Accessions evaluated for: 015 FLOWER - DEVELOPMENT OF AN in study 2018 OSEVA PRO s.r.o Research Inst. of Oilseed Crops (1)

Selected item(s) below:

06121715O0500030 'Budakalaszi Sarga'Sinapis alba L. Image Hungarydeveloped15O0500030 **
16124415O0500057 Sinapis albaSinapis alba L. Image Germanydeveloped15O0500057 **
26124715O0500060 KramodarSinapis alba L. Image Former Soviet Uniondeveloped15O0500060 **
36126115O0500074 EmergoSinapis alba L. Image Netherlandsdeveloped15O0500074 **
46659015O0500122 'Amog'Sinapis alba L. Image Netherlandsdeveloped15O0500122 **
56659115O0500123 'Chacha'Sinapis alba L. Image Belgiumdeveloped15O0500123 **
66659415O0500124 'Ultra'Sinapis alba L. Image Netherlandsdeveloped15O0500124 **
76900815O0500127 'Veto'Sinapis alba L. developed15O0500127 **
86902115O0500128 'Condor'Sinapis alba L. developed15O0500128 **
96902215O0500129 'Athlet'Sinapis alba L. developed15O0500129 **
106902315O0500130 'Thorney'Sinapis alba L. developed15O0500130 **
116902415O0500131 'Viscount'Sinapis alba L. developed15O0500131 **
126121715O0500030 'Budakalaszi Sarga'Sinapis alba L. Image Hungaryvyvinuté15O0500030 **
136124415O0500057 Sinapis albaSinapis alba L. Image Germanyvyvinuté15O0500057 **
146124715O0500060 KramodarSinapis alba L. Image Former Soviet Unionvyvinuté15O0500060 **
156126115O0500074 EmergoSinapis alba L. Image Netherlandsvyvinuté15O0500074 **
166659015O0500122 'Amog'Sinapis alba L. Image Netherlandsvyvinuté15O0500122 **
176659115O0500123 'Chacha'Sinapis alba L. Image Belgiumvyvinuté15O0500123 **
186659415O0500124 'Ultra'Sinapis alba L. Image Netherlandsvyvinuté15O0500124 **
196900815O0500127 'Veto'Sinapis alba L. vyvinuté15O0500127 **
206902115O0500128 'Condor'Sinapis alba L. vyvinuté15O0500128 **
216902215O0500129 'Athlet'Sinapis alba L. vyvinuté15O0500129 **
226902315O0500130 'Thorney'Sinapis alba L. vyvinuté15O0500130 **
236902415O0500131 'Viscount'Sinapis alba L. vyvinuté15O0500131 **