Accessions evaluated for: 020 STIPULES - CHARACTER OF AN in study 2014 AGRITEC, Research, Breeding and Services Ltd.

Selected item(s) below:

02752205L0200457 Kuhn No 140Pisum sativum L. Czech Republicdark all over the plant05L0200457 **
12755005L0200486 MielkakPisum sativum L. Tajikistandark all over the plant05L0200486 **
22755105L0200487 K 38Pisum sativum L. Georgiadark all over the plant05L0200487 **
32752205L0200457 Kuhn No 140Pisum sativum L. Czech Republiczřetelná po celé rostlině05L0200457 **
42755005L0200486 MielkakPisum sativum L. Tajikistanzřetelná po celé rostlině05L0200486 **
52755105L0200487 K 38Pisum sativum L. Georgiazřetelná po celé rostlině05L0200487 **