Accessions evaluated for: 009 FLOWER - COROLLA SPOT COLO in study 1996 Genebank Department - RICP Prague Vegetable Section Olomouc (2)

Selected item(s) below:

03862709H3100036 'Pisarecka na plneni'Capsicum annuum L. Czechoslovakiaabsent09H3100036 **
13862909H3100038 'Severka'Capsicum annuum L. Czechoslovakiaabsent09H3100038 **
23863009H3100039 'Hodoninska zelena'Capsicum annuum L. Czechoslovakiaabsent09H3100039 **
33863409H3100043 'Bobkova'Capsicum annuum L. Czechoslovakiaabsent09H3100043 **
43863709H3100046 'Tlustostenna Dunajska'Capsicum annuum L. Czechoslovakiaabsent09H3100046 **
53864209H3100056 'Astrachanskij'Capsicum annuum L. Former Soviet Unionabsent09H3100056 **
63864309H3100057 'Astrachanskij'Capsicum annuum L. Former Soviet Unionabsent09H3100057 **
73864409H3100058 'Astrachanskij'Capsicum annuum L. Former Soviet Unionabsent09H3100058 **
83865109H3100065 'Cecei Felallo'Capsicum annuum L. Hungaryabsent09H3100065 **
93865209H3100066 'Cecei Fellallo'Capsicum annuum L. Hungaryabsent09H3100066 **
103865909H3100073 'Cecei Csuengoe'Capsicum annuum L. Hungaryabsent09H3100073 **
113866109H3100075 'Calincov Verde'Capsicum annuum L. RomaniaNot Availableabsent09H3100075 **
123866609H3100080 'Kalinkoi'Capsicum annuum L. Hungaryabsent09H3100080 **
133868809H3100102 'Novoselska Kapia'Capsicum annuum L. Former Soviet Unionabsent09H3100102 **
143868909H3100103 'Novosepskaja Kapija'Capsicum annuum L. Former Soviet Unionabsent09H3100103 **
153869209H3100106 'Majkopskij 470'Capsicum annuum L. Former Soviet Unionabsent09H3100106 **
163870009H3100114 'Bogyiszloi Vastaghusu'Capsicum annuum L. Hungaryabsent09H3100114 **
173871009H3100124 'Rotunda (line 77)'Capsicum annuum L. Former Soviet Unionabsent09H3100124 **
183871209H3100126 'Cece'Capsicum annuum L. Hungaryabsent09H3100126 **
193871509H3100129 'Cecei Edes 3'Capsicum annuum L. Hungaryabsent09H3100129 **
203871809H3100132 'Portokaliu'Capsicum annuum L. Romaniaabsent09H3100132 **
213872309H3100137 'Aufrechte Cayenne'Capsicum annuum L. Franceabsent09H3100137 **
223872609H3100140 'Aufrechte Cayenne'Capsicum annuum L. Franceabsent09H3100140 **
233873009H3100144 'Kejenskij A 35'Capsicum annuum L. Former Soviet Unionabsent09H3100144 **
243873309H3100147 'King of the North'Capsicum annuum L. United Statesabsent09H3100147 **
253873509H3100149 'Neusiedler Ideal'Capsicum annuum L. Austriaabsent09H3100149 **
263874009H3100154 'Maritza'Capsicum annuum L. Bulgariaabsent09H3100154 **
273874109H3100155 'Maritza'Capsicum annuum L. Bulgariaabsent09H3100155 **
283874309H3100157 'Spanish or Guinea'Capsicum annuum L. Spainabsent09H3100157 **
293875109H3100165 'Torhuvely'Capsicum annuum L. Hungaryabsent09H3100165 **
303875709H3100171 'Wisconsin Lakes'Capsicum annuum L. United Statesabsent09H3100171 **
313877209H3100186 'Krimski Bjal'Capsicum annuum L. Former Soviet Unionabsent09H3100186 **
323877309H3100187 'Krymskij Belyj 29-293'Capsicum annuum L. var. annuum Former Soviet Unionabsent09H3100187 **
333877509H3100189 'Krymskij Bielyj'Capsicum annuum L. Former Soviet Unionabsent09H3100189 **
343877609H3100190 'Pazardjiska Kapija'Capsicum annuum L. Bulgariaabsent09H3100190 **
353877909H3100193 'Sumenski Rotund'Capsicum annuum L. Bulgariaabsent09H3100193 **
363878009H3100194 'Ukrajinski Gork'Capsicum annuum L. Former Soviet Unionabsent09H3100194 **
373878109H3100195 'Dzuljamskaja Sipka'Capsicum annuum L. Bulgariaabsent09H3100195 **
383879609H3100210 'Sivrija 51'Capsicum annuum L. var. annuum Bulgariaabsent09H3100210 **
393883809H3100252 'Marktgartner'Capsicum annuum L. Germanyabsent09H3100252 **
403884409H3100258 D 103 x Kalinkov 805Capsicum annuum L. Bulgariaabsent09H3100258 **
413885509H3100269 'Yolo Wonder'Capsicum annuum L. United Statesabsent09H3100269 **
423886209H3100276 'Szentesi Cseresznyealaku'Capsicum annuum L. Hungaryabsent09H3100276 **
433887109H3100285 'Elytza'Capsicum annuum L. *German Democratic Republicabsent09H3100285 **
443887409H3100288 'Vinedale'Capsicum annuum L. Canadaabsent09H3100288 **
453889709H3100311 'Florida Giant'Capsicum annuum L. United Statesabsent09H3100311 **
463890609H3100320 'Chilli Manon Verde'Capsicum annuum L. Romaniaabsent09H3100320 **
473891609H3100330 'Aurora'Capsicum annuum L. Germanyabsent09H3100330 **
483891809H3100332 D 103 x SivrijaCapsicum annuum L. Bulgariaabsent09H3100332 **
493892809H3100342 'Tursijara IA'Capsicum annuum L. Yugoslaviaabsent09H3100342 **
503892909H3100343 'Alexinacka Babura'Capsicum annuum L. Yugoslaviaabsent09H3100343 **
513893809H3100352 'Konservnyj Belyj 289'Capsicum annuum L. var. annuum Former Soviet Unionabsent09H3100352 **
523893909H3100353 'Konservnyj Belyj 289'Capsicum annuum L. var. annuum Former Soviet Unionabsent09H3100353 **
533894109H3100355 'Marktgartner Mischung'Capsicum annuum L. Germanyabsent09H3100355 **
543894309H3100357 'Minito'Capsicum annuum L. United Statesabsent09H3100357 **
553894409H3100358 'Rannij Konservnyj'Capsicum annuum L. Former Soviet Unionabsent09H3100358 **
563894809H3100362 'Jalapeno'Capsicum annuum L. United Statesabsent09H3100362 **
573896009H3100374 'Albino'Capsicum annuum L. Italyabsent09H3100374 **
583899009H3100404 'Rotund Sladak Selen'Capsicum annuum L. Yugoslaviaabsent09H3100404 **
593899309H3100407 'Little Elf'Capsicum annuum L. Hungaryabsent09H3100407 **
603901009H3100424 'Enomi'Capsicum annuum L. Italyabsent09H3100424 **
613903009H3100444 'Midway'Capsicum annuum L. United Statesabsent09H3100444 **
623903609H3100450 'Gros Carre Douce Rouge'Capsicum annuum L. Franceabsent09H3100450 **
633903709H3100451 'Cigarette'Capsicum annuum L. Switzerlandabsent09H3100451 **
643904109H3100455 'Michurinskij 41'Capsicum annuum L. Former Soviet Unionabsent09H3100455 **
653904309H3100457 'Resistant Giants'Capsicum annuum L. Netherlandsabsent09H3100457 **
663904709H3100461 'Mistura Especial'Capsicum annuum L. Brazilabsent09H3100461 **
673905109H3100465 'Propa'Capsicum annuum L. Netherlandsabsent09H3100465 **
683905309H3100467 'Csokros Csipos'Capsicum annuum L. Hungaryabsent09H3100467 **
693905509H3100469 'Csokros Felallo Fuszer'Capsicum annuum L. Hungaryabsent09H3100469 **
703905709H3100471 '312 (No. SRIPI)'Capsicum annuum L. Former Soviet Unionabsent09H3100471 **
713906409H3100478 'Pervenec Sibiri'Capsicum annuum L. Former Soviet Unionabsent09H3100478 **
723910209H3100527 'Anheim Chili'Capsicum annuum L. United Statesabsent09H3100527 **
733892509H3100339 'Boldogi Csipos'Capsicum annuum L. Hungarybílá09H3100339 **
743862709H3100036 'Pisarecka na plneni'Capsicum annuum L. Czechoslovakiachybí09H3100036 **
753862909H3100038 'Severka'Capsicum annuum L. Czechoslovakiachybí09H3100038 **
763863009H3100039 'Hodoninska zelena'Capsicum annuum L. Czechoslovakiachybí09H3100039 **
773863409H3100043 'Bobkova'Capsicum annuum L. Czechoslovakiachybí09H3100043 **
783863709H3100046 'Tlustostenna Dunajska'Capsicum annuum L. Czechoslovakiachybí09H3100046 **
793864209H3100056 'Astrachanskij'Capsicum annuum L. Former Soviet Unionchybí09H3100056 **
803864309H3100057 'Astrachanskij'Capsicum annuum L. Former Soviet Unionchybí09H3100057 **
813864409H3100058 'Astrachanskij'Capsicum annuum L. Former Soviet Unionchybí09H3100058 **
823865109H3100065 'Cecei Felallo'Capsicum annuum L. Hungarychybí09H3100065 **
833865209H3100066 'Cecei Fellallo'Capsicum annuum L. Hungarychybí09H3100066 **
843865909H3100073 'Cecei Csuengoe'Capsicum annuum L. Hungarychybí09H3100073 **
853866109H3100075 'Calincov Verde'Capsicum annuum L. RomaniaNot Availablechybí09H3100075 **
863866609H3100080 'Kalinkoi'Capsicum annuum L. Hungarychybí09H3100080 **
873868809H3100102 'Novoselska Kapia'Capsicum annuum L. Former Soviet Unionchybí09H3100102 **
883868909H3100103 'Novosepskaja Kapija'Capsicum annuum L. Former Soviet Unionchybí09H3100103 **
893869209H3100106 'Majkopskij 470'Capsicum annuum L. Former Soviet Unionchybí09H3100106 **
903870009H3100114 'Bogyiszloi Vastaghusu'Capsicum annuum L. Hungarychybí09H3100114 **
913871009H3100124 'Rotunda (line 77)'Capsicum annuum L. Former Soviet Unionchybí09H3100124 **
923871209H3100126 'Cece'Capsicum annuum L. Hungarychybí09H3100126 **
933871509H3100129 'Cecei Edes 3'Capsicum annuum L. Hungarychybí09H3100129 **
943871809H3100132 'Portokaliu'Capsicum annuum L. Romaniachybí09H3100132 **
953872309H3100137 'Aufrechte Cayenne'Capsicum annuum L. Francechybí09H3100137 **
963872609H3100140 'Aufrechte Cayenne'Capsicum annuum L. Francechybí09H3100140 **
973873009H3100144 'Kejenskij A 35'Capsicum annuum L. Former Soviet Unionchybí09H3100144 **
983873309H3100147 'King of the North'Capsicum annuum L. United Stateschybí09H3100147 **
993873509H3100149 'Neusiedler Ideal'Capsicum annuum L. Austriachybí09H3100149 **
1003874009H3100154 'Maritza'Capsicum annuum L. Bulgariachybí09H3100154 **
1013874109H3100155 'Maritza'Capsicum annuum L. Bulgariachybí09H3100155 **
1023874309H3100157 'Spanish or Guinea'Capsicum annuum L. Spainchybí09H3100157 **
1033875109H3100165 'Torhuvely'Capsicum annuum L. Hungarychybí09H3100165 **
1043875709H3100171 'Wisconsin Lakes'Capsicum annuum L. United Stateschybí09H3100171 **
1053877209H3100186 'Krimski Bjal'Capsicum annuum L. Former Soviet Unionchybí09H3100186 **
1063877309H3100187 'Krymskij Belyj 29-293'Capsicum annuum L. var. annuum Former Soviet Unionchybí09H3100187 **
1073877509H3100189 'Krymskij Bielyj'Capsicum annuum L. Former Soviet Unionchybí09H3100189 **
1083877609H3100190 'Pazardjiska Kapija'Capsicum annuum L. Bulgariachybí09H3100190 **
1093877909H3100193 'Sumenski Rotund'Capsicum annuum L. Bulgariachybí09H3100193 **
1103878009H3100194 'Ukrajinski Gork'Capsicum annuum L. Former Soviet Unionchybí09H3100194 **
1113878109H3100195 'Dzuljamskaja Sipka'Capsicum annuum L. Bulgariachybí09H3100195 **
1123879609H3100210 'Sivrija 51'Capsicum annuum L. var. annuum Bulgariachybí09H3100210 **
1133883809H3100252 'Marktgartner'Capsicum annuum L. Germanychybí09H3100252 **
1143884409H3100258 D 103 x Kalinkov 805Capsicum annuum L. Bulgariachybí09H3100258 **
1153885509H3100269 'Yolo Wonder'Capsicum annuum L. United Stateschybí09H3100269 **
1163886209H3100276 'Szentesi Cseresznyealaku'Capsicum annuum L. Hungarychybí09H3100276 **
1173887109H3100285 'Elytza'Capsicum annuum L. *German Democratic Republicchybí09H3100285 **
1183887409H3100288 'Vinedale'Capsicum annuum L. Canadachybí09H3100288 **
1193889709H3100311 'Florida Giant'Capsicum annuum L. United Stateschybí09H3100311 **
1203890609H3100320 'Chilli Manon Verde'Capsicum annuum L. Romaniachybí09H3100320 **
1213891609H3100330 'Aurora'Capsicum annuum L. Germanychybí09H3100330 **
1223891809H3100332 D 103 x SivrijaCapsicum annuum L. Bulgariachybí09H3100332 **
1233892809H3100342 'Tursijara IA'Capsicum annuum L. Yugoslaviachybí09H3100342 **
1243892909H3100343 'Alexinacka Babura'Capsicum annuum L. Yugoslaviachybí09H3100343 **
1253893809H3100352 'Konservnyj Belyj 289'Capsicum annuum L. var. annuum Former Soviet Unionchybí09H3100352 **
1263893909H3100353 'Konservnyj Belyj 289'Capsicum annuum L. var. annuum Former Soviet Unionchybí09H3100353 **
1273894109H3100355 'Marktgartner Mischung'Capsicum annuum L. Germanychybí09H3100355 **
1283894309H3100357 'Minito'Capsicum annuum L. United Stateschybí09H3100357 **
1293894409H3100358 'Rannij Konservnyj'Capsicum annuum L. Former Soviet Unionchybí09H3100358 **
1303894809H3100362 'Jalapeno'Capsicum annuum L. United Stateschybí09H3100362 **
1313896009H3100374 'Albino'Capsicum annuum L. Italychybí09H3100374 **
1323899009H3100404 'Rotund Sladak Selen'Capsicum annuum L. Yugoslaviachybí09H3100404 **
1333899309H3100407 'Little Elf'Capsicum annuum L. Hungarychybí09H3100407 **
1343901009H3100424 'Enomi'Capsicum annuum L. Italychybí09H3100424 **
1353903009H3100444 'Midway'Capsicum annuum L. United Stateschybí09H3100444 **
1363903609H3100450 'Gros Carre Douce Rouge'Capsicum annuum L. Francechybí09H3100450 **
1373903709H3100451 'Cigarette'Capsicum annuum L. Switzerlandchybí09H3100451 **
1383904109H3100455 'Michurinskij 41'Capsicum annuum L. Former Soviet Unionchybí09H3100455 **
1393904309H3100457 'Resistant Giants'Capsicum annuum L. Netherlandschybí09H3100457 **
1403904709H3100461 'Mistura Especial'Capsicum annuum L. Brazilchybí09H3100461 **
1413905109H3100465 'Propa'Capsicum annuum L. Netherlandschybí09H3100465 **
1423905309H3100467 'Csokros Csipos'Capsicum annuum L. Hungarychybí09H3100467 **
1433905509H3100469 'Csokros Felallo Fuszer'Capsicum annuum L. Hungarychybí09H3100469 **
1443905709H3100471 '312 (No. SRIPI)'Capsicum annuum L. Former Soviet Unionchybí09H3100471 **
1453906409H3100478 'Pervenec Sibiri'Capsicum annuum L. Former Soviet Unionchybí09H3100478 **
1463910209H3100527 'Anheim Chili'Capsicum annuum L. United Stateschybí09H3100527 **
1473892509H3100339 'Boldogi Csipos'Capsicum annuum L. Hungarywhite09H3100339 **