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028 SPIKE - COLOUR OF THE AWNS in study 1977 Genebank Dept.-Div. Genet. & Plant Breed.- Res. Inst. Crop Production (11)

Accession028 SPIKE - COLOUR OF THE AWNSPlant NameObservation details
01C0201557 1Manitou
01C0201611 1Maris Dove
01C0201612 1Maris Ensign
01C0201710 1Sonalika
01C0201869 1Kalif
01C0201971 1Norin 10/Brevor 14//Javelin/115
01C0201992 1Timgalen
01C0202165 1Yecora 70
01C0202340 1Chanate
01C0202436 1US (67) 115
01C0202439 1US (67) 128
01C0202440 1US (67) 132