Accessions evaluated for:

087 SPIKE - NUMBER OF SPIKELET in study 1991 Genebank Dept.-Div. Genet. & Plant Breed.- Res. Inst. Crop Production (11)

Accession087 SPIKE - NUMBER OF SPIKELETPlant NameObservation details
01C0203009 3Ciano T 79
01C0203067 3KVZ/3/TOB/CTFN//BB/4/BLO"S"/..
01C0203102 3S 948 A-TR PP*5
01C0203158 3Grazia
01C0203245 3Vulcan
01C0202656 4Chiroca "S"
01C0202683 4Bobito "S"
01C0203024 4Eagle x SX*4-CMH 77 328..
01C0203040 4Genaro F 81
01C0203041 4Genaro 81
01C0203086 4Pato(R)/CAL/3/7C//BB/CNO67
01C0203109 4Seri 82
01C0203134 4Vee"S"-CM33027-F..
01C0203140 4YD"S"-MN 72 131
01C0203238 4Mokoan
01C0203259 4Indus 79
01C0203263 4Arcour
01C0203292 4Sakha 80
01C0203293 4Besso
01C0203307 4Cornette
01C0203330 4Arcade
01C0203448 4Portola
01C0202747 5Horizont
01C0202920 6Charkovskaja 7