Accessions evaluated for: 033 POD - DEGREE OF CURVING (A in study 1995 Genebank Department - RICP Prague Vegetable Section Olomouc

Selected item(s) below:

04847909L0906383 Pisum fulvumPisum fulvum Sm. unknownHistoricrovný 09L0906383 **
14847809L0906382 Pisum abyssinicumPisum abyssinicum A. Braun unknownHistoricrovný až slabě prohnutý 09L0906382 **
24847909L0906383 Pisum fulvumPisum fulvum Sm. unknownHistoricstraight 09L0906383 **
34847809L0906382 Pisum abyssinicumPisum abyssinicum A. Braun unknownHistoricstraight to stightly curved 09L0906382 **