Accessions evaluated for: 030 UNIFORMY OF TIME OF INFLOR in study 2020 OSEVA PRO Ltd. Grassland Research Station (16)

Selected item(s) below:

06001814G4100010 101Briza media L. Czech Republiclow14G4100010 **
16001914G4100011 22Briza media L. Slovakialow14G4100011 **
26002114G4100013 104Briza media L. Czech Republiclow14G4100013 **
36002414G4100016 14Briza media L. Czech Republiclow14G4100016 **
46002614G4100018 61Briza media L. Czech Republiclow14G4100018 **
56001814G4100010 101Briza media L. Czech Republicnízká14G4100010 **
66001914G4100011 22Briza media L. Slovakianízká14G4100011 **
76002114G4100013 104Briza media L. Czech Republicnízká14G4100013 **
86002414G4100016 14Briza media L. Czech Republicnízká14G4100016 **
96002614G4100018 61Briza media L. Czech Republicnízká14G4100018 **