We apologize, but the distribution of Solanum lycopersicum L. and Capsicum spp. is suspended due to the EU regulation (details); only accessions with CZE (CSK) origin are tested and available.

Avena L. (spring) accessions
Code: medium short 81-100 cm

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Some descriptor observations are linked to specific inventory lots within an accession. Click on the accession link for those listed as "Not Available" to see availability of other lots within an accession. Note that specific genotypes might be inventory lot specific. For clonal material, male and female plants may be represented by different inventory lots within an accession.

02411403C0700134 Tzelle DwarfAvena sativa L. DenmarkNot Available*403C0700134 **
12415303C0700173 'Compact'Avena sativa L. United StatesHistoric403C0700173 **
22417503C0700195 Florida 50Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*403C0700195 **
32417603C0700196 'Elan'Avena sativa L. United StatesHistoric403C0700196 **
42417903C0700199 NoraAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*403C0700199 **
52425403C0700274 'Coolabah'Avena sativa L. AustraliaNot Available*403C0700274 **
62425503C0700275 'Swan'Avena sativa L. AustraliaNot Available*403C0700275 **
72426703C0700287 NP 1Avena sativa L. IndiaNot Available*403C0700287 **
82427303C0700294 'Mesa'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*403C0700294 **
92441003C0700431 'Clintford'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*403C0700431 **
102441503C0700436 'Rapida'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*403C0700436 **
112442603C0700447 IrwinAvena sativa L. AustraliaNot Available*403C0700447 **
122443003C0700451 'Moregrain'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*403C0700451 **
132444603C0700467 'Seminole'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*403C0700467 **
142445403C0700475 'Cody II'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*403C0700475 **
152445803C0700479 'Neal'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*403C0700479 **
162446403C0700485 'Cooba'Avena sativa L. AustraliaNot Available*403C0700485 **
172446503C0700486 'Orient'Avena sativa L. AustraliaNot Available*403C0700486 **
182446703C0700489 'Avon'Avena sativa L. AustraliaNot Available*403C0700489 **
192447203C0700494 'Starlette de Moyencourt'Avena sativa L. FranceNot Available*403C0700494 **
202447403C0700496 'Nappe d'Argent'Avena sativa L. FranceNot Available*403C0700496 **
212447503C0700497 'Blanchette'Avena sativa L. FranceNot Available*403C0700497 **
222455403C0700576 'Mansholts Binder'Avena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*403C0700576 **
232457803C0700600 'Audax'Avena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*403C0700600 **
242458603C0700608 Rogar 8Avena sativa L. ItalyNot Available*403C0700608 **
252461303C0700635 'Carstens Phonix'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*403C0700635 **
262464803C0700670 CurtAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*403C0700670 **
272465603C0700678 Bage Sel Klein 364Avena sativa L. ArgentinaNot Available*403C0700678 **
282465803C0700680 Buenos Aieres 107Avena sativa L. ArgentinaNot Available*403C0700680 **
292467303C0700695 'CIV 1374'Avena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*403C0700695 **
302467503C0700697 'Ogle'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*403C0700697 **
312467603C0700698 'Gelinotte'Avena sativa L. FranceNot Available*403C0700698 **
322467703C0700699 'Starblonde'Avena sativa L. FranceNot Available*403C0700699 **
332469003C0700712 'Moore'Avena sativa L. United StatesHistoric403C0700712 **
342469103C0700713 'Pajbjerg Rex'Avena sativa L. DenmarkNot Available*403C0700713 **
352469703C0700719 'Benson'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*403C0700719 **
362469903C0700721 'Bates'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*403C0700721 **
372470603C0700728 TrefinAvena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*403C0700728 **
382471103C0700733 'Bento'Avena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*403C0700733 **
392474703C0700769 'Pendek'Avena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*403C0700769 **
402474903C0700771 Avoine 125Avena sativa L. FranceNot Available*403C0700771 **
412475503C0700777 Rouge d'AfriqueAvena sativa L. FranceNot Available*403C0700777 **
422475603C0800039 'Avoine d'Hiver du Prieure'Avena sativa L. FranceNot Available*403C0800039 **
432476203C0700784 'Astor'Avena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*403C0700784 **
442482403C0700846 FlamingsregentAvena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*403C0700846 **
452483803C0700860 MenaiAvena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*403C0700860 **
462483903C0700861 'Navarro'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*403C0700861 **
472487703C0800041 'S. 172'Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*403C0800041 **
482489103C0700913 'Newton'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*403C0700913 **
492490703C0700929 'Dale'Avena sativa L. AustraliaNot Available*403C0700929 **
502490803C0700930 MulgaAvena sativa L. AustraliaNot Available*403C0700930 **
512491803C0700940 BO 1/10Avena sativa L. IrelandNot Available*403C0700940 **
522491903C0700941 BO 1/11Avena sativa L. IrelandNot Available*403C0700941 **
532492803C0700950 NehawkaAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*403C0700950 **
542494103C0700963 CI 7921Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*403C0700963 **
552498103C0701003 'Erbgraf'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*403C0701003 **
562500203C0701024 SteriselAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*403C0701024 **
572500803C0701030 'Vicland'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*403C0701030 **
582501503C0701037 BentlandAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*403C0701037 **
592501903C0701041 'Colfax'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*403C0701041 **
602502203C0701044 E 72Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*403C0701044 **
612503103C0701053 'Jewell'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*403C0701053 **
622503203C0701054 'Kanota'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*403C0701054 **
632503303C0701055 'Mahaska'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*403C0701055 **
642503403C0701056 MinhaferAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*403C0701056 **
652503503C0701057 MindoAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*403C0701057 **
662503703C0701059 'Taiko'Avena sativa L. New ZealandNot Available*403C0701059 **
672504703C0701069 JacksonAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*403C0701069 **
682505303C0701075 'Zephyr'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*403C0701075 **
692507603C0701098 S 451Avena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*403C0701098 **
702507803C0701100 WZ 1933Avena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*403C0701100 **
712508203C0701104 'Bruce'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*403C0701104 **
722508403C0701106 'Dal'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*403C0701106 **
732508503C0701107 'Diana'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*403C0701107 **
742508603C0701108 DoodlandAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*403C0701108 **
752510503C0701127 ZenshinAvena sativa L. JapanNot Available*403C0701127 **
762510903C0701131 'TAM 0-301'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*403C0701131 **
772511003C0701132 'Otee'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*403C0701132 **
782511803C0701140 'Grin Noir'Avena sativa L. FranceNot Available*403C0701140 **
792512303C0701145 AS 54Avena sativa L. *German Democratic RepublicNot Available*403C0701145 **
802512503C0701147 'Korwood'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*403C0701147 **
812512603C0701148 'Mackinaw'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*403C0701148 **
822512703C0701149 'Mariner'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*403C0701149 **
832512803C0701150 'Spear'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*403C0701150 **
842513203C0701154 'Chief'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*403C0701154 **
852513603C0701158 CulbersonAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*403C0701158 **
862515403C0701177 'Tartar King'Avena sativa L. England, United KingdomNot Available*403C0701177 **
872515603C0701179 Early ChampionAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*403C0701179 **
882516403C0701187 Old Island BlackAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*403C0701187 **
892517303C0701196 Japan Sel.Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*403C0701196 **
902518103C0701204 'Lee'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*403C0701204 **
912518603C0701209 PattersonAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*403C0701209 **
922519403C0701217 OtoeAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*403C0701217 **
932519703C0701220 FulwinAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*403C0701220 **
942520303C0701226 'Fulton'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*403C0701226 **
952520803C0701231 RustlerAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*403C0701231 **
962520903C0701232 CentoreAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*403C0701232 **
972521103C0701234 'Cody'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*403C0701234 **
982521203C0701235 'Neosho'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*403C0701235 **
992521303C0701236 'Overland'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*403C0701236 **
1002521503C0701238 'Atlantic'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*403C0701238 **
1012521603C0701239 'Delair'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*403C0701239 **
1022521703C0701240 DupreeAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*403C0701240 **
1032522103C0701244 'Southland'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*403C0701244 **
1042522403C0701247 ArkwinAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*403C0701247 **
1052522503C0701248 MinlandAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*403C0701248 **
1062522803C0701251 AB 110Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*403C0701251 **
1072523103C0701254 'Goldcrest'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*403C0701254 **
1082525303C0701276 'Komez'Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*403C0701276 **
1092526303C0701286 UPBS3024Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*403C0701286 **
1102526603C0701289 UPBS 3067Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*403C0701289 **
1112526703C0701290 AmuiAvena sativa L. New ZealandNot Available*403C0701290 **
1122526803C0701291 MakuruAvena sativa L. New ZealandNot Available*403C0701291 **
1132527103C0701294 OwareAvena sativa L. New ZealandNot Available*403C0701294 **
1142527203C0701295 AlberAvena sativa L. UruguayNot Available*403C0701295 **
1152527303C0701296 'Allen'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*403C0701296 **
1162527503C0701298 CanuckAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*403C0701298 **
1172527703C0800049 'Pennwin'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*403C0800049 **
1182527903C0701302 'Salem'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*403C0701302 **
1192528103C0701304 'Stout'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*403C0701304 **
1202528803C0701311 Oats 17-018Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*403C0701311 **
1212528903C0701312 Oats 16-019Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*403C0701312 **
1222529203C0701315 'Sirene'Avena sativa L. FranceNot Available*403C0701315 **
1232529303C0800050 'Panema'Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*403C0800050 **
1242529403C0701317 'Trafalgar'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*403C0701317 **
1252529703C0701320 'Fagot'Avena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*403C0701320 **
1262530103C0701324 'Kirovskij'Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*403C0701324 **
1272530403C0800051 'Bob'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*403C0800051 **
1282530503C0701328 BorlineAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*403C0701328 **
1292531703C0701340 LarissaAvena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*403C0701340 **
1302531903C0701342 'Hedvig'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*403C0701342 **
1312532403C0701347 Germplasm 77-018Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*403C0701347 **
1322533103C0701354 'Veles'Avena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*403C0701354 **
1332533603C0701359 'Dan'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*403C0701359 **
1342533703C0701360 'Ondine'Avena sativa L. BelgiumNot Available*403C0701360 **
1352534003C0701363 'Dula'Avena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*403C0701363 **
1362534103C0701364 SiluriaAvena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*403C0701364 **
1372534303C0701366 'Esik'Avena sativa L. New ZealandNot Available*403C0701366 **
1382534503C0701368 'Florida 501'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*403C0701368 **
1392535003C0701373 'Porter'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*403C0701373 **
1402535303C0701376 'Borek'Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*403C0701376 **
1412535603C0701379 SiegfriedAvena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*403C0701379 **
1422536003C0701383 NastaAvena sativa L. FinlandNot Available*403C0701383 **
1432536203C0701385 'Gambo'Avena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*403C0701385 **
1442536303C0701386 'Fabian'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*403C0701386 **
1452536603C0701389 'Cabana'Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*403C0701389 **
1462536703C0800052 'Oyster'Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*403C0800052 **
1472536803C0701391 'Markus'Avena sativa L. PolandHistoric403C0701391 **
1482537003C0701393 KoraiAvena sativa L. HungaryHistoric403C0701393 **
1492537203C0701395 Petkus 7770Avena sativa L. GermanyHistoric403C0701395 **
1502537303C0701396 Petkus 7850Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*403C0701396 **
1512537403C0701397 Petkus 7876Avena sativa L. GermanyHistoric403C0701397 **
1522537703C0701400 B 39Avena sativa L. PolandHistoric403C0701400 **
1532539603C0701419 Germ.Plasm.Release Oats 84-013Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*403C0701419 **
1542539703C0701420 'Fidler'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*403C0701420 **
1552540603C0701429 Severnyj 990Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*403C0701429 **
1562541003C0701433 LarsAvena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*403C0701433 **
1572541303C0701436 'Rex'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*403C0701436 **
1582543803C0701461 'Fringante'Avena sativa L. FranceNot Available*403C0701461 **
1592544003C0701463 'Lach'Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*403C0701463 **
1602544303C0701466 'Nathan'Avena sativa L. AustriaNot Available*403C0701466 **
1612544603C0701469 'Pluco'Avena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*403C0701469 **
1622544703C0701470 'Santana'Avena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*403C0701470 **
1632544803C0800053 'Emeline'Avena sativa L. FranceNot Available*403C0800053 **
1642545003C0701473 MutineAvena sativa L. FranceNot Available*403C0701473 **
1652545903C0701482 Makuru 70Avena sativa L. New ZealandNot Available*403C0701482 **
1662546003C0701483 Mapua 65Avena sativa L. New ZealandNot Available*403C0701483 **
1672546103C0701484 'Isetskij'Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*403C0701484 **
1682546203C0701485 CassiaAvena sativa L. AustraliaNot Available*403C0701485 **
1692546303C0701486 SnautAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*403C0701486 **
1702546703C0701490 Gnom MAvena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*403C0701490 **
1712546903C0701492 RigidaAvena sativa L. FranceNot Available*403C0701492 **
1722549103C0701514 'Oxford'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*403C0701514 **
1732550103C0701524 AlgeribleAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*403C0701524 **
1742550403C0701527 BessonAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*403C0701527 **
1752550703C0701530 BrutusAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*403C0701530 **
1762551603C0701539 'Cheire Noire'Avena sativa L. FranceNot Available*403C0701539 **
1772552703C0701551 D 104Avena sativa L. PeruNot Available*403C0701551 **
1782552903C0701553 FlamingssonneAvena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*403C0701553 **
1792553603C0701560 'Charlotte'Avena sativa L. FranceNot Available*403C0701560 **
1802560303C0701628 Argentine 482130Avena sativa L. unknownNot Available*403C0701628 **
1812561503C0701640 FondationAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*403C0701640 **
1822561803C0701643 BEL 6Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*403C0701643 **
1832561903C0701644 LP 8675Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*403C0701644 **
1842562103C0701646 AU 145-110Avena sativa L. unknownNot Available*403C0701646 **
1852562203C0701647 A 77 232Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*403C0701647 **
1862562303C0701648 WW 17 578Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*403C0701648 **
1872562903C0701654 MG 779Avena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*403C0701654 **
1882563003C0701655 MG 0033.3Avena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*403C0701655 **
1892563103C0701656 MG 08007Avena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*403C0701656 **
1902563203C0701657 MGH 3258Avena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*403C0701657 **
1912563603C0701661 SV.84 247Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*403C0701661 **
1922563803C0701663 'Lorenz'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*403C0701663 **
1932564003C0701665 'Skakun'Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*403C0701665 **
1942564103C0701666 Gural/STH 584Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*403C0701666 **
1952564303C0701668 'Karol'Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*403C0701668 **
1962564403C0701669 Santor/STH 785Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*403C0701669 **
1972564503C0701670 PilotAvena sativa L. FranceNot Available*403C0701670 **
1982564603C0701671 LP 8755Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*403C0701671 **
1992564703C0701672 WW 17579Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*403C0701672 **
2002564803C0701673 Pob 1185Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*403C0701673 **
2012564903C0701674 Gramena/AS 3025.86Avena sativa L. *German Democratic RepublicNot Available*403C0701674 **
2022565003C0701675 As 1358Avena sativa L. *German Democratic RepublicNot Available*403C0701675 **
2032565203C0701677 'Lupus'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*403C0701677 **
2042565703C0701682 'Master'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*403C0701682 **
2052566103C0701686 WallarooAvena sativa L. AustraliaNot Available*403C0701686 **
2062566803C0701693 AdamoAvena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*403C0701693 **
2072567503C0701700 'Manoire'Avena sativa L. FranceNot Available*403C0701700 **
2082567703C0701702 EberhardAvena sativa L. AustriaNot Available*403C0701702 **
2092567903C0701704 BradyAvena sativa L. IrelandNot Available*403C0701704 **
2102568203C0701707 NeroAvena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*403C0701707 **
2112568303C0701708 'West'Avena byzantina K. Koch AustraliaNot Available*403C0701708 **
2122569303C0701718 PewiAvena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*403C0701718 **
2132569803C0800060 'Aintree'Avena sativa L. FranceNot Available*403C0800060 **
2142571503C0701740 'AC Percy'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*403C0701740 **
2152572803C0701753 '10026 Cn'Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*403C0701753 **
2162573803C0701763 'AC Steward'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*403C0701763 **
2172574703C0701772 'Jawor'Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*403C0701772 **
2182577003C0701797 'Winjardie'Avena sativa L. AustraliaNot Available*403C0701797 **
2192577203C0800061 'Yeats'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*403C0800061 **
2202577403C0701801 'Amby'Avena sativa L. AustraliaNot Available*403C0701801 **
2212577803C0701805 'Carrolup'Avena sativa L. AustraliaNot Available*403C0701805 **
2222578103C0701808 'Neon'Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*403C0701808 **
2232579703C0701825 'Hirondel'Avena sativa L. FranceNot Available*403C0701825 **
2242580303C0701831 'Tropicale'Avena sativa L. FranceNot Available*403C0701831 **
2252582103C0701850 'Petra'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*403C0701850 **
2262582403C0701853 'INO 9201'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*403C0701853 **
2272582503C0701854 'INO 9212'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*403C0701854 **
2282582603C0701855 'Brawn'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*403C0701855 **
2292583003C0701859 'Amagalon I'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*403C0701859 **
2302583903C0701869 'Euro'Avena sativa L. AustriaNot Available*403C0701869 **
2312584303C0701873 'Entre Rios'Avena sativa L. BrazilNot Available*403C0701873 **
2322584403C0701874 'Coronado'Avena sativa L. BrazilNot Available*403C0701874 **
2332585303C0701884 'Ebene'Avena sativa L. FranceNot Available*403C0701884 **
2342585503C0701886 'Avesta'Avena sativa L. AustriaNot Available*403C0701886 **
2352586203C0701894 'Ulov'Avena sativa L. Russian FederationNot Available*403C0701894 **
2362587403C0701906 'Dachs'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*403C0701906 **
2372587703C0701909 'Wenol'Avena sativa L. unknownNot Available*403C0701909 **
2382588703C0701919 'Akt'Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*403C0701919 **
2392589603C0701928 'Bullion'Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*403C0701928 **
2402589903C0701931 'Pal'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*403C0701931 **
2412590003C0701932 'Starter'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*403C0701932 **
2422590303C0701935 'Flamingsplus'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*403C0701935 **
2432591603C0701948 'AC Mustang'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*403C0701948 **
2442591703C0701949 'Florida 502'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*403C0701949 **
2452592303C0701955 'Webster'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*403C0701955 **
2462592903C0701961 'Chantilly'Avena sativa L. FranceNot Available*403C0701961 **
2472593103C0701963 'Flipper'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*403C0701963 **
2482593603C0701968 'White'Avena sativa L. FranceNot Available*403C0701968 **
2492593903C0701971 'Chaps'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*403C0701971 **
2502594003C0701972 'Rodeo'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*403C0701972 **
2512595003C0701982 'Dalimil'Avena sativa L. Czech RepublicNot Available*403C0701982 **
2522595603C0701988 'Shetland'Avena sativa L. unknownNot Available*403C0701988 **
2532595903C0701991 'Winston'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*403C0701991 **
2542596003C0701992 'Azur'Avena sativa L. Czech RepublicNot Available*403C0701992 **
2552596203C0701994 'Charmoise'Avena sativa L. FranceNot Available*403C0701994 **
2562596303C0701995 'Canelle'Avena sativa L. FranceNot Available*403C0701995 **
2572596603C0701998 'Salo'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*403C0701998 **
2582596803C0702000 'Dagny'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*403C0702000 **
2592597203C0702004 'Grane'Avena sativa L. unknownNot Available*403C0702004 **
2602597303C0702005 'Diplomat'Avena sativa L. unknownNot Available*403C0702005 **
2612598203C0702014 'Atego'Avena sativa L. Czech RepublicNot Available*403C0702014 **
2622598603C0702018 'Flaemingsglanz'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*403C0702018 **
2632600203C0702034 'Paddock'Avena sativa L. FranceNot Available*403C0702034 **
2642600703C0702039 'Dominik'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*403C0702039 **
2652600903C0702041 'Efesos'Avena sativa L. AustriaNot Available*403C0702041 **
2662601603C0702048 'Flaemingstrend'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*403C0702048 **
2672602503C0702057 Pusa Hybrid GAvena sativa L. IndiaNot Available*403C0702057 **
2682604403C0702076 8937Avena sativa L. EthiopiaNot Available*403C0702076 **
2692604503C0702077 9489Avena sativa L. EthiopiaNot Available*403C0702077 **
2702605403C0702086 'Cina 2'Avena sativa L. ChinaNot Available*403C0702086 **
2712605503C0702087 'Cina 3'Avena sativa L. ChinaNot Available*403C0702087 **
2722605603C0702088 'Cina 4'Avena sativa L. ChinaNot Available*403C0702088 **
2732606003C0702092 'Kindross'Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*403C0702092 **
2742610003C0702132 'Breton'Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*403C0702132 **
2752610203C0702134 'Deresz'Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*403C0702134 **
2762612703C0702159 'Max'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*403C0702159 **
2772612803C0702160 'Zuton'Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*403C0702160 **
2782612903C0702161 'Lennon'Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*403C0702161 **
2796499203C0702182 'Donata'Avena sativa L. ItalyNot Available*403C0702182 **
2806584803C0702199 'Hill'Avena byzantina K. Koch Western Australia, AustraliaNot Available*403C0702199 **
2816585203C0702202 'Lort'Avena byzantina K. Koch Western Australia, AustraliaNot Available*403C0702202 **
2826585403C0702203 'Don'Avena sativa L. Illinois, United StatesNot Available*403C0702203 **
2836586403C0702209 'Hakea'Avena sativa L. New South Wales, AustraliaNot Available*403C0702209 **
2846586803C0702210 'Pallinup'Avena sativa L. Western Australia, AustraliaNot Available*403C0702210 **
2856901103C0702232 'Simpson'Avena sativa L. South Carolina, United StatesNot Available*403C0702232 **
2866901803C0702238 'Glider'Avena sativa L. South Australia, AustraliaNot Available*403C0702238 **
2877345503C0702241 'Glamis'Avena sativa L. Wales, United KingdomNot Available403C0702241 **
2887345603C0702242 'Vít'Avena sativa L. SlovakiaNot Available403C0702242 **
2897345703C0702243 'Vaclav'Avena sativa L. SlovakiaNot Available403C0702243 **
2907431303C0702247 'Tim'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available403C0702247 **
2917431403C0702248 'Bison'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available403C0702248 **
2927432103C0702253 'Karma'Avena sativa L. MexicoNot Available403C0702253 **
*. This accession is available for ordering from another inventory lot. Click on the accession link to see availability of other inventory lots.

Distribution Policy

According to the Decree no.458/2003 to the Act no.148/2003 on plant genetic resources in the Czech Republic users are allowed to order a maximum of 30 generatively and 10 vegetatively propagated samples per year (our business year is from November until October).

Shipments are processed in the order of acceptance. The average handling time is 10 working days.

Plant germplasm is distributed to scientists, educators, producers and other bona fide research and education entities. Distribution of germplasm from National Plant Germplasm collections (NPG) to fulfil requests from individuals seeking free germplasm strictly for home use is generally considered as inappropriate use of limited resources and conflicts with Government policy of not competing with commercial enterprises. Requestors can be asked, in an appropriate manner, to justify the use of specific NPG instead of suitable commercially available germplasm

Accessions listed in the Germplasm Resources Information Network (GRIN Czech) database as “not available” due to insufficient or low viability seed and/or scheduled for regeneration will generally not be available for distribution

To safeguard its international public goods character, and by a legal obligation with FAO and the Governing Body of the International Treaty of Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (ITPGRFA), germplasm for use in food and agriculture is transferred using the Standard Materials Transfer Agreement (SMTA) of the ITPGRFA.

CRI makes no warranties, express or implied, regarding the quality, viability or purity (genetic or mechanical), safety of and/or use of CRI-held germplasm including any warranty of merchantability, or fitness for a particular purpose, including without limitation, production, breeding, crossing, testing, commercialization, or non-infringement of third-party intellectual property.