS OF RAC in study 1957 Genebank Dept.-Div. Genet. & Plant Breed.- Res. Inst. Crop Production (2)

Accession030 SPIKE - BRITTLENESS OF RACPlant NameObservation details
01C0200063 1Vyspa ceska
01C0200072 1Hubice 47/3
01C0200073 1Hubice 47/15
01C0200074 1Hubice 47/77
01C0200075 1Hubice 47/133
01C0200077 1Hubice 47/180
01C0200079 1Hubice 47/445
01C0200080 1Hubice 47/545
01C0200081 1Hubice 47/553
01C0200506 1Arnautka Nemercanskaja
01C0200516 1Eritrospermum 14
01C0200517 1Eritrospermum 82/2
01C0200518 1Eritrospermum 841
01C0200548 1Markyz
01C0200572 1Tulun 70 B/8
01C0200596 1Adlungs Alemannen
01C0200616 1Peragis
01C0200725 1Clarendon
01C0200862 1Roma (osinata, tvrda)
01C0200876 1Studena Zara (cerna)