We apologize, but the distribution of Solanum lycopersicum L. and Capsicum spp. is suspended due to the EU regulation (details); only accessions with CZE (CSK) origin are tested and available.

Avena L. (spring) accessions
Code: medium 101-110 cm

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Some descriptor observations are linked to specific inventory lots within an accession. Click on the accession link for those listed as "Not Available" to see availability of other lots within an accession. Note that specific genotypes might be inventory lot specific. For clonal material, male and female plants may be represented by different inventory lots within an accession.

02402303C0700043 'Nahy'Avena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*503C0700043 **
12404303C0700063 'Fix'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*503C0700063 **
22407903C0700099 'Fleur du Nord'Avena sativa L. FranceNot Available*503C0700099 **
32409803C0700118 AribionatoAvena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*503C0700118 **
42409903C0700119 AjgorudoAvena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*503C0700119 **
52410003C0700120 Mutica 832Avena sativa L. MongoliaNot Available*503C0700120 **
62410103C0700121 Cebeco 7181Avena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*503C0700121 **
72410203C0700122 Cebeco 6817Avena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*503C0700122 **
82410303C0700123 Cebeco 6731Avena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*503C0700123 **
92410403C0700124 'Laura'Avena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*503C0700124 **
102410603C0700126 'Gora'Avena sativa L. BelgiumNot Available*503C0700126 **
112411103C0700131 Weibulls 16535Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*503C0700131 **
122411203C0700132 Svalofs 68322Avena sativa L. SwedenHistoric503C0700132 **
132411303C0700133 'Sang'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*503C0700133 **
142411503C0700135 'Maris Osprey'Avena sativa L. United KingdomHistoric503C0700135 **
152412003C0700140 'Random'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*503C0700140 **
162412103C0700141 'Husar'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*503C0700141 **
172412203C0700142 'Endspurt'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*503C0700142 **
182412603C0700146 'Flamingsspitze'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*503C0700146 **
192412703C0700147 'Flamingssilber'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*503C0700147 **
202412803C0700148 E 70Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0700148 **
212412903C0700149 M 70Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0700149 **
222413003C0700150 'Sumter 3'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0700150 **
232413303C0700153 'Ponta'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*503C0700153 **
242413903C0700159 KarinAvena sativa L. BelgiumNot Available*503C0700159 **
252414003C0700160 'Mana'Avena sativa L. BelgiumNot Available*503C0700160 **
262414103C0700161 'Flamo'Avena sativa L. FranceNot Available*503C0700161 **
272414203C0700162 'Weikus'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*503C0700162 **
282414303C0700163 'Thor'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*503C0700163 **
292414403C0700164 'James'Avena sativa L. United StatesHistoric503C0700164 **
302415203C0800032 'Walken'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0800032 **
312415503C0700175 'Julius'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*503C0700175 **
322416003C0700180 'Portal'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0700180 **
332416603C0700186 Endress ST 11955Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*503C0700186 **
342416903C0700189 'Cortez'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0700189 **
352417203C0700192 'Montezuma'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0700192 **
362418003C0800033 'Pennlan'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0800033 **
372420103C0700221 'Byzantina 602'Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionHistoric503C0700221 **
382424403C0700264 Mestnyj AureaAvena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*503C0700264 **
392424503C0700265 Mestnyj MuticaAvena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*503C0700265 **
402425603C0700276 'Selma'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*503C0700276 **
412425903C0700279 'Nina'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*503C0700279 **
422426003C0800035 'Maris Quest'Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*503C0800035 **
432426103C0700281 'Greta'Avena sativa L. BelgiumHistoric503C0700281 **
442426303C0700283 T 96Avena sativa L. ItalyNot Available*503C0700283 **
452426803C0700288 NP 2Avena sativa L. IndiaNot Available*503C0700288 **
462427003C0700291 'Tyler'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0700291 **
472427203C0700293 'Sioux'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*503C0700293 **
482429203C0700313 'Antoninsky Pozny'Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*503C0700313 **
492430703C0700328 SwierkAvena sativa L. PolandNot Available*503C0700328 **
502431403C0700335 'Red Rustproof'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0700335 **
512432103C0700342 Games HullesAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0700342 **
522432203C0700343 I 11Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0700343 **
532432403C0700345 'Blound'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0700345 **
542438503C0700406 ManicAvena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*503C0700406 **
552441103C0700432 'Coachman'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0700432 **
562441203C0700433 'Florida 500'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0700433 **
572441403C0700435 'Orbit'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0700435 **
582441703C0700438 'Santee'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0700438 **
592441803C0700439 'Stormont'Avena sativa L. United StatesHistoric503C0700439 **
602441903C0700440 'Tippecanoe'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0700440 **
612442003C0700441 'Arabelle'Avena sativa L. FranceNot Available*503C0700441 **
622442103C0700442 'Borrinova'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*503C0700442 **
632442203C0700443 AgrippaAvena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*503C0700443 **
642442303C0700444 'Acacia'Avena byzantina K. Koch AustraliaNot Available*503C0700444 **
652442703C0700448 'Bondvic'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0700448 **
662442903C0700450 'Garland'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0700450 **
672443103C0700452 'Sierra'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0700452 **
682443303C0700454 'Ventura'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0700454 **
692443703C0700458 'Radar 2'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0700458 **
702443903C0700460 'Putnam 61'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0700460 **
712444003C0700461 'Suregrain'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0700461 **
722444803C0700469 'Tonka'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0700469 **
732444903C0700470 E 68Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0700470 **
742445003C0700471 'M 68'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0700471 **
752445203C0700473 'Bronco'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0700473 **
762445503C0700476 'New Nortex'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0700476 **
772445703C0700478 'Eaton'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0700478 **
782445903C0700480 'Kent'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0700480 **
792446003C0700481 'Clarion'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0700481 **
802447003C0700492 'Stormont Sceptre'Avena sativa L. IrelandNot Available*503C0700492 **
812447103C0700493 'Stormont Iris'Avena sativa L. IrelandNot Available*503C0700493 **
822447303C0700495 'Caravelle'Avena sativa L. FranceNot Available*503C0700495 **
832448603C0700508 'Universal'Avena sativa L. *German Democratic RepublicNot Available*503C0700508 **
842448803C0700510 'Carstens IV'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*503C0700510 **
852450303C0700525 'Kamouraska'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*503C0700525 **
862454703C0700569 Endress HadiloAvena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*503C0700569 **
872454903C0700571 'Dumont'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*503C0700571 **
882455803C0700580 Carstens XVAvena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*503C0700580 **
892457203C0700594 'Donald'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*503C0700594 **
902457303C0700595 CascadeAvena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*503C0700595 **
912457403C0700596 AthabascaAvena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*503C0700596 **
922461003C0700632 'Borreck'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*503C0700632 **
932461203C0700634 'Carstens VII'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*503C0700634 **
942463203C0700654 Da GracaAvena byzantina K. Koch PortugalNot Available*503C0700654 **
952463303C0700655 Santa LuziaAvena sativa L. PortugalNot Available*503C0700655 **
962464603C0700668 'Andrew'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0700668 **
972464703C0700669 'Clintland'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0700669 **
982464903C0700671 MintonAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0700671 **
992465903C0700681 La Prevision 13Avena sativa L. ArgentinaNot Available*503C0700681 **
1002466303C0700685 AlbaAvena sativa L. ItalyNot Available*503C0700685 **
1012466603C0700688 Amarilla la PrevisionAvena sativa L. ArgentinaNot Available503C0700688 **
1022466803C0700690 Blanca Klein MarAvena sativa L. ArgentinaNot Available*503C0700690 **
1032467403C0700696 Blanche FlamandeAvena sativa L. FranceNot Available*503C0700696 **
1042467803C0700700 Blanche de WattinesAvena sativa L. FranceNot Available*503C0700700 **
1052468803C0700710 'Centennial'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0700710 **
1062469503C0700717 'Flamingsperle'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*503C0700717 **
1072470103C0700723 'Barra'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*503C0700723 **
1082470203C0700724 'Vital'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*503C0700724 **
1092470303C0700725 ArneAvena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*503C0700725 **
1102473703C0700759 'Avoine de Versailles'Avena sativa L. FranceNot Available*503C0700759 **
1112473903C0700761 'Noire de Moyencourt'Avena sativa L. FranceNot Available*503C0700761 **
1122474603C0700768 'Blenda'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*503C0700768 **
1132476303C0700785 'Condor'Avena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*503C0700785 **
1142476503C0700787 'Flamingskrone'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*503C0700787 **
1152477203C0700794 JO 0808Avena sativa L. FinlandNot Available*503C0700794 **
1162477503C0700797 'Opus'Avena sativa L. DenmarkNot Available*503C0700797 **
1172477603C0700798 'Furie'Avena sativa L. FranceNot Available*503C0700798 **
1182477803C0700800 'Reine Vilmorin'Avena sativa L. FranceNot Available*503C0700800 **
1192479603C0700818 JO 0809Avena sativa L. FinlandNot Available*503C0700818 **
1202481303C0700835 'Algerian Black'Avena sativa L. AlgeriaNot Available*503C0700835 **
1212481503C0700837 'Rhiannon'Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*503C0700837 **
1222481803C0700840 'Laurel'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*503C0700840 **
1232482803C0700850 'Clinton'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0700850 **
1242483203C0700854 'Stormking'Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*503C0700854 **
1252484503C0700867 'Cherokee'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0700867 **
1262484603C0700868 Anglicky ranyAvena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*503C0700868 **
1272485703C0700879 'Shield'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*503C0700879 **
1282485803C0700880 'Rodney'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*503C0700880 **
1292488803C0700910 AstraAvena sativa L. ItalyHistoric503C0700910 **
1302490603C0700928 'Ballidu'Avena sativa L. AustraliaNot Available*503C0700928 **
1312491003C0700932 Pajbjerg RegalAvena sativa L. DenmarkNot Available*503C0700932 **
1322491103C0700933 Stamm 10392/50Avena sativa L. *German Democratic RepublicNot Available*503C0700933 **
1332491203C0800044 'Blanche Neige'Avena sativa L. FranceNot Available*503C0800044 **
1342491503C0700937 Tugan A-307Avena sativa L. IranNot Available*503C0700937 **
1352493303C0700955 Minnesota Oat Sel. 643114Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0700955 **
1362493403C0700956 AG 313Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0700956 **
1372493603C0700958 MinrusAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0700958 **
1382494203C0700964 CI 8040Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0700964 **
1392494403C0700966 LucyAvena sativa L. Not Available*503C0700966 **
1402494803C0700970 S. JoseAvena sativa L. PortugalNot Available*503C0700970 **
1412496203C0700984 'Pollux'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*503C0700984 **
1422496403C0700986 'Tiger'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*503C0700986 **
1432496503C0700987 'Caesar'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*503C0700987 **
1442496603C0700988 'Arnold'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*503C0700988 **
1452496703C0700989 'Permit'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*503C0700989 **
1462498303C0701005 FlamingsstarkeAvena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*503C0701005 **
1472498503C0701007 Gelber AugustAvena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*503C0701007 **
1482500003C0701022 'Niagara'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0701022 **
1492500103C0701023 RansomAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0701023 **
1502500603C0701028 'Sauk'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0701028 **
1512501003C0701032 M 72Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0701032 **
1522501103C0701033 'Anita'Avena sativa L. BelgiumNot Available*503C0701033 **
1532501203C0701034 'De Soto'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0701034 **
1542501303C0701035 SchwarzhaferAvena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*503C0701035 **
1552501403C0701036 Green MountainAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0701036 **
1562501803C0701040 'Clintafe'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0701040 **
1572502003C0701042 'Ceal'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0701042 **
1582502103C0701043 ClimaxAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0701043 **
1592502603C0701048 Ferguson 922Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0701048 **
1602502703C0701049 GlabrataAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0701049 **
1612502903C0701051 'Grundy'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0701051 **
1622504203C0701064 LordAvena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*503C0701064 **
1632504403C0701066 EtiveAvena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*503C0701066 **
1642504603C0701068 Banner 49Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0701068 **
1652506003C0701082 GoldoAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*503C0701082 **
1662506203C0701084 'Platin'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*503C0701084 **
1672506503C0701087 DolnoslaskiAvena sativa L. PolandNot Available*503C0701087 **
1682506703C0701089 KubanskijAvena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*503C0701089 **
1692507003C0701092 'Tobias'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*503C0701092 **
1702507203C0701094 HannibalAvena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*503C0701094 **
1712507303C0701095 'Nerva'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*503C0701095 **
1722507403C0701096 ParsivalAvena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*503C0701096 **
1732507503C0701097 'Unisignum'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*503C0701097 **
1742507703C0701099 S 459Avena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*503C0701099 **
1752507903C0701101 BiancaAvena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*503C0701101 **
1762508003C0701102 NatalAvena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*503C0701102 **
1772508103C0701103 'Tarra'Avena sativa L. AustriaNot Available*503C0701103 **
1782508303C0701105 'Cayuse'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0701105 **
1792508703C0701109 'Forvic'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0701109 **
1802508803C0701110 'Froker'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0701110 **
1812508903C0701111 'Lodi'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0701111 **
1822509103C0701113 'Trio'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0701113 **
1832509303C0701115 'Wright'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0701115 **
1842509403C0701116 'Scott'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*503C0701116 **
1852509603C0701118 Maris TitanAvena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*503C0701118 **
1862509703C0701119 'Padarn'Avena sativa L. United KingdomHistoric503C0701119 **
1872509803C0701120 'Pennant'Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*503C0701120 **
1882510703C0701129 'Kalott'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*503C0701129 **
1892511403C0701136 'Ansi'Avena sativa L. DenmarkNot Available*503C0701136 **
1902511503C0701137 'Elgin'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*503C0701137 **
1912511703C0701139 'Rhea'Avena sativa L. FranceHistoric503C0701139 **
1922511903C0701141 'Erich'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*503C0701141 **
1932512103C0701143 'Sinelnikovskij 21'Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*503C0701143 **
1942512203C0701144 AS 53Avena sativa L. *German Democratic RepublicNot Available*503C0701144 **
1952512903C0701151 'Flamingsnova'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*503C0701151 **
1962513503C0701157 'Moritz'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*503C0701157 **
1972513803C0701160 MadridAvena sativa L. SpainNot Available*503C0701160 **
1982514003C0701162 'Victor'Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*503C0701162 **
1992515703C0701180 Early MountainAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0701180 **
2002516303C0701186 'Tobolsk'Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*503C0701186 **
2012517203C0701195 Awnless ProbsteierAvena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*503C0701195 **
2022517403C0701197 Irish VictorAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0701197 **
2032517703C0701200 StandwellAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0701200 **
2042517803C0701201 ColburtAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0701201 **
2052518303C0701206 'Ithacan'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0701206 **
2062518903C0701212 'Iogold'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0701212 **
2072519103C0701214 'Carleton'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0701214 **
2082519803C0701221 TennexAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0701221 **
2092520203C0701225 CedarAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0701225 **
2102524103C0701264 VIR K 2472 LocalAvena sativa L. MongoliaNot Available*503C0701264 **
2112524603C0701269 'Margam'Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*503C0701269 **
2122524703C0701270 'Maris Oberon'Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*503C0701270 **
2132524803C0701271 'Maris Tabard'Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*503C0701271 **
2142524903C0701272 MGH 6374Avena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*503C0701272 **
2152525003C0701273 MGH 13567Avena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*503C0701273 **
2162525103C0701274 MGH 63802Avena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*503C0701274 **
2172525603C0701279 'Etzel'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*503C0701279 **
2182525803C0701281 S 464Avena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*503C0701281 **
2192526003C0701283 7513Avena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*503C0701283 **
2202526103C0701284 7591Avena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*503C0701284 **
2212526203C0701285 UPBS 3016Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*503C0701285 **
2222526403C0701287 UPBS 3025Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*503C0701287 **
2232526503C0701288 UPBS 3026Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*503C0701288 **
2242528003C0701303 StrainAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0701303 **
2252528203C0701305 SunlandAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0701305 **
2262528503C0701308 Oats 17-015Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*503C0701308 **
2272528603C0701309 Oats 17-016Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*503C0701309 **
2282529103C0701314 OmbroneAvena byzantina K. Koch ItalyNot Available*503C0701314 **
2292529603C0701319 'Dato'Avena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*503C0701319 **
2302529803C0701321 TurboAvena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*503C0701321 **
2312529903C0701322 'Perona'Avena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*503C0701322 **
2322530903C0701332 Onochojskij 547Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*503C0701332 **
2332531103C0701334 'Taeznik'Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*503C0701334 **
2342531303C0701336 'Sual'Avena sativa L. AustraliaNot Available*503C0701336 **
2352531403C0701337 Shokan 1Avena sativa L. JapanNot Available*503C0701337 **
2362531503C0701338 HyugakairyokuroAvena sativa L. JapanNot Available*503C0701338 **
2372531603C0701339 CollaAvena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*503C0701339 **
2382531803C0701341 'Sofi'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*503C0701341 **
2392532003C0701343 SaxoAvena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*503C0701343 **
2402532103C0701344 'Blyth'Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*503C0701344 **
2412532203C0701345 'Valko'Avena sativa L. FinlandNot Available*503C0701345 **
2422532503C0701348 Germplasm 79-008Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*503C0701348 **
2432532603C0701349 Germplasm 80-005Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*503C0701349 **
2442532703C0701350 Germplasm 80-007Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*503C0701350 **
2452533203C0701355 'Pan'Avena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*503C0701355 **
2462533303C0701356 'Erntegold'Avena sativa L. AustriaNot Available*503C0701356 **
2472533403C0701357 'Cerkasskij 1'Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*503C0701357 **
2482535103C0701374 'Pirol'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*503C0701374 **
2492535203C0701375 'Tell'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*503C0701375 **
2502535703C0701380 'Samantra'Avena sativa L. *German Democratic RepublicNot Available*503C0701380 **
2512535803C0701381 'Rumak'Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*503C0701381 **
2522536103C0701384 KorsarAvena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*503C0701384 **
2532536403C0701387 BorrisAvena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*503C0701387 **
2542536503C0701388 FlamingsvitaAvena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*503C0701388 **
2552536903C0701392 Obrazcov CiflikAvena sativa L. BulgariaHistoric503C0701392 **
2562537503C0701398 Petkus 8045Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*503C0701398 **
2572537603C0701399 Petkus 8162Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*503C0701399 **
2582537803C0701401 'Boruta'Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*503C0701401 **
2592537903C0701402 'Tarok'Avena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*503C0701402 **
2602538003C0701403 'Orlik'Avena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*503C0701403 **
2612538303C0701406 Germ.Plasm.Release Oats 82-005Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*503C0701406 **
2622538803C0701411 Germ.Plasm.Release Oats 83-009Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*503C0701411 **
2632539403C0701417 Germ.Plasm.Release Oats 84-011Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*503C0701417 **
2642539503C0701418 Germ.Plasm.Release Oats 84-012Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*503C0701418 **
2652540103C0701424 IzumrudAvena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*503C0701424 **
2662540703C0701430 Sinelnikovskij 29Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*503C0701430 **
2672540903C0701432 'Landgraf'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*503C0701432 **
2682541403C0701437 'Stil'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*503C0701437 **
2692541503C0701438 SaladinAvena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*503C0701438 **
2702541603C0701439 MiloAvena sativa L. BulgariaHistoric503C0701439 **
2712543903C0701462 BorkaAvena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*503C0701462 **
2722544103C0701464 'Rollo'Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*503C0701464 **
2732544203C0701465 ColumbusAvena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*503C0701465 **
2742544503C0701468 'Rise'Avena sativa L. DenmarkNot Available*503C0701468 **
2752547003C0701493 BrevaAvena sativa L. BelgiumNot Available*503C0701493 **
2762548403C0701507 BesenhaferAvena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*503C0701507 **
2772549803C0701521 MustangAvena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*503C0701521 **
2782550803C0701531 CarelAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*503C0701531 **
2792550903C0701532 Cebeco 8012Avena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*503C0701532 **
2802551003C0701533 CluauhtemocAvena sativa L. MexicoNot Available*503C0701533 **
2812551303C0701536 GA 74 GaboAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*503C0701536 **
2822552103C0701545 'Matyn'Avena sativa L. FranceNot Available*503C0701545 **
2832553003C0701554 'Bug'Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*503C0701554 **
2842553203C0701556 'Platek'Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*503C0701556 **
2852554803C0701572 Bahia BlancaAvena sativa L. ArgentinaNot Available*503C0701572 **
2862555403C0701578 PI 185657Avena sativa L. ArgentinaNot Available*503C0701578 **
2872556003C0701584 PI 193033Avena sativa L. AustraliaNot Available*503C0701584 **
2882558803C0701612 'Barmah'Avena sativa L. AustraliaNot Available*503C0701612 **
2892559503C0701619 'Nemcinovskij 2'Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*503C0701619 **
2902559603C0701620 EmrysAvena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*503C0701620 **
2912560003C0701625 'David'Avena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*503C0701625 **
2922562403C0701649 SV.74 463Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*503C0701649 **
2932562503C0701650 SV.75 547Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*503C0701650 **
2942562603C0701651 SV.77 576Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*503C0701651 **
2952562703C0701652 K 76 228Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*503C0701652 **
2962562803C0701653 K 76 279Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*503C0701653 **
2972563703C0701662 Schweddscher WeiserAvena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*503C0701662 **
2982563903C0701664 'Zlatak'Avena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*503C0701664 **
2992564203C0701667 VilmaAvena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*503C0701667 **
3002565103C0701676 AS 1307Avena sativa L. *German Democratic RepublicNot Available*503C0701676 **
3012566403C0701689 'Marloo'Avena sativa L. AustraliaNot Available*503C0701689 **
3022566903C0701694 ConsulAvena sativa L. AustriaNot Available*503C0701694 **
3032567003C0701695 'Senator'Avena sativa L. AustriaNot Available*503C0701695 **
3042567403C0701699 'Petale'Avena sativa L. FranceNot Available*503C0701699 **
3052569103C0701716 'Abel'Avena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*503C0701716 **
3062569403C0701719 LowiAvena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*503C0701719 **
3072570703C0701732 'Auron'Avena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*503C0701732 **
3082570903C0701734 LeilaAvena sativa L. NorwayNot Available*503C0701734 **
3092571303C0701738 OT 258Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*503C0701738 **
3102571403C0701739 'AC Hill'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*503C0701739 **
3112572903C0701754 'Freja 1543'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*503C0701754 **
3122573703C0701762 'Newman'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*503C0701762 **
3132573903C0701764 'AC Lotta'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*503C0701764 **
3142574303C0701768 'Dukat'Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*503C0701768 **
3152575103C0701777 AR 02848/AAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0701777 **
3162575403C0701781 'BAY'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0701781 **
3172575703C0701784 'Horicon'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0701784 **
3182575803C0701785 'Gootland'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0701785 **
3192576003C0701787 'Lovcen'Avena sativa L. YugoslaviaNot Available*503C0701787 **
3202577103C0701798 'Rodgers'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0701798 **
3212577903C0701806 'Bettong'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0701806 **
3222578203C0701809 'Bruno'Avena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*503C0701809 **
3232580003C0701828 'Jumbo'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*503C0701828 **
3242580803C0701837 'Monarch'Avena sativa L. AustriaNot Available*503C0701837 **
3252581003C0701839 'Sallust'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*503C0701839 **
3262581203C0701841 Bc Z-344Avena sativa L. YugoslaviaNot Available*503C0701841 **
3272581403C0701843 Bc Z-8004Avena sativa L. YugoslaviaNot Available*503C0701843 **
3282581803C0701847 'Doris'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*503C0701847 **
3292582703C0701856 'Jerry'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0701856 **
3302583103C0701860 'Dame'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0701860 **
3312583203C0701861 'Milton'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0701861 **
3322583503C0701864 'OA 503-1'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available503C0701864 **
3332583603C0701865 'OA 504-6'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*503C0701865 **
3342584203C0701872 'Poncho'Avena sativa L. FranceNot Available*503C0701872 **
3352584603C0701876 'Sao Carlos'Avena sativa L. BrazilNot Available*503C0701876 **
3362584703C0701877 'Edit'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*503C0701877 **
3372584803C0701878 'Rise Sejet'Avena sativa L. DenmarkNot Available*503C0701878 **
3382585103C0701882 'Nordstern'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*503C0701882 **
3392585803C0701890 'Mara'Avena sativa L. LithuaniaNot Available*503C0701890 **
3402586103C0701893 'Miku'Avena sativa L. EstoniaNot Available*503C0701893 **
3412586703C0701899 'NO 61-B'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*503C0701899 **
3422586803C0701900 'Revisor'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*503C0701900 **
3432587503C0701907 'Medusa'Avena sativa L. unknownNot Available*503C0701907 **
3442587603C0701908 'Valaroo'Avena sativa L. unknownNot Available*503C0701908 **
3452587803C0701910 'Caracas'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*503C0701910 **
3462587903C0701911 'Flamingslord'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*503C0701911 **
3472588203C0701914 'Auteuil'Avena sativa L. FranceNot Available*503C0701914 **
3482588403C0701916 'Neklan'Avena sativa L. Czech RepublicNot Available*503C0701916 **
3492588503C0701917 'Radius'Avena sativa L. Czech RepublicNot Available*503C0701917 **
3502588603C0701918 'Black'Avena sativa L. FranceNot Available*503C0701918 **
3512588903C0701921 'Poretto'Avena sativa L. FranceNot Available*503C0701921 **
3522589003C0701922 'Baranja'Avena sativa L. YugoslaviaNot Available*503C0701922 **
3532589303C0701925 'Sampionka'Avena sativa L. YugoslaviaNot Available*503C0701925 **
3542589403C0701926 'Amigo'Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*503C0701926 **
3552589503C0701927 'Banquo'Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*503C0701927 **
3562589703C0701929 'Jim'Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*503C0701929 **
3572589803C0701930 'Premier'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0701930 **
3582590103C0701933 'Classic'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0701933 **
3592591103C0701943 'Chairman'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0701943 **
3602591503C0701947 'Izak'Avena sativa L. Czech RepublicNot Available*503C0701947 **
3612591903C0800062 'GA-Mitchell'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0800062 **
3622592103C0701953 'Valley'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0701953 **
3632592803C0701960 'Zvolen'Avena sativa L. SlovakiaNot Available*503C0701960 **
3642593203C0701964 'Gem'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0701964 **
3652593303C0701965 'Belle'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0701965 **
3662593703C0701969 'Riser'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0701969 **
3672593803C0701970 'Blaze'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0701970 **
3682594103C0701973 'Edmund'Avena sativa L. AustriaNot Available*503C0701973 **
3692594203C0701974 'Expo'Avena sativa L. AustriaNot Available*503C0701974 **
3702594303C0701975 'Adler'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*503C0701975 **
3712594403C0701976 'Aragon'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*503C0701976 **
3722594503C0701977 'Coach'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*503C0701977 **
3732594703C0701979 'Kanton'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*503C0701979 **
3742594803C0701980 'Bogadier'Avena sativa L. unknownNot Available*503C0701980 **
3752594903C0701981 'Cyril'Avena sativa L. Czech RepublicNot Available*503C0701981 **
3762595403C0701986 'Mojacar'Avena sativa L. Czech RepublicNot Available*503C0701986 **
3772595803C0701990 'Wilma'Avena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*503C0701990 **
3782596103C0701993 'Jakub'Avena sativa L. Czech RepublicNot Available*503C0701993 **
3792596503C0701997 'Belinda'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*503C0701997 **
3802596703C0701999 'Leo'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*503C0701999 **
3812597603C0702008 'Perrine'Avena sativa L. unknownNot Available*503C0702008 **
3822597803C0702010 'Detvan'Avena sativa L. SlovakiaNot Available*503C0702010 **
3832597903C0702011 'Lucen'Avena sativa L. unknownNot Available*503C0702011 **
3842598303C0702015 'Vok'Avena sativa L. Czech RepublicNot Available*503C0702015 **
3852598803C0702020 'Flaemingsprofi'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*503C0702020 **
3862598903C0702021 'Cilla'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*503C0702021 **
3872599103C0702023 'Gunhild'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*503C0702023 **
3882599203C0702024 'Stork'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*503C0702024 **
3892599403C0702026 'GK Iringo'Avena sativa L. HungaryNot Available*503C0702026 **
3902600403C0702036 MU 863547Avena sativa L. unknownNot Available*503C0702036 **
3912600603C0702038 'Saul'Avena sativa L. Czech RepublicNot Available*503C0702038 **
3922600803C0702040 'Edelprinz'Avena sativa L. AustriaNot Available*503C0702040 **
3932601003C0702042 'Erasmus'Avena sativa L. AustriaNot Available*503C0702042 **
3942601103C0702043 'Escudino'Avena sativa L. AustriaNot Available*503C0702043 **
3952601203C0702044 'Eugen'Avena sativa L. AustriaNot Available*503C0702044 **
3962601303C0702045 'Event'Avena sativa L. AustriaNot Available*503C0702045 **
3972601703C0702049 'Rozmar'Avena sativa L. Czech RepublicNot Available*503C0702049 **
3982604803C0702080 'Pogon'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*503C0702080 **
3992605003C0702082 'Raven'Avena sativa L. Czech RepublicNot Available*503C0702082 **
4002605303C0702085 'Cina 1'Avena sativa L. ChinaNot Available*503C0702085 **
4012605803C0702090 'SW Danguse'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*503C0702090 **
4022605903C0702091 'Expression'Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*503C0702091 **
4032606203C0702094 'Jalna'Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*503C0702094 **
4042606303C0702095 'Valentin'Avena sativa L. SlovakiaNot Available*503C0702095 **
4052608203C0702114 Tabor zlutyAvena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*503C0702114 **
4062610303C0702135 'Furman'Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*503C0702135 **
4072612203C0702154 'Kertag'Avena sativa L. Czech RepublicNot Available*503C0702154 **
4082612303C0702155 'Oliver'Avena sativa L. Czech RepublicNot Available*503C0702155 **
4092612603C0702158 'Korok'Avena sativa L. Czech RepublicNot Available*503C0702158 **
4102613203C0702164 'SW Kerstin'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*503C0702164 **
4112613603C0702168 'Kamil'Avena sativa L. Czech RepublicNot Available*503C0702168 **
4122613703C0702169 'Ticco'Avena sativa L. SloveniaNot Available*503C0702169 **
4132614603C0702179 'Wintaroo'Avena byzantina K. Koch AustraliaNot Available*503C0702179 **
4146497903C0702196 'Corbit'Avena sativa L. Idaho, United StatesNot Available*503C0702196 **
4156499003C0702184 'Lipoplus'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*503C0702184 **
4166499103C0702183 'SW Ingeborg'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*503C0702183 **
4176584903C0702200 'Carbeen'Avena byzantina K. Koch New South Wales, AustraliaNot Available*503C0702200 **
4186585103C0702201 'Nile'Avena byzantina K. Koch Tasmania, AustraliaNot Available*503C0702201 **
4196585503C0702204 'Hazel'Avena sativa L. Illinois, United StatesNot Available*503C0702204 **
4206585603C0702205 'Cypress'Avena byzantina K. Koch New South Wales, AustraliaNot Available*503C0702205 **
4216585803C0702206 'Goodland'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0702206 **
4226586103C0702207 'Dane'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*503C0702207 **
4236663303C0702217 'Prokop'Avena sativa L. SlovakiaNot Available*503C0702217 **
4246663603C0702220 'Effektiv'Avena sativa L. AustriaNot Available*503C0702220 **
4256663803C0702222 'Eneko'Avena sativa L. AustriaNot Available*503C0702222 **
4266664103C0702225 'Poseidon'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*503C0702225 **
4276842503C0702226 'Norbert'Avena sativa L. Czech RepublicNot Available*503C0702226 **
4286842603C0702227 'Patrik'Avena sativa L. Czech RepublicNot Available*503C0702227 **
4296842703C0702228 'Sagar'Avena sativa L. Czech RepublicNot Available*503C0702228 **
4306842803C0702229 'Hynek'Avena sativa L. Czech RepublicNot Available*503C0702229 **
4316900903C0702230 'Ozon'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*503C0702230 **
4326901003C0702231 'Bingo'Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*503C0702231 **
4336901203C0702233 'Century'Avena sativa L. South Carolina, United StatesNot Available*503C0702233 **
4346901403C0702235 'Brigalow'Avena sativa L. New South Wales, AustraliaNot Available*503C0702235 **
4356901903C0702239 'AC Juniper'Avena sativa L. Alberta, CanadaNot Available*503C0702239 **
4367345803C0702244 'Vojtech'Avena sativa L. SlovakiaNot Available503C0702244 **
4377346003C0702246 'Dunajec'Avena sativa L. SlovakiaNot Available503C0702246 **
4387431803C0702251 'Conway'Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available503C0702251 **
4397432003C0702252 'Earl'Avena sativa L. AustriaNot Available503C0702252 **
*. This accession is available for ordering from another inventory lot. Click on the accession link to see availability of other inventory lots.

Distribution Policy

According to the Decree no.458/2003 to the Act no.148/2003 on plant genetic resources in the Czech Republic users are allowed to order a maximum of 30 generatively and 10 vegetatively propagated samples per year (our business year is from November until October).

Shipments are processed in the order of acceptance. The average handling time is 10 working days.

Plant germplasm is distributed to scientists, educators, producers and other bona fide research and education entities. Distribution of germplasm from National Plant Germplasm collections (NPG) to fulfil requests from individuals seeking free germplasm strictly for home use is generally considered as inappropriate use of limited resources and conflicts with Government policy of not competing with commercial enterprises. Requestors can be asked, in an appropriate manner, to justify the use of specific NPG instead of suitable commercially available germplasm

Accessions listed in the Germplasm Resources Information Network (GRIN Czech) database as “not available” due to insufficient or low viability seed and/or scheduled for regeneration will generally not be available for distribution

To safeguard its international public goods character, and by a legal obligation with FAO and the Governing Body of the International Treaty of Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (ITPGRFA), germplasm for use in food and agriculture is transferred using the Standard Materials Transfer Agreement (SMTA) of the ITPGRFA.

CRI makes no warranties, express or implied, regarding the quality, viability or purity (genetic or mechanical), safety of and/or use of CRI-held germplasm including any warranty of merchantability, or fitness for a particular purpose, including without limitation, production, breeding, crossing, testing, commercialization, or non-infringement of third-party intellectual property.