Accessions evaluated for: 030 UNIFORMY OF TIME OF INFLOR in study 2018 OSEVA PRO Ltd. Grassland Research Station (14)

Selected item(s) below:

05986314G2800254 'Esto'Poa pratensis L. Estoniahigh14G2800254 **
15981814G2800209 213Poa pratensis L. Czech Republicmedium14G2800209 **
26486014G2800257 'Hekate'Poa pratensis L. Czech Republicmedium14G2800257 **
35981814G2800209 213Poa pratensis L. Czech Republicstřední14G2800209 **
46486014G2800257 'Hekate'Poa pratensis L. Czech Republicstřední14G2800257 **
55986314G2800254 'Esto'Poa pratensis L. Estoniavysoká14G2800254 **