Accessions evaluated for:

067 STAND - HEIGHT AT THE BEGI in study 2017 Research Institute for Fodder Plants Ltd. Co. (3)

Accession067 STAND - HEIGHT AT THE BEGIPlant NameObservation details
13T0300333 1Pipolina
13T0300334 1Pirouette
13T0300337 1Melifer
13T0300338 1AberAce
13T0300296 2Chieftain
13T0300299 2SW Hebe
13T0300308 2Giga
13T0300335 2K-33
13T0300336 2Iona
13T0300339 2AberConcord
13T0300340 2AberPearl
13T0300341 2Sulky