Accessions evaluated for:

073 STAND - YIELD HAY (TO THE in study 2007 Research Institute for Fodder Plants Ltd. Co. (8)

Accession073 STAND - YIELD HAY (TO THE Plant NameObservation details
13T0300118 2Undrom
13T0300062 4Grasslands Pitau
13T0300268 4Emerald
13T0300296 4Chieftain
13T0300524 4Jogeva 4
13T0300064 5Lena
13T0300084 5Rivendel
13T0300261 5Challenge
13T0300262 5Colt
13T0300265 5Destiny
13T0300271 5Dara
13T0300272 5Romena
13T0300294 5Avalon
13T0300297 5Galway
13T0300273 6Aura
13T0300306 6Nemuniai
13T0300167 7Grasslands Sustain
13T0300270 7Anly
13T0300039 8Grasslands Huia
13T0300263 8Crusader
13T0300266 8Nusiral
13T0300264 9Milton
13T0300267 9Grasslands Tribute
13T0300269 9Grasslands Bounty
13T0300293 9Triffid
13T0300295 9Trinity
13T0300307 9Dotnuviai
13T0300308 9Giga
13T0300309 9Tivoli