Accessions evaluated for: 019 INFLORESCENCE - POSITION O in study Potato Research Institute Havlickuv Brod Ltd.

Selected item(s) below:

03294307S0101587 'Anni'Solanum tuberosum L. Germanyin the lower 1/307S0101587 **
13294507S0101589 'Arinda'Solanum tuberosum L. Netherlandsin the middle07S0101589 **
23294607S0101590 'Asterix'Solanum tuberosum L. Netherlandsin the middle07S0101590 **
33292307S0101567 'Fregata'Solanum tuberosum L. Polandin the upper 1/307S0101567 **
43293207S0101576 'Olza'Solanum tuberosum L. Polandin the upper 1/307S0101576 **
53294707S0101591 'Bonita'Solanum tuberosum L. Germanyin the upper 1/307S0101591 **
63295007S0101594 'Ciklamen'Solanum tuberosum L. Hungaryin the upper 1/307S0101594 **
73310807S0101752 'Fabula'Solanum tuberosum L. Netherlandsin the upper 1/307S0101752 **
83294307S0101587 'Anni'Solanum tuberosum L. Germanyv dolní 1/307S0101587 **
93292307S0101567 'Fregata'Solanum tuberosum L. Polandv horní 1/307S0101567 **
103293207S0101576 'Olza'Solanum tuberosum L. Polandv horní 1/307S0101576 **
113294707S0101591 'Bonita'Solanum tuberosum L. Germanyv horní 1/307S0101591 **
123295007S0101594 'Ciklamen'Solanum tuberosum L. Hungaryv horní 1/307S0101594 **
133310807S0101752 'Fabula'Solanum tuberosum L. Netherlandsv horní 1/307S0101752 **
143294507S0101589 'Arinda'Solanum tuberosum L. Netherlandsve středu07S0101589 **
153294607S0101590 'Asterix'Solanum tuberosum L. Netherlandsve středu07S0101590 **