Accessions evaluated for: 030 UNIFORMY OF TIME OF INFLOR in study 2015 OSEVA PRO Ltd. Grassland Research Station (2)

Selected item(s) below:

05727514G0600012 TROU 31/99Alopecurus pratensis L. Czech RepublicNot Availablehigh14G0600012 **
15727914G0600016 136Alopecurus pratensis L. Czech Republiclow14G0600016 **
25728814G0600025 'Vetrovska'Alopecurus pratensis L. Czechoslovakialow14G0600025 **
35727814G0600015 38Alopecurus pratensis L. Czech Republicmedium14G0600015 **
45727914G0600016 136Alopecurus pratensis L. Czech Republicnízká14G0600016 **
55728814G0600025 'Vetrovska'Alopecurus pratensis L. Czechoslovakianízká14G0600025 **
65727814G0600015 38Alopecurus pratensis L. Czech Republicstřední14G0600015 **
75727514G0600012 TROU 31/99Alopecurus pratensis L. Czech RepublicNot Availablevysoká14G0600012 **