Accessions evaluated for:

088 PLANT - NUMBER OF PRODUCTI in study 1961 Agricultural Research Institute Kromeriz, Co. Ltd. (17)

Accession088 PLANT - NUMBER OF PRODUCTIPlant NameObservation details
03C0700546 5Bensings Findling
03C0700575 5Mansholts III
03C0700722 5Eho
03C0700016 7Valecovsky 4
03C0700205 7Pobeda
03C0700351 7Jugoslavsky 365
03C0700524 7Engelens Kriemhild
03C0700532 7Breustedts Widukind
03C0700540 7Heines Silber
03C0700557 7Hornings Wiess
03C0700714 7Finsky
03C0700804 7Resistance
03C0700827 7Cartizy
03C0700829 7Beacon
03C0700902 7Italsky Bily