Accessions evaluated for:

068 STAND - HEIGHT AT THE BEGI in study 1988 Research Institute for Fodder Plants Ltd. Co. (6)

Accession068 STAND - HEIGHT AT THE BEGIPlant NameObservation details
13T0300100 3Lune de Mai
13T0300101 3Major
13T0300102 3Aran
13T0300103 3Ross
13T0300104 3Sacramento
13T0300106 3SE-I
13T0300107 3SE-II
13T0300108 3SE-III
13T0300109 3SE-IV
13T0300110 3Alban
13T0300111 3Lustar
13T0300112 3Zoma
13T0300113 3Alda
13T0300114 3Santa
13T0300115 3Anda
13T0300116 3AND-379
13T0300117 3Jubilejnyj
13T0300118 3Undrom