Accessions evaluated for:

053 SCLEROTINIA STEM AND ROOT in study 2017 Research Institute for Fodder Plants Ltd. Co. (3)

Accession053 SCLEROTINIA STEM AND ROOT Plant NameObservation details
13T0300169 7Jura
13T0300210 7Avoca
13T0300336 7Iona
13T0300341 7Sulky
13T0300102 9Aran
13T0300168 9Hajek
13T0300296 9Chieftain
13T0300299 9SW Hebe
13T0300308 9Giga
13T0300335 9K-33
13T0300333 9Pipolina
13T0300334 9Pirouette
13T0300337 9Melifer
13T0300338 9AberAce
13T0300339 9AberConcord
13T0300340 9AberPearl