Accessions evaluated for:

028 SPIKE - COLOUR OF THE AWNS in study 1971 Genebank Dept.-Div. Genet. & Plant Breed.- Res. Inst. Crop Production (4)

Accession028 SPIKE - COLOUR OF THE AWNSPlant NameObservation details
01C0201583 1Platifen
01C0201636 1Sel 5-N10B28 x Lr-2-207
01C0201637 1Sel 5 x NOR10-324
01C0201639 1Vt-54 x N10B21
01C0201741 1M 66
01C0201742 1M 67
01C0201774 1Fury
01C0201776 1Goblet
01C0201832 1Sonora 64
01C0201870 1Weipro
01C0201826 9Oviachic C 65
01C0201835 9Tehuacan C 60