Accessions evaluated for: 008 LEAF - SHAPE - THE LENGTH: in study 2020 OSEVA PRO s.r.o Research Inst. of Oilseed Crops (2)

Selected item(s) below:

06145315O0800032 'Modran'Papaver somniferum L. Image Czechoslovakiaintermediate 3:115O0800032 **
16149215O0800071 'Vahovecky'Papaver somniferum L. Image CzechoslovakiaNot Availableintermediate 3:115O0800071 **
26158715O0800166 CB-2Papaver somniferum L. Image Czech Republicintermediate 3:115O0800166 **
36161415O0800194 HUNZAL-10/59Papaver somniferum L. Image Hungaryintermediate 3:115O0800194 **
46145315O0800032 'Modran'Papaver somniferum L. Image Czechoslovakiastřední 3:115O0800032 **
56149215O0800071 'Vahovecky'Papaver somniferum L. Image CzechoslovakiaNot Availablestřední 3:115O0800071 **
66158715O0800166 CB-2Papaver somniferum L. Image Czech Republicstřední 3:115O0800166 **
76161415O0800194 HUNZAL-10/59Papaver somniferum L. Image Hungarystřední 3:115O0800194 **