We apologize, but the distribution of Solanum lycopersicum L. and Capsicum spp. is suspended due to the EU regulation (details); only accessions with CZE (CSK) origin are tested and available.

Avena L. (spring) accessions
Code: medium-tall 111-130 cm

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Some descriptor observations are linked to specific inventory lots within an accession. Click on the accession link for those listed as "Not Available" to see availability of other lots within an accession. Note that specific genotypes might be inventory lot specific. For clonal material, male and female plants may be represented by different inventory lots within an accession.

02398103C0700001 'Cesky Zluty'Avena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*603C0700001 **
12398203C0700002 'Chlumecky Zluty'Avena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*603C0700002 **
22398303C0700003 'Radosinsky Zluty'Avena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*603C0700003 **
32398403C0700004 'Detenicky Bily'Avena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*603C0700004 **
42398503C0700005 'Horicky'Avena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*603C0700005 **
52398603C0700006 'Irbit'Avena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*603C0700006 **
62398803C0700008 'Rychlik'Avena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*603C0700008 **
72399003C0700010 'Stupicky Bily'Avena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*603C0700010 **
82399103C0700011 'Taborsky'Avena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*603C0700011 **
92399203C0700012 'Valecovsky Bily'Avena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*603C0700012 **
102399403C0700014 'Brnensky Zlatak'Avena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*603C0700014 **
112399503C0700015 'Jindrichovsky Bily'Avena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*603C0700015 **
122400003C0700020 'Valecovsky Vitez'Avena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*603C0700020 **
132400103C0700021 'Valecovsky Hvezdovy'Avena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*603C0700021 **
142400303C0700023 DoupovskyAvena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*603C0700023 **
152400403C0700024 'Olesensky Zluty'Avena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*603C0700024 **
162400503C0700025 'Selekcni M 2'Avena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*603C0700025 **
172400603C0700026 'Selecty Horsky'Avena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*603C0700026 **
182400703C0700027 Terrasol Bily KrajovyAvena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*603C0700027 **
192400803C0700028 'Selecty Vitez'Avena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*603C0700028 **
202400903C0700029 Klatovsky BilyAvena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*603C0700029 **
212401103C0700031 'Slapsky Polorany'Avena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*603C0700031 **
222401703C0700037 'Solacki Wczesny'Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*603C0700037 **
232401903C0700039 'Sumavsky'Avena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*603C0700039 **
242402003C0700040 PlatekAvena sativa L. PolandNot Available*603C0700040 **
252402103C0700041 Nagi PulawskiAvena sativa L. PolandNot Available*603C0700041 **
262402403C0700044 'Modzurowski'Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*603C0700044 **
272402703C0700047 JagielloAvena sativa L. PolandNot Available*603C0700047 **
282403403C0700054 P 295Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*603C0700054 **
292403603C0700056 MongoliaAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*603C0700056 **
302403703C0700057 'Buddah'Avena sativa L. AustraliaNot Available*603C0700057 **
312404503C0700065 Weston IIAvena sativa L. IndiaNot Available*603C0700065 **
322405103C0700071 'Diadem'Avena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*603C0700071 **
332405503C0700075 'Gratus'Avena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*603C0700075 **
342406203C0700082 Golden GiantAvena sativa L. United StatesHistoric603C0700082 **
352406403C0700084 ExaAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*603C0700084 **
362406603C0700086 'Vega'Avena sativa L. FranceNot Available*603C0700086 **
372406803C0700088 Rouge 31Avena sativa L. AlgeriaNot Available*603C0700088 **
382406903C0700089 Precoce du MarocAvena sativa L. MoroccoNot Available*603C0700089 **
392407003C0700090 Noire de l'AubeAvena sativa L. FranceNot Available*603C0700090 **
402407103C0700091 Noire 912Avena sativa L. AlgeriaNot Available*603C0700091 **
412407203C0700092 MultigraphAvena sativa L. FranceNot Available*603C0700092 **
422407603C0700096 Souveraine le PeupleAvena sativa L. FranceNot Available*603C0700096 **
432407703C0800025 'Grise Inversable d'Hiver Lafite'Avena sativa L. FranceNot Available*603C0800025 **
442408003C0700100 'Blanche de Bersee'Avena sativa L. FranceNot Available*603C0700100 **
452408403C0700104 AA 732Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*603C0700104 **
462409503C0700115 TodoAvena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*603C0700115 **
472409603C0700116 'Skorospelyj'Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*603C0700116 **
482409703C0700117 'Jubilejnyj'Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*603C0700117 **
492410903C0700129 'Mission'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0700129 **
502411003C0700130 Klein 69 BAvena sativa L. ArgentinaNot Available*603C0700130 **
512411603C0700136 'Yamaska'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*603C0700136 **
522411703C0700137 'Linda'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*603C0700137 **
532411803C0700138 Salzmunde 7676/67Avena sativa L. *German Democratic RepublicNot Available*603C0700138 **
542411903C0700139 UrsusAvena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700139 **
552412303C0700143 'Borrus'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700143 **
562412403C0700144 'Flamingspracht'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700144 **
572412503C0700145 'Flamingstrumpf'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700145 **
582413103C0800026 'Lane'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0800026 **
592413203C0700152 'Ryhti'Avena sativa L. FinlandNot Available*603C0700152 **
602413403C0700154 'Chernigovskij 83'Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*603C0700154 **
612413703C0700157 'Leanda'Avena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*603C0700157 **
622413803C0700158 'Junon'Avena sativa L. BelgiumNot Available*603C0700158 **
632414503C0700165 'Ortley'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0700165 **
642414603C0800027 'Peniarth'Avena sativa L. United KingdomHistoric603C0800027 **
652414703C0800028 'Pendrum'Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*603C0800028 **
662414903C0700169 'Nodoway 70'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0700169 **
672415003C0800030 'Chilocco'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0800030 **
682415103C0800031 'Checota'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0800031 **
692415403C0700174 'Flamingsstern'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700174 **
702415603C0700176 'Enno'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700176 **
712415703C0700177 KungsAvena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*603C0700177 **
722415803C0700178 TaggartAvena byzantina K. Koch United StatesNot Available*603C0700178 **
732416103C0700181 'Eta'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0700181 **
742416203C0700182 'Holden'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0700182 **
752416303C0700183 'Rallus'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700183 **
762416403C0700184 'Flamingsmirus'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700184 **
772416503C0700185 'Bundy'Avena sativa L. AustraliaNot Available*603C0700185 **
782416703C0700187 'Pettis'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0700187 **
792416803C0700188 'Kota'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0700188 **
802417003C0700190 'Coronado'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0700190 **
812417103C0700191 'Ballard'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0700191 **
822417303C0700193 CommonAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0700193 **
832417403C0700194 'Yancey'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0700194 **
842417703C0700197 'Fraser'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*603C0700197 **
852417803C0700198 'Harmon'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*603C0700198 **
862418103C0700201 Rusky zelenacAvena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*603C0700201 **
872418303C0700203 'Krymskij 99'Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*603C0700203 **
882418403C0700204 'Markton'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0700204 **
892418503C0700205 'Pobeda'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*603C0700205 **
902418603C0700206 'Krymskij 75'Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*603C0700206 **
912418703C0700207 'Rychlik Kozar-vskij'Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*603C0700207 **
922418803C0700208 'Pelso'Avena sativa L. FinlandNot Available*603C0700208 **
932418903C0700209 'Orloj'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*603C0700209 **
942419003C0700210 UkrajinskijAvena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*603C0700210 **
952419103C0700211 PrimorecAvena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*603C0700211 **
962419203C0700212 VIR K 2301Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*603C0700212 **
972419303C0700213 'Nidar'Avena sativa L. NorwayNot Available*603C0700213 **
982419403C0700214 'Girunes'Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*603C0700214 **
992419503C0700215 'Udarink 883'Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*603C0700215 **
1002419603C0700216 'Charkovskij 596'Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionHistoric603C0700216 **
1012419703C0700217 'Satilovskij 56'Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*603C0700217 **
1022419803C0700218 'Stenduel'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0700218 **
1032419903C0700219 Litevsky NahyAvena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionHistoric603C0700219 **
1042420003C0700220 'Verchnjacskij 53'Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*603C0700220 **
1052420203C0700222 'Vydvizenec'Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*603C0700222 **
1062420403C0700224 'Zolotoj Dozd II'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*603C0700224 **
1072420503C0700225 'Jygeva Chjamarik'Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*603C0700225 **
1082420603C0700226 'Chibiny 1'Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*603C0700226 **
1092420703C0700227 'Moskovskij 315'Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*603C0700227 **
1102420903C0700229 Zemcu ZinaAvena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*603C0700229 **
1112421103C0700231 'Aristata 7'Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*603C0700231 **
1122421403C0700234 'Byzantina 956'Avena byzantina K. Koch AzerbaijanNot Available*603C0700234 **
1132421603C0700236 'Jygeva AGU'Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*603C0700236 **
1142421803C0700238 Kazanskij PolbjanojAvena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*603C0700238 **
1152421903C0700239 'Ligo'Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*603C0700239 **
1162422403C0700244 'Serebristyj'Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*603C0700244 **
1172422603C0700246 'Severjanin'Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*603C0700246 **
1182422703C0700247 'Stendskij Malyj Rannij'Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*603C0700247 **
1192423003C0700250 'Tulunskij 86/5'Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*603C0700250 **
1202423303C0700253 'Nadeznyj'Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*603C0700253 **
1212423403C0700254 'Skajstunes'Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*603C0700254 **
1222423503C0700255 SjadeAvena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*603C0700255 **
1232423603C0700256 'Priekulskij Belyj'Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*603C0700256 **
1242423703C0700257 'Jaroslavskij 15'Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*603C0700257 **
1252423803C0700258 'Stendskij Zoltyj'Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*603C0700258 **
1262423903C0700259 'Chibiny 2'Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*603C0700259 **
1272424003C0700260 'Narymskij 943'Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*603C0700260 **
1282424103C0700261 'Falenskij 1'Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*603C0700261 **
1292424203C0700262 'Jygeva Koit Kojdu'Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionHistoric603C0700262 **
1302424303C0700263 'Jygeva Roostekindlam'Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*603C0700263 **
1312424803C0700268 'Krasnodarskij 73'Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*603C0700268 **
1322424903C0700269 'Minskij 17'Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionHistoric603C0700269 **
1332425103C0700271 OdnogrivyjAvena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*603C0700271 **
1342425203C0700272 Beloruskij 34Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*603C0700272 **
1352425303C0700273 'Libelle'Avena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*603C0700273 **
1362425703C0700277 'Titus'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*603C0700277 **
1372425803C0700278 'Sorbo'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*603C0700278 **
1382426403C0700284 ArgentinaAvena sativa L. ItalyNot Available*603C0700284 **
1392426503C0700285 'CI 8111'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0700285 **
1402426903C0700289 'Wyndmere'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0700289 **
1412427103C0700292 'Tioga'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0700292 **
1422427403C0700295 'Jefferson'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0700295 **
1432427603C0700297 'Forager'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0700297 **
1442427703C0700298 'Fayette'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0700298 **
1452427803C0700299 'Bingham'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0700299 **
1462427903C0700300 'Beedee'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0700300 **
1472428003C0700301 'Przeboj I'Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*603C0700301 **
1482428103C0700302 'Przeboj II'Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*603C0700302 **
1492428203C0700303 'Bialy Mazur'Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*603C0700303 **
1502428303C0700304 'Udycz zolty'Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*603C0700304 **
1512428403C0700305 'Udycz bialy'Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*603C0700305 **
1522428503C0700306 Niemirez 3Avena sativa L. PolandHistoric603C0700306 **
1532428603C0700307 'Mlochowski'Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*603C0700307 **
1542428703C0700308 'Proporczyk'Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*603C0700308 **
1552428903C0700310 Wierchniaczeskij 055Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*603C0700310 **
1562429003C0700311 Niemirez 4Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*603C0700311 **
1572429103C0700312 'Antoninski zolty'Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*603C0700312 **
1582429303C0700314 'Pomorski zolty'Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*603C0700314 **
1592429403C0700315 'Pomorski pozny'Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*603C0700315 **
1602429503C0700316 ZieleniakAvena sativa L. PolandNot Available*603C0700316 **
1612429603C0700317 'Wierchniaczeskij 053'Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*603C0700317 **
1622429803C0700319 'Pulawski stredniorychly'Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*603C0700319 **
1632429903C0700320 'Rychlik Oberek'Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*603C0700320 **
1642430103C0700322 'Koscielecki'Avena sativa L. PolandHistoric603C0700322 **
1652430203C0700323 Antoninski NajwczesniejszyAvena sativa L. PolandNot Available*603C0700323 **
1662430303C0700324 Jubileuszowy WieclawickiAvena sativa L. PolandNot Available*603C0700324 **
1672430403C0700325 'Pulawski Wczesny'Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*603C0700325 **
1682430503C0700326 Rychlik TrybanskiAvena sativa L. PolandNot Available*603C0700326 **
1692430603C0700327 Huzar OriginalnyAvena sativa L. PolandNot Available*603C0700327 **
1702430803C0700329 ZlotniakAvena sativa L. PolandNot Available*603C0700329 **
1712431203C0700333 Gorczanski bialyAvena sativa L. PolandNot Available*603C0700333 **
1722431303C0700334 Ligowo SieleckiAvena sativa L. PolandNot Available*603C0700334 **
1732431603C0700337 'Sielecki bialy'Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available603C0700337 **
1742431803C0700339 ZdawinaAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*603C0700339 **
1752431903C0700340 'Victoria'Avena sativa L. Buenos Aires, ArgentinaNot Available*603C0700340 **
1762432003C0700341 'Tarpan'Avena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*603C0700341 **
1772432303C0700344 'Branch'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0700344 **
1782432503C0700346 'Bonkee'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0700346 **
1792432603C0700347 'Burnett'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0700347 **
1802432703C0800036 'Arlington'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0800036 **
1812432803C0700349 'Dodge'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0700349 **
1822432903C0700350 'Dubois'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0700350 **
1832433003C0700351 Jugoslavsky 365Avena sativa L. YugoslaviaNot Available*603C0700351 **
1842433403C0700355 'Sumen'Avena sativa L. BulgariaNot Available*603C0700355 **
1852433503C0700356 Clock II (-F-)Avena sativa L. HungaryNot Available*603C0700356 **
1862433603C0700357 'Cook'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0700357 **
1872433703C0700358 'Szekacs 8'Avena sativa L. HungaryNot Available*603C0700358 **
1882433803C0700359 'Cenad 88'Avena sativa L. RomaniaNot Available*603C0700359 **
1892434103C0700362 Tighina 929Avena sativa L. RomaniaNot Available*603C0700362 **
1902434203C0700363 J 10Avena sativa L. YugoslaviaNot Available*603C0700363 **
1912434303C0700364 J 11Avena sativa L. YugoslaviaNot Available*603C0700364 **
1922434403C0700365 J 12Avena sativa L. YugoslaviaNot Available603C0700365 **
1932434503C0700366 J 13Avena sativa L. YugoslaviaNot Available*603C0700366 **
1942434803C0700369 J 16Avena sativa L. YugoslaviaNot Available*603C0700369 **
1952434903C0700370 J 17Avena sativa L. YugoslaviaNot Available*603C0700370 **
1962435003C0700371 J 18Avena sativa L. YugoslaviaNot Available*603C0700371 **
1972435203C0700373 Z 64Avena sativa L. YugoslaviaNot Available*603C0700373 **
1982435303C0700374 Z 110Avena sativa L. YugoslaviaNot Available*603C0700374 **
1992436003C0700381 Populatie BacanAvena sativa L. RomaniaNot Available*603C0700381 **
2002436203C0800037 Hatvani IXAvena sativa L. HungaryNot Available*603C0800037 **
2012436603C0700387 Pollhamer FeleAvena sativa L. HungaryNot Available*603C0700387 **
2022436703C0700388 Keszthelyi TFAvena sativa L. HungaryNot Available*603C0700388 **
2032437503C0700396 La Prevision 7Avena sativa L. ArgentinaNot Available*603C0700396 **
2042437703C0700398 AlsovadasziAvena sativa L. HungaryNot Available*603C0700398 **
2052437903C0700400 'Shaw'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*603C0700400 **
2062438003C0700401 KarcagiAvena sativa L. HungaryNot Available*603C0700401 **
2072438703C0700408 MD 395Avena sativa L. RomaniaHistoric603C0700408 **
2082439003C0700411 MD 410Avena sativa L. RomaniaNot Available*603C0700411 **
2092439103C0700412 MD 412Avena sativa L. RomaniaNot Available*603C0700412 **
2102439303C0700414 Populatie RatbarAvena sativa L. RomaniaNot Available*603C0700414 **
2112439403C0700415 StudinaAvena sativa L. RomaniaNot Available*603C0700415 **
2122439803C0700419 No 905Avena sativa L. BulgariaNot Available*603C0700419 **
2132440103C0700422 No 135Avena sativa L. BulgariaNot Available*603C0700422 **
2142440303C0700424 5604-5-1-1Avena sativa L. BulgariaNot Available*603C0700424 **
2152440403C0700425 5608-37-1-1Avena sativa L. BulgariaNot Available*603C0700425 **
2162440703C0700428 5910-3-1-2Avena sativa L. BulgariaNot Available*603C0700428 **
2172440803C0700429 'Ausable'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0700429 **
2182440903C0700430 'Brave'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0700430 **
2192441303C0700434 'Mugga'Avena sativa L. AustraliaNot Available*603C0700434 **
2202441603C0700437 'Roanoke'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0700437 **
2212442403C0700445 'Lampton'Avena sativa L. AustraliaHistoric603C0700445 **
2222442803C0700449 Early KhersonAvena sativa L. AustraliaNot Available*603C0700449 **
2232443203C0700453 'O'Brien'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0700453 **
2242443403C0700455 'Macon'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0700455 **
2252443503C0700456 'MO 0-205'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0700456 **
2262443603C0700457 'Radar 1'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0700457 **
2272443803C0700459 'Florad'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0700459 **
2282444103C0700462 'Rainbow'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0700462 **
2292444203C0700463 'Floriland'Avena sativa L. United StatesHistoric603C0700463 **
2302444303C0700464 'Waubay'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0700464 **
2312444403C0700465 'Columbia'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0700465 **
2322444503C0700466 'Mohawk'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0700466 **
2332444703C0700468 'Nodaway'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0700468 **
2342445103C0700472 'Uton'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0700472 **
2352445303C0700474 'Mustang'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0700474 **
2362445603C0700477 'Bond'Avena sativa L. AustraliaNot Available*603C0700477 **
2372446103C0700482 'Marida'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0700482 **
2382446203C0700483 'Bannock'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0700483 **
2392446303C0700484 'Bridger'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0700484 **
2402446603C0700488 'Fulmark'Avena sativa L. AustraliaNot Available*603C0700488 **
2412446803C0700490 'Burke'Avena sativa L. AustraliaNot Available*603C0700490 **
2422446903C0700491 AvaAvena sativa L. ItalyNot Available*603C0700491 **
2432447603C0700498 'Romulus'Avena sativa L. *German Democratic RepublicNot Available*603C0700498 **
2442447703C0700499 'Algol'Avena sativa L. *German Democratic RepublicNot Available*603C0700499 **
2452447803C0700500 'Nidar II'Avena sativa L. NorwayNot Available*603C0700500 **
2462447903C0700501 'Intensiv'Avena sativa L. *German Democratic RepublicNot Available*603C0700501 **
2472448003C0700502 'Bordeweiss'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700502 **
2482448103C0700503 'Edelweiss'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700503 **
2492448303C0700505 'Omeko'Avena sativa L. *German Democratic RepublicNot Available*603C0700505 **
2502448403C0700506 'Flamingstreue'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700506 **
2512448503C0700507 'Guldregn III'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*603C0700507 **
2522448703C0700509 'Flamingsgold'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700509 **
2532448903C0700511 'Breustedts Harly'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700511 **
2542449003C0700512 'Lochows Gelb'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700512 **
2552449103C0700513 'Guldregn I'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*603C0700513 **
2562449203C0700514 'Svalofs Ligowo II'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*603C0700514 **
2572449303C0700515 Svalofs Ligowo IVAvena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*603C0700515 **
2582449403C0700516 'Edelhofer Frueh'Avena sativa L. AustriaNot Available*603C0700516 **
2592449503C0700517 'Peragis Weiss'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700517 **
2602449603C0700518 'Peragis Frueh II'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700518 **
2612449703C0700519 'Sieges'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*603C0700519 **
2622449803C0700520 'PSG Goldkorn'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700520 **
2632449903C0700521 'Kirsche Pfiffelbacher Gelb'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700521 **
2642450003C0700522 'Anderbecker gelb'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700522 **
2652450103C0700523 'Kraffts Rheinischer Gelb'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700523 **
2662450203C0700524 'Engelens Kriemhild'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700524 **
2672450403C0700526 GoldfahnenAvena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700526 **
2682450603C0700528 'Von Kalbens Vienauer'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700528 **
2692450703C0700529 'Fischers Wirchenblatter III'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700529 **
2702450803C0700530 'Staufers Holi'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700530 **
2712450903C0700531 'Luneburger Kley'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700531 **
2722451003C0700532 'Breustedts Widukind'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700532 **
2732451103C0700533 'Lembkes Baldur'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700533 **
2742451203C0700534 'Engelens Ingo'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700534 **
2752451403C0700536 'Gebruder Dippes fruher weiss'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700536 **
2762451703C0700539 Edelhofer WeissAvena sativa L. AustriaNot Available*603C0700539 **
2772451803C0700540 'Heines Silber'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700540 **
2782451903C0700541 'Endress weiss'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700541 **
2792452103C0700543 'Friedrichswerther Berg'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700543 **
2802452203C0700544 'Werthers Gottinger'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available603C0700544 **
2812452503C0700547 'Eckendorfer Frueh Borriesa'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700547 **
2822453003C0700552 'Rotenburger Schwarz'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700552 **
2832453203C0700554 PfarrkirchnerAvena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700554 **
2842453303C0700555 'Pflugs Gelb'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700555 **
2852453403C0700556 GrizzlyAvena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*603C0700556 **
2862453503C0700557 'Hornings Wiess'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700557 **
2872453603C0700558 'Wadsacks Gelb'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700558 **
2882453903C0700561 'Gemini'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*603C0700561 **
2892454003C0700562 Kraffts Rheinischer weissAvena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700562 **
2902454103C0700563 'Brandts Gretchen'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700563 **
2912454203C0700564 'Calenberger'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700564 **
2922454303C0700565 DahlenburgerAvena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700565 **
2932454403C0700566 'Gebruder Dippes Uberwinder'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700566 **
2942454503C0700567 'Dreagers II'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700567 **
2952454803C0700570 Jassener LandhaferAvena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700570 **
2962455003C0700572 'Kleykonig'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700572 **
2972455103C0700573 'Lischower Kurassier'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700573 **
2982455203C0700574 Mahndorfer 2074Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700574 **
2992455503C0700577 'Schrickers Weiss 39'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700577 **
3002455603C0700578 'Heines Ertragreichste'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700578 **
3012455703C0700579 Weihenstephaner GudrunAvena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700579 **
3022455903C0700581 'Luneburger Moorgold'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700581 **
3032456003C0700582 Schwarzer BegrannterAvena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700582 **
3042456103C0700583 Weihenstephaner GotenAvena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700583 **
3052456203C0700584 'Omeko II'Avena sativa L. *German Democratic RepublicNot Available*603C0700584 **
3062456303C0700585 'Torso'Avena sativa L. *German Democratic RepublicNot Available*603C0700585 **
3072456403C0700586 HoldiAvena sativa L. *German Democratic RepublicNot Available*603C0700586 **
3082456503C0700587 WojsiakAvena sativa L. PolandNot Available*603C0700587 **
3092456603C0700588 Wisniara GalizAvena sativa L. PolandNot Available*603C0700588 **
3102457603C0700598 'Stutzfruchthafer'Avena sativa L. *German Democratic RepublicNot Available*603C0700598 **
3112457703C0700599 'Von Pfettens Weihenstephaner'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700599 **
3122458003C0700602 Schwarzer Tartarischer FahnenAvena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700602 **
3132458103C0700603 'Strubes Weiss'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700603 **
3142458303C0700605 'Belar'Avena sativa L. AustraliaNot Available*603C0700605 **
3152458403C0700606 Baltersbacher GlatterAvena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700606 **
3162458503C0700607 'Leutewitzer Gelb'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700607 **
3172458703C0700609 'Endress Franken'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700609 **
3182458903C0700611 'Sunrise'Avena sativa L. AustraliaNot Available*603C0700611 **
3192459003C0700612 TrifolioAvena sativa L. ArgentinaNot Available*603C0700612 **
3202459103C0700613 Gelb BegrannterAvena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700613 **
3212459203C0700614 Oberpfalzer Unterried AAvena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700614 **
3222459403C0700616 Ritzlhofer GelbAvena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700616 **
3232459603C0700618 'Mahndorfer fruh'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700618 **
3242459803C0700620 'Hadmerslebener Auswuchsfester Gelb'Avena sativa L. *German Democratic RepublicNot Available*603C0700620 **
3252459903C0700621 Weihenstephaner GuntramAvena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700621 **
3262460003C0700622 'Flamingsweiss II'Avena sativa L. *German Democratic RepublicNot Available*603C0700622 **
3272460103C0700623 Hadmerslebener ST 8594Avena sativa L. *German Democratic RepublicNot Available*603C0700623 **
3282460203C0700624 Petkuser 3656/48Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700624 **
3292460303C0700625 'Rekord'Avena sativa L. AustriaNot Available*603C0700625 **
3302460403C0700626 'Delphin'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700626 **
3312460703C0700629 'Strubes Erfolg'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700629 **
3322460903C0700631 'Albgold'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700631 **
3332461103C0700633 'Breustedts Regenfreund'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700633 **
3342461403C0700636 'Endress Fruher Gelb'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700636 **
3352461503C0700637 'Engelens Gelbhafer Heigo'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700637 **
3362461603C0700638 'Falbe'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700638 **
3372461703C0700639 Krajova ze Zdiaru (Macak)Avena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*603C0700639 **
3382461803C0700640 'Firlbecks Regent'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700640 **
3392461903C0700641 'Lang Doerflers Weihenstephaner'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700641 **
3402462003C0700642 'Lembkes Weiss'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700642 **
3412462103C0700643 'Luxor'Avena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*603C0700643 **
3422462203C0700644 'Nos Nackt'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700644 **
3432462303C0700645 'Nos Weiss'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700645 **
3442462403C0700646 'Perablanc'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700646 **
3452462503C0700647 'Peragold'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700647 **
3462462603C0700648 'Pony'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700648 **
3472462803C0700650 'Vollbringer'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700650 **
3482462903C0700651 'Achleithner Weiss'Avena sativa L. AustriaNot Available*603C0700651 **
3492463003C0700652 'Candida'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700652 **
3502463103C0700653 'Erno Gelb'Avena sativa L. AustriaNot Available*603C0700653 **
3512463403C0700656 Santa MariaAvena sativa L. PortugalNot Available*603C0700656 **
3522463503C0700657 Sao FranciskoAvena sativa L. PortugalNot Available*603C0700657 **
3532463603C0700658 'Kyro'Avena sativa L. FinlandNot Available*603C0700658 **
3542463703C0700659 'TA 693'Avena sativa L. FinlandNot Available*603C0700659 **
3552463903C0700661 TA 1685Avena sativa L. FinlandNot Available*603C0700661 **
3562464203C0700664 TA 3796Avena sativa L. FinlandNot Available*603C0700664 **
3572464303C0700665 TA 4137Avena sativa L. FinlandNot Available*603C0700665 **
3582464403C0700666 'TA 5794'Avena sativa L. FinlandNot Available*603C0700666 **
3592465003C0700672 OneidaAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0700672 **
3602465103C0700673 'Flamingsstahl'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700673 **
3612465203C0700674 3 CW OatsAvena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*603C0700674 **
3622465303C0700675 'Larain'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*603C0700675 **
3632465403C0700676 'Russel'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*603C0700676 **
3642465503C0700677 'Torch'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*603C0700677 **
3652465703C0700679 Buck 152Avena sativa L. ArgentinaNot Available*603C0700679 **
3662466003C0700682 Santa Fe No 3Avena sativa L. ArgentinaNot Available*603C0700682 **
3672466103C0700683 Stanton Sel MassauxAvena sativa L. ArgentinaNot Available*603C0700683 **
3682466203C0700684 I Feed OatsAvena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*603C0700684 **
3692466403C0700686 Buck 2Avena sativa L. ArgentinaNot Available*603C0700686 **
3702466503C0700687 StantonAvena sativa L. ArgentinaNot Available*603C0700687 **
3712466703C0700689 Bage Sel Klein 400Avena sativa L. ArgentinaNot Available*603C0700689 **
3722466903C0700691 'Goldsherry'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700691 **
3732467103C0700693 WodanAvena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*603C0700693 **
3742467203C0700694 ZommerAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*603C0700694 **
3752467903C0700701 'Stormogul II'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*603C0700701 **
3762468003C0700702 'Guldregn II'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*603C0700702 **
3772468103C0700703 'Stormogul I'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*603C0700703 **
3782468203C0700704 'Svalofs Engelbreckt II'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*603C0700704 **
3792468303C0700705 'Svalofs Sol'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*603C0700705 **
3802468403C0700706 'Svalofs Orn'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*603C0700706 **
3812468503C0700707 'Svalofs Same'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*603C0700707 **
3822468703C0700709 'Abed Minor'Avena sativa L. DenmarkNot Available*603C0700709 **
3832468903C0700711 'Lyon'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0700711 **
3842469203C0700714 'Finsky'Avena sativa L. FinlandNot Available*603C0700714 **
3852469303C0700715 'Kyto'Avena sativa L. FinlandNot Available*603C0700715 **
3862469403C0700716 'Tammi'Avena sativa L. FinlandNot Available*603C0700716 **
3872470003C0700722 'Eho'Avena sativa L. FinlandNot Available*603C0700722 **
3882470403C0700726 'Landro'Avena sativa L. AustriaNot Available*603C0700726 **
3892470703C0700729 Standischer FahnenAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*603C0700729 **
3902470803C0700730 'Probstdorfer Gelb II'Avena sativa L. AustriaNot Available*603C0700730 **
3912471003C0700732 'Sisu'Avena sativa L. FinlandNot Available*603C0700732 **
3922471203C0700734 'Bambu II'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*603C0700734 **
3932471303C0700735 Svalofs Hellgelber MoorAvena sativa L. SwedenHistoric603C0700735 **
3942471403C0700736 'Svalofs Primus I'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*603C0700736 **
3952471503C0700737 'Weibulls Echo'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*603C0700737 **
3962471603C0700738 'Clock I'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*603C0700738 **
3972471703C0700739 Abed StaalAvena sativa L. DenmarkNot Available*603C0700739 **
3982471803C0700740 Weibulls TriosatAvena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*603C0700740 **
3992471903C0700741 'Abed Palu'Avena sativa L. DenmarkNot Available*603C0700741 **
4002472003C0700742 'Rosinante'Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*603C0700742 **
4012472103C0700743 'Svalofs Sol II'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*603C0700743 **
4022472303C0700745 'Svalofs Orion III'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*603C0700745 **
4032472403C0700746 'Blixt'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*603C0700746 **
4042472503C0700747 'Seger I'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*603C0700747 **
4052472603C0700748 'Seger II'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*603C0700748 **
4062472703C0700749 'Nip'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*603C0700749 **
4072472803C0700750 Lyngby HedehavreAvena sativa L. DenmarkNot Available*603C0700750 **
4082472903C0700751 'Marne'Avena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*603C0700751 **
4092473003C0700752 'Expres'Avena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*603C0700752 **
4102473103C0700753 'Libertas'Avena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*603C0700753 **
4112473303C0700755 'S 84'Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*603C0700755 **
4122473403C0700756 'Altesse Jaune'Avena sativa L. BelgiumNot Available*603C0700756 **
4132473503C0700757 'Grignonnaise'Avena sativa L. FranceNot Available*603C0700757 **
4142473603C0700758 'Joanette'Avena sativa L. FranceNot Available*603C0700758 **
4152473803C0700760 'Breustedts Silva'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700760 **
4162474003C0700762 MargageAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*603C0700762 **
4172474103C0700763 'Soleil II'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*603C0700763 **
4182474203C0700764 'Flamande Desprez'Avena sativa L. FranceNot Available*603C0700764 **
4192474303C0700765 'Major'Avena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*603C0700765 **
4202474403C0700766 JO 0770Avena sativa L. FinlandNot Available*603C0700766 **
4212474503C0700767 'Civena'Avena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*603C0700767 **
4222475103C0700773 Jeane d'ArdennesAvena sativa L. FranceNot Available*603C0700773 **
4232475203C0700774 'Ligowo III'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*603C0700774 **
4242475303C0700775 SimoAvena sativa L. FinlandNot Available*603C0700775 **
4252475703C0700779 'Vedette'Avena sativa L. BelgiumNot Available*603C0700779 **
4262475803C0700780 'Vigor'Avena sativa L. BelgiumNot Available*603C0700780 **
4272475903C0700781 'Blanche du Vieux Moulin'Avena sativa L. BelgiumNot Available*603C0700781 **
4282476003C0700782 'Espoir de Gembloux'Avena sativa L. BelgiumNot Available*603C0700782 **
4292476103C0700783 'Confiance'Avena sativa L. BelgiumNot Available*603C0700783 **
4302476403C0700786 'Diamant'Avena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*603C0700786 **
4312476603C0700788 'Marino'Avena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*603C0700788 **
4322476703C0700789 'Nestor'Avena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*603C0700789 **
4332476803C0700790 'Zandster'Avena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*603C0700790 **
4342477003C0700792 'Argo'Avena sativa L. BelgiumNot Available*603C0700792 **
4352477103C0700793 JO 0782Avena sativa L. FinlandNot Available*603C0700793 **
4362477303C0700795 'Zeegold'Avena sativa L. BelgiumNot Available*603C0700795 **
4372477403C0700796 'Abed Max'Avena sativa L. DenmarkNot Available*603C0700796 **
4382478003C0700802 'Beaver'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*603C0700802 **
4392478103C0700803 'Algerian Red'Avena sativa L. AlgeriaNot Available*603C0700803 **
4402478203C0700804 'Resistance'Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*603C0700804 **
4412478303C0700805 MirajAvena sativa L. RomaniaNot Available*603C0700805 **
4422478403C0700806 'Ajax'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*603C0700806 **
4432478503C0700807 'Epeler'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0700807 **
4442478603C0700808 'Victory'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*603C0700808 **
4452478703C0700809 Krajova ze Zdiaru (Budzak)Avena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*603C0700809 **
4462478803C0700810 'Panther'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700810 **
4472478903C0700811 'Erban'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*603C0700811 **
4482479003C0700812 'Banner'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0700812 **
4492479103C0700813 'Vanguard'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*603C0700813 **
4502479203C0700814 'Onward'Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*603C0700814 **
4512479303C0700815 PotatoAvena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*603C0700815 **
4522479503C0700817 'Legacy'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*603C0700817 **
4532479703C0700819 PugliezeAvena sativa L. ItalyNot Available*603C0700819 **
4542479903C0700821 Oats NAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0700821 **
4552480003C0700822 SpitfireAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*603C0700822 **
4562480103C0700823 'Early Miller'Avena sativa L. Scotland, United KingdomNot Available*603C0700823 **
4572480203C0700824 'Clintland 60'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0700824 **
4582480403C0700826 'Alaska'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0700826 **
4592480503C0700827 CartizyAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*603C0700827 **
4602480603C0700828 'Diane'Avena sativa L. BelgiumNot Available*603C0700828 **
4612480703C0700829 'Beacon'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*603C0700829 **
4622480803C0700830 'Huron'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0700830 **
4632480903C0700831 StemhaferAvena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*603C0700831 **
4642481003C0700832 'Bonda'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0700832 **
4652481103C0700833 BaumAvena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*603C0700833 **
4662481203C0700834 'Valor'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*603C0700834 **
4672481403C0700836 'Fortune'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*603C0700836 **
4682481603C0700838 'Nelson'Avena sativa L. United KingdomHistoric603C0700838 **
4692481703C0700839 'Forward'Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*603C0700839 **
4702481903C0700841 'Mesdag'Avena sativa L. FranceNot Available*603C0700841 **
4712482003C0700842 'Superb'Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*603C0700842 **
4722482103C0700843 'Cartier'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*603C0700843 **
4732482203C0700844 'Brighton'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*603C0700844 **
4742482303C0700845 'Rigal'Avena sativa L. BelgiumNot Available*603C0700845 **
4752482603C0700848 'Mabel'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*603C0700848 **
4762482703C0700849 'Garry'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*603C0700849 **
4772482903C0700851 'Copher'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0700851 **
4782483003C0700852 KomadiesAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*603C0700852 **
4792483103C0700853 SoltharaAvena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*603C0700853 **
4802483303C0700855 WarrigalAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*603C0700855 **
4812483403C0700856 White TartarAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0700856 **
4822483503C0700857 TowarAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0700857 **
4832483603C0700858 ImprovedAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0700858 **
4842483703C0700859 'Richland'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0700859 **
4852484003C0700862 White JossAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0700862 **
4862484103C0700863 'Angus'Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*603C0700863 **
4872484203C0700864 'Osage'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0700864 **
4882484303C0700865 'Nemaha'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0700865 **
4892484403C0700866 'Marvellous'Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*603C0700866 **
4902484703C0700869 MenerhaferAvena sativa L. unknownHistoric603C0700869 **
4912484803C0700870 'Garton Supreme'Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*603C0700870 **
4922484903C0700871 'Maldwyn'Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*603C0700871 **
4932485103C0700873 'Vicar'Avena sativa L. CanadaHistoric603C0700873 **
4942485203C0700874 'Scotian'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*603C0700874 **
4952485303C0700875 'Simcoe'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*603C0700875 **
4962485403C0700876 'Shefford'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*603C0700876 **
4972485503C0700877 'Abegweit'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*603C0700877 **
4982485603C0700878 'Lanark'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*603C0700878 **
4992485903C0700881 'Fundy'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*603C0700881 **
5002486003C0700882 'Sixty Day'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0700882 **
5012486103C0700883 'Kelsey'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*603C0700883 **
5022486203C0700884 Green RussianAvena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*603C0700884 **
5032486303C0800040 'Barnwell'Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*603C0800040 **
5042486403C0700886 'Appler'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0700886 **
5052486603C0700888 MestizaAvena sativa L. UruguayNot Available*603C0700888 **
5062486703C0700889 'Glen'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*603C0700889 **
5072486803C0700890 'Albyn Donside'Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*603C0700890 **
5082486903C0700891 Albyn EmpressAvena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*603C0700891 **
5092487103C0700893 'Ayr Commando'Avena sativa L. IrelandNot Available*603C0700893 **
5102487503C0700897 'Elder'Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*603C0700897 **
5112487803C0800042 'Powys'Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*603C0800042 **
5122488003C0700902 Italsky BilyAvena sativa L. ItalyNot Available*603C0700902 **
5132488103C0700903 Cinsky nahyAvena sativa L. ChinaHistoric603C0700903 **
5142488203C0700904 Ma-I-DanAvena sativa L. ChinaHistoric603C0700904 **
5152488303C0700905 San-Fyn-SanAvena sativa L. ChinaNot Available*603C0700905 **
5162488403C0700906 U-Uzaj-Rer-Sjao-MajAvena sativa L. ChinaNot Available*603C0700906 **
5172488503C0700907 Da-Sjao-MajAvena sativa L. ChinaNot Available*603C0700907 **
5182488603C0700908 Ke-San-Jan-MajAvena sativa L. ChinaNot Available*603C0700908 **
5192488703C0700909 AngelicaAvena sativa L. ItalyNot Available*603C0700909 **
5202488903C0700911 UrcarAvena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*603C0700911 **
5212489003C0700912 'Portage'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0700912 **
5222489203C0700914 TrisperniaAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0700914 **
5232489303C0700915 Seven AnthreeAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0700915 **
5242489603C0800043 'Marros'Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*603C0800043 **
5252489703C0700919 'Endress Fichtelstolz'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700919 **
5262489803C0700920 'Manod'Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*603C0700920 **
5272489903C0700921 'Prima'Avena sativa L. AustriaNot Available*603C0700921 **
5282490103C0700923 JO 0668Avena sativa L. FinlandNot Available*603C0700923 **
5292490203C0700924 JO 0710Avena sativa L. FinlandNot Available*603C0700924 **
5302490303C0700925 JO 0721Avena sativa L. FinlandNot Available*603C0700925 **
5312490403C0700926 JO 0761Avena sativa L. FinlandNot Available*603C0700926 **
5322490503C0700927 AlphaAvena sativa L. AustraliaNot Available*603C0700927 **
5332490903C0700931 'Fairfax'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0700931 **
5342491303C0700935 'Voll'Avena sativa L. NorwayNot Available*603C0700935 **
5352491403C0700936 TriumphAvena sativa L. IrelandNot Available*603C0700936 **
5362491603C0700938 Rehovat 161Avena sativa L. IsraelNot Available*603C0700938 **
5372491703C0700939 'Bonne'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0700939 **
5382492003C0700942 'Hannes'Avena sativa L. FinlandNot Available*603C0700942 **
5392492103C0700943 'Anthony'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0700943 **
5402492403C0700946 'Dawn'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0700946 **
5412492603C0700948 Jaune d'ArtoisAvena sativa L. FranceNot Available*603C0700948 **
5422493003C0700952 Opus IIIAvena sativa L. DenmarkNot Available*603C0700952 **
5432493103C0700953 UkraineAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0700953 **
5442493203C0700954 'Weibulls Arla'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*603C0700954 **
5452493503C0700957 'Jostrain'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0700957 **
5462493703C0700959 'Ulan'Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*603C0700959 **
5472493803C0700960 'Cabot'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*603C0700960 **
5482493903C0700961 CI 4023Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0700961 **
5492494003C0700962 CI 6666Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0700962 **
5502494503C0700967 'Risto'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*603C0700967 **
5512494603C0700968 JO 0794Avena sativa L. FinlandNot Available*603C0700968 **
5522494703C0700969 'Mostyn'Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*603C0700969 **
5532494903C0700971 S. ManedeAvena sativa L. PortugalNot Available*603C0700971 **
5542495003C0700972 'Honami'Avena sativa L. JapanNot Available*603C0700972 **
5552495103C0800045 'Ujszegedi'Avena sativa L. HungaryNot Available*603C0800045 **
5562495403C0700976 Obrazcov Ciflik 1Avena sativa L. BulgariaNot Available*603C0700976 **
5572495503C0700977 Obrazcov Ciflik 2Avena sativa L. BulgariaNot Available*603C0700977 **
5582496103C0700983 'Heidemoor'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700983 **
5592496303C0700985 'Catrix'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700985 **
5602496803C0800046 'Dade'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0800046 **
5612496903C0800047 'Hickory'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0800047 **
5622497003C0700992 ATB 4/1/B2Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*603C0700992 **
5632497103C0700993 AA 589Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*603C0700993 **
5642497203C0700994 Strind (Local)Avena sativa L. DenmarkNot Available*603C0700994 **
5652497303C0700995 Ribe (Local)Avena sativa L. DenmarkNot Available*603C0700995 **
5662497403C0700996 'Sandra'Avena sativa L. NetherlandsHistoric603C0700996 **
5672497503C0700997 Petkuser Neuzucht 253Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0700997 **
5682497603C0700998 Bankuti 553Avena sativa L. HungaryNot Available*603C0700998 **
5692497703C0700999 Nowy 96Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*603C0700999 **
5702497803C0701000 'Pol'Avena sativa L. NorwayNot Available*603C0701000 **
5712497903C0701001 Brauner BergrannterAvena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0701001 **
5722498003C0701002 Brauner UnbegrannterAvena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0701002 **
5732498203C0701004 Endlers GottingerAvena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0701004 **
5742498603C0701008 Gelshafer Borden WeissAvena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0701008 **
5752499503C0701017 Odenwalder StraussAvena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0701017 **
5762499903C0701021 RinkauAvena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0701021 **
5772500403C0701026 'Shelby'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0701026 **
5782500503C0701027 LevenAvena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*603C0701027 **
5792500703C0701029 'Toral'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0701029 **
5802503803C0701060 Palestine-Dwarf SelectionAvena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*603C0701060 **
5812504503C0701067 BaerwalderAvena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0701067 **
5822504903C0701071 M 201Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*603C0701071 **
5832505003C0701072 Minskij 0100Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*603C0701072 **
5842505203C0701074 CecilieAvena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*603C0701074 **
5852505503C0701077 Z 4Avena sativa L. YugoslaviaNot Available*603C0701077 **
5862505603C0701078 'Abundance'Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*603C0701078 **
5872505803C0701080 'Blanche de Nations'Avena sativa L. FranceNot Available*603C0701080 **
5882506403C0701086 SordaAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*603C0701086 **
5892506903C0701091 CC 4659Avena strigosa Schreb. United KingdomNot Available*603C0701091 **
5902507103C0701093 SidobresAvena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*603C0701093 **
5912509203C0701114 'Windsor'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0701114 **
5922509903C0701121 'Ohotsuku'Avena sativa L. JapanNot Available*603C0701121 **
5932510003C0701122 01.00.01.Avena sativa L. JapanNot Available*603C0701122 **
5942510103C0701123 01.00.02.Avena sativa L. JapanNot Available*603C0701123 **
5952510203C0701124 08.00.16.Avena sativa L. JapanNot Available*603C0701124 **
5962510303C0701125 08.00.36.Avena sativa L. JapanNot Available*603C0701125 **
5972510403C0701126 ShirokatahoAvena sativa L. JapanNot Available*603C0701126 **
5982510603C0701128 'Kuromi'Avena sativa L. JapanNot Available*603C0701128 **
5992510803C0701130 'Solidor'Avena sativa L. *German Democratic RepublicNot Available*603C0701130 **
6002511103C0701133 'Sinelnikovskij 14'Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*603C0701133 **
6012511203C0701134 'Lgovskij 78'Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionHistoric603C0701134 **
6022512403C0701146 GA 7199Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0701146 **
6032513003C0701152 'Saturn'Avena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*603C0701152 **
6042513403C0701156 Krasnovodopadskij 167Avena sativa L. South Kazakhstan, KazakhstanNot Available*603C0701156 **
6052513903C0701161 'Albion'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0701161 **
6062514103C0701163 'Iowar'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0701163 **
6072514603C0701168 'State Pride'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0701168 **
6082514703C0701169 'Cornellian'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0701169 **
6092514803C0701170 LincolnAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0701170 **
6102514903C0701171 MinotaAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0701171 **
6112515103C0701173 CemewellAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0701173 **
6122515903C0701182 Colorado 37Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0701182 **
6132516003C0701183 Wisconsin WonderAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0701183 **
6142516103C0701184 Danish IslandAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0701184 **
6152516803C0701191 MonarchAvena sativa L. United StatesHistoric603C0701191 **
6162517903C0701202 'Iogren'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0701202 **
6172518203C0701205 'Brunker'Avena sterilis L. United StatesNot Available*603C0701205 **
6182519203C0701215 'Nortex'Avena sterilis L. United StatesNot Available*603C0701215 **
6192519503C0701218 FranklinAvena sterilis L. United StatesNot Available*603C0701218 **
6202520503C0701228 LetpriaAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0701228 **
6212520603C0701229 'Ranger'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0701229 **
6222521003C0701233 'Benton'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0701233 **
6232521803C0701241 BonhamAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0701241 **
6242522903C0701252 CraterAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0701252 **
6252523203C0701255 'Goldfield'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0701255 **
6262523403C0701257 'Arlington 23'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0701257 **
6272523503C0701258 'Liberty'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*603C0701258 **
6282523603C0701259 VIR K 1766 LocalAvena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*603C0701259 **
6292523903C0701262 VIR K 10586 LocalAvena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*603C0701262 **
6302524203C0701265 VIR K 1929 LocalAvena sativa L. ChinaNot Available*603C0701265 **
6312524303C0701266 VIR K 1932 LocalAvena sativa L. ChinaNot Available*603C0701266 **
6322524403C0701267 VIR K 11014Avena sativa L. ChinaNot Available*603C0701267 **
6332524503C0701268 CEBECO 7302Avena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*603C0701268 **
6342525203C0701275 'Nuprime'Avena sativa L. FranceNot Available*603C0701275 **
6352525503C0701278 'Reima'Avena sativa L. FinlandNot Available*603C0701278 **
6362525903C0701282 7385Avena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*603C0701282 **
6372527403C0701297 CamelliaAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0701297 **
6382528303C0701306 Oats 18-001Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*603C0701306 **
6392528403C0701307 Oats 18-009Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*603C0701307 **
6402528703C0701310 Oats 17-017Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*603C0701310 **
6412529003C0701313 MontagnamoAvena sativa L. ItalyNot Available*603C0701313 **
6422529503C0701318 'Hermes'Avena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*603C0701318 **
6432530003C0701323 'Svea'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*603C0701323 **
6442530203C0701325 'Mirnyj'Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*603C0701325 **
6452530303C0701326 'Uzbeckij Sirokolistyj'Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*603C0701326 **
6462530603C0701329 BelozernyjAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0701329 **
6472530703C0701330 CI 9263Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0701330 **
6482530803C0701331 GorizontAvena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*603C0701331 **
6492531003C0701333 RuslanAvena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*603C0701333 **
6502531203C0701335 'Zelenyj'Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*603C0701335 **
6512532803C0701351 Germplasm 81-005Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*603C0701351 **
6522532903C0701352 Germplasm 81-007Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*603C0701352 **
6532533003C0701353 Germplasm 81-008Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*603C0701353 **
6542533503C0701358 Krupnozernyj 67Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*603C0701358 **
6552533803C0701361 'Cernigovskij'Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*603C0701361 **
6562533903C0701362 'Alfred'Avena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*603C0701362 **
6572534203C0701365 AchillesAvena sativa L. New ZealandNot Available*603C0701365 **
6582534603C0701369 FyneAvena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*603C0701369 **
6592534803C0701371 Syokan 2Avena sativa L. JapanNot Available*603C0701371 **
6602534903C0701372 ThensinAvena sativa L. JapanNot Available*603C0701372 **
6612535403C0701377 'Dragon'Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*603C0701377 **
6622535903C0701382 'Puhti'Avena sativa L. FinlandNot Available*603C0701382 **
6632538103C0701404 Germ.Plasm.Release Oats 79-008Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*603C0701404 **
6642538203C0701405 Germ.Plasm.Release Oats 80-006Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*603C0701405 **
6652538403C0701407 Germ.Plasm.Release Oats 82-006Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*603C0701407 **
6662538503C0701408 Germ.Plasm.Release Oats 82-008Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*603C0701408 **
6672538603C0701409 Germ.Plasm.Release Oats 82-010Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*603C0701409 **
6682538703C0701410 Germ.Plasm.Release Oats 83-008Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*603C0701410 **
6692539103C0701414 Germ.Plasm.Release Oats 84-008Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*603C0701414 **
6702539203C0701415 Germ.Plasm.Release Oats 84-009Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*603C0701415 **
6712539303C0701416 Germ.Plasm.Release Oats 84-010Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*603C0701416 **
6722539803C0701421 'Sentinel'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*603C0701421 **
6732539903C0701422 'OAC Woodstock'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*603C0701422 **
6742540003C0701423 'Cernigovskij 126'Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*603C0701423 **
6752540203C0701425 'Kolpasevskij'Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*603C0701425 **
6762540303C0701426 OktjabrenokAvena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*603C0701426 **
6772540403C0701427 Omskij KormovojAvena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*603C0701427 **
6782540803C0701431 Tjumenskij 82Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*603C0701431 **
6792541103C0701434 'Cavell'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*603C0701434 **
6802541703C0701440 AnarcsiAvena sativa L. HungaryNot Available*603C0701440 **
6812541803C0701441 BalatonfoekajariAvena sativa L. HungaryNot Available*603C0701441 **
6822541903C0701442 BalatonmogyorodiAvena sativa L. HungaryNot Available*603C0701442 **
6832542003C0701443 BuekiAvena sativa L. HungaryNot Available*603C0701443 **
6842542103C0701444 CzenyeteiAvena sativa L. HungaryNot Available*603C0701444 **
6852542203C0701445 Dregelypalanki IAvena sativa L. HungaryNot Available*603C0701445 **
6862542303C0701446 Dregelypalanki IIAvena sativa L. HungaryNot Available*603C0701446 **
6872542403C0701447 GamasiAvena sativa L. HungaryNot Available*603C0701447 **
6882542503C0701448 Hatvani 117Avena sativa L. HungaryNot Available*603C0701448 **
6892542603C0701449 Hatvani 181Avena sativa L. HungaryNot Available*603C0701449 **
6902542703C0701450 KecskemetiAvena sativa L. HungaryNot Available*603C0701450 **
6912542803C0701451 Lovaszpatonai FeherAvena sativa L. HungaryNot Available*603C0701451 **
6922542903C0701452 Lovaszpatonai 214Avena sativa L. HungaryNot Available*603C0701452 **
6932543003C0701453 MocsaiAvena sativa L. HungaryNot Available*603C0701453 **
6942543103C0701454 NagyatadiAvena sativa L. HungaryNot Available*603C0701454 **
6952543203C0701455 PocspetriAvena sativa L. HungaryNot Available*603C0701455 **
6962543303C0701456 PuespoekiAvena sativa L. HungaryNot Available*603C0701456 **
6972543403C0701457 TaplanszentkeresztiAvena sativa L. HungaryNot Available*603C0701457 **
6982543503C0701458 TunyogiAvena sativa L. HungaryNot Available*603C0701458 **
6992543603C0701459 ZalahashagyiAvena sativa L. HungaryNot Available*603C0701459 **
7002543703C0701460 ZalaloevoeiAvena sativa L. HungaryNot Available*603C0701460 **
7012544403C0701467 'Veli'Avena sativa L. FinlandNot Available*603C0701467 **
7022544903C0701472 MargotAvena sativa L. BelgiumNot Available*603C0701472 **
7032545103C0701474 Avena abyssinicaAvena abyssinica Hochst. ex A. Rich. unknownNot Available*603C0701474 **
7042545603C0701479 Avena sterilis ssp.ludoviciana (DUR.) GILL.et MAGNEAvena sterilis L. unknownNot Available*603C0701479 **
7052545803C0701481 MoholtAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*603C0701481 **
7062546503C0701488 Uralskij karlikAvena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*603C0701488 **
7072547103C0701494 Glasnevin MajorAvena sativa L. IrelandNot Available*603C0701494 **
7082547203C0701495 BanatAvena sativa L. RomaniaNot Available*603C0701495 **
7092547603C0701499 Gagyfelsoei TFAvena sativa L. HungaryNot Available*603C0701499 **
7102547803C0701501 Avoine BlancheAvena sativa L. FranceNot Available*603C0701501 **
7112548003C0701503 EtoileAvena sativa L. FranceNot Available*603C0701503 **
7122548103C0701504 Altmittweidauer GelbAvena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0701504 **
7132548203C0701505 BadbergerAvena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0701505 **
7142548303C0701506 Beseler IIIAvena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0701506 **
7152548503C0701508 Dietzes GelbAvena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0701508 **
7162548603C0701509 Dippe AltAvena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0701509 **
7172548703C0701510 Goldhafer IIAvena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0701510 **
7182548803C0701511 Duppauer MittelfruhAvena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0701511 **
7192548903C0701512 Duppauer 851Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0701512 **
7202549003C0701513 'Riel'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*603C0701513 **
7212549203C0701515 'Hudson'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*603C0701515 **
7222549303C0701516 'Laurent'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*603C0701516 **
7232549403C0701517 FoothillAvena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*603C0701517 **
7242549503C0701518 CalibreAvena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*603C0701518 **
7252549603C0701519 Arbitus 2Avena sativa L. BulgariaNot Available*603C0701519 **
7262549703C0701520 'Obrazcov Ciflik 4'Avena sativa L. BulgariaNot Available*603C0701520 **
7272549903C0701522 MarsAvena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0701522 **
7282550003C0701523 Alden AldiAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*603C0701523 **
7292550203C0701525 AlmaAvena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*603C0701525 **
7302550303C0701526 BaldoAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*603C0701526 **
7312550503C0701528 Bialy DunajecAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*603C0701528 **
7322550603C0701529 BranwenAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*603C0701529 **
7332551103C0701534 Early Nr. 2Avena sativa L. unknownNot Available*603C0701534 **
7342551203C0701535 FLA 64-377Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0701535 **
7352551403C0701537 Glorie de OstendeAvena sativa L. BelgiumNot Available*603C0701537 **
7362551503C0701538 GoldaAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*603C0701538 **
7372551703C0701540 PrestaAvena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*603C0701540 **
7382551803C0701541 BojarAvena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0701541 **
7392551903C0701542 DakotaAvena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*603C0701542 **
7402552003C0701544 NilsAvena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*603C0701544 **
7412552203C0701546 PeveleAvena sativa L. FranceNot Available*603C0701546 **
7422552303C0701547 PrafektAvena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0701547 **
7432552403C0701548 RoarAvena sativa L. DenmarkNot Available*603C0701548 **
7442552803C0701552 AloAvena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*603C0701552 **
7452553303C0701557 Cebeco 8322Avena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*603C0701557 **
7462553403C0701558 FlamingswitAvena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0701558 **
7472553503C0701559 Sto AleixoAvena sativa L. PortugalNot Available*603C0701559 **
7482554003C0701564 GartonAvena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*603C0701564 **
7492554403C0701568 DasixAvena sativa L. CanadaHistoric603C0701568 **
7502554503C0701569 BoerAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*603C0701569 **
7512554603C0800054 Black WinterAvena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*603C0800054 **
7522555103C0701575 CumberlandAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0701575 **
7532555503C0701579 PI 185660Avena sativa L. ArgentinaNot Available*603C0701579 **
7542555703C0701581 PI 185792Avena byzantina K. Koch ArgentinaNot Available*603C0701581 **
7552555803C0701582 De ArgeliaAvena byzantina K. Koch ArgentinaNot Available*603C0701582 **
7562556303C0701587 Gillet et MagneAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*603C0701587 **
7572556403C0701588 'Adam'Avena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*603C0701588 **
7582556503C0701589 'Ariane'Avena sativa L. FranceNot Available*603C0701589 **
7592556703C0701591 Nue NoiseAvena sativa L. FranceNot Available*603C0701591 **
7602556803C0701592 Nue RennesAvena sativa L. FranceNot Available*603C0701592 **
7612556903C0701593 A. nuda L. PI 401775Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*603C0701593 **
7622557103C0701595 Ankara 76Avena sativa L. TurkeyNot Available*603C0701595 **
7632557203C0701596 Ankara 84Avena sativa L. TurkeyNot Available*603C0701596 **
7642557303C0701597 AmandineAvena sativa L. FranceNot Available*603C0701597 **
7652557403C0701598 AldenAvena sativa L. DenmarkNot Available*603C0701598 **
7662558103C0701605 Germ. Plasm. Release 86-015Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*603C0701605 **
7672558503C0701609 Lvovskij 1Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*603C0701609 **
7682558703C0701611 MarionAvena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*603C0701611 **
7692558903C0701613 BulbanAvena sativa L. AustraliaNot Available*603C0701613 **
7702559003C0701614 BundalongAvena sativa L. AustraliaNot Available*603C0701614 **
7712559103C0701615 'Salvator'Avena sativa L. *German Democratic RepublicNot Available*603C0701615 **
7722559203C0701616 'Sanova'Avena sativa L. *German Democratic RepublicNot Available*603C0701616 **
7732559703C0800055 'Image'Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*603C0800055 **
7742559803C0800056 'Lustre'Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*603C0800056 **
7752559903C0800057 'Pennal'Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*603C0800057 **
7762560103C0701626 Ardenad AmerillaAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*603C0701626 **
7772560203C0701627 AmericanaAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*603C0701627 **
7782560803C0701633 BetaAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*603C0701633 **
7792560903C0701634 BostchrisAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*603C0701634 **
7802561203C0701637 College AlegeriaAvena sativa L. AlgeriaNot Available*603C0701637 **
7812562003C0701645 'Heines Gold'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0701645 **
7822563503C0701660 Galantsky SkoryAvena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*603C0701660 **
7832565303C0701678 MartinAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*603C0701678 **
7842565503C0701680 TabunAvena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*603C0701680 **
7852565903C0701684 'Sanna'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*603C0701684 **
7862566003C0701685 MagneAvena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*603C0701685 **
7872566703C0701692 AribanAvena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*603C0701692 **
7882567103C0701696 'Lena'Avena sativa L. NorwayNot Available*603C0701696 **
7892567203C0701697 'Kapp'Avena sativa L. NorwayNot Available*603C0701697 **
7902567303C0701698 'Avalanche'Avena sativa L. FranceNot Available*603C0701698 **
7912567603C0701701 EdoAvena sativa L. AustriaNot Available*603C0701701 **
7922567803C0701703 ExplorerAvena sativa L. AustriaNot Available*603C0701703 **
7932568003C0701705 'Keeper'Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*603C0701705 **
7942568103C0701706 ElinAvena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*603C0701706 **
7952568603C0701711 GPR 87-005Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*603C0701711 **
7962569203C0701717 YtyAvena sativa L. FinlandNot Available*603C0701717 **
7972570503C0701730 'Melin'Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*603C0701730 **
7982570603C0701731 'Ardo'Avena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*603C0701731 **
7992571103C0701736 'Salvius'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0701736 **
8002571203C0701737 'Terra'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*603C0701737 **
8012571703C0701742 'Melys'Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*603C0701742 **
8022572603C0701751 'Aberglen'Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*603C0701751 **
8032573103C0701756 'Munin'Avena sativa L. NorwayNot Available*603C0701756 **
8042573203C0701757 'Kolbu'Avena sativa L. NorwayNot Available*603C0701757 **
8052573303C0701758 BontegoAvena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*603C0701758 **
8062573403C0701759 'Salomon'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0701759 **
8072573603C0701761 PlymAvena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*603C0701761 **
8082574403C0701769 'Farys'Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*603C0701769 **
8092574503C0701770 'German'Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*603C0701770 **
8102574803C0701773 'Kwant'Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*603C0701773 **
8112574903C0701774 'Slawko'Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*603C0701774 **
8122575003C0701775 'Rebus'Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*603C0701775 **
8132575203C0701778 AR 02848/BAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0701778 **
8142575303C0701779 AR 82/491Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0701779 **
8152575503C0701782 'Prairie'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0701782 **
8162575603C0701783 'Sane'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0701783 **
8172575903C0701786 'Labud'Avena sativa L. YugoslaviaNot Available*603C0701786 **
8182576103C0701788 'Mediteran'Avena sativa L. YugoslaviaNot Available*603C0701788 **
8192576203C0701789 'Slavuj'Avena sativa L. YugoslaviaNot Available*603C0701789 **
8202576303C0701790 'Rajac'Avena sativa L. YugoslaviaNot Available*603C0701790 **
8212577303C0701800 'Bimbil'Avena sativa L. AustraliaNot Available*603C0701800 **
8222578403C0701811 'Valiant'Avena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*603C0701811 **
8232578503C0701812 'Balmoral'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0701812 **
8242579303C0701821 'Kati'Avena sativa L. FinlandNot Available*603C0701821 **
8252579503C0701823 'Virma'Avena sativa L. FinlandNot Available*603C0701823 **
8262579603C0701824 'Cory'Avena sativa L. FranceNot Available*603C0701824 **
8272579803C0701826 'Lutz'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0701826 **
8282579903C0701827 'Wiesel'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0701827 **
8292580103C0701829 'Heinrich'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0701829 **
8302580403C0701832 'Tomba'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0701832 **
8312580503C0701833 'Iltis'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0701833 **
8322580603C0701834 'Belotte'Avena sativa L. FranceNot Available*603C0701834 **
8332580703C0701835 'Alf'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0701835 **
8342580903C0701838 'Myriane'Avena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*603C0701838 **
8352581103C0701840 Bc Z-183Avena sativa L. YugoslaviaNot Available*603C0701840 **
8362581303C0701842 Bc Z-8002Avena sativa L. YugoslaviaNot Available*603C0701842 **
8372581503C0701844 Bc Z-8010Avena sativa L. YugoslaviaNot Available*603C0701844 **
8382581603C0701845 'Elvy'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*603C0701845 **
8392581903C0701848 'Diana'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*603C0701848 **
8402582003C0701849 'Minerva'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*603C0701849 **
8412582203C0701851 'Sisko'Avena sativa L. FinlandNot Available*603C0701851 **
8422582803C0701857 'Troy'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0701857 **
8432582903C0701858 'Paul'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0701858 **
8442583703C0701866 'OA 504-5'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*603C0701866 **
8452584003C0701870 'Expander'Avena sativa L. AustriaNot Available*603C0701870 **
8462584103C0701871 'Efendi'Avena sativa L. AustriaNot Available*603C0701871 **
8472584903C0701879 'Bonus'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0701879 **
8482585003C0701881 'AC Hunter'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*603C0701881 **
8492585203C0701883 'Hecht'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0701883 **
8502586003C0701892 'Laima'Avena sativa L. LithuaniaNot Available*603C0701892 **
8512586503C0701897 'Noirine'Avena sativa L. FranceNot Available*603C0701897 **
8522587103C0701903 'L.E.Tukana'Avena sativa L. UruguayNot Available*603C0701903 **
8532587203C0701904 'Aarre'Avena sativa L. FinlandNot Available*603C0701904 **
8542587303C0701905 'Roope'Avena sativa L. FinlandNot Available*603C0701905 **
8552588003C0701912 'Jaak'Avena sativa L. EstoniaNot Available*603C0701912 **
8562588103C0701913 'Villu'Avena sativa L. EstoniaNot Available*603C0701913 **
8572588303C0701915 'Caleche'Avena sativa L. FranceNot Available*603C0701915 **
8582588803C0701920 'Bajka'Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*603C0701920 **
8592589103C0701923 'Istra'Avena sativa L. YugoslaviaNot Available*603C0701923 **
8602589203C0701924 'Kupa'Avena sativa L. YugoslaviaNot Available*603C0701924 **
8612590203C0701934 'Drummer'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0701934 **
8622590403C0701936 'Piper'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0701936 **
8632590503C0701937 'Sailor'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0701937 **
8642590603C0701938 'Borowiak'Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*603C0701938 **
8652590703C0701939 'Skrzat'Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*603C0701939 **
8662590803C0701940 'Heritage'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0701940 **
8672590903C0701941 'Ida'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0701941 **
8682591003C0701942 'Ruby'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0701942 **
8692591203C0701944 'OAC Paisley'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*603C0701944 **
8702592003C0701952 'Settler'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0701952 **
8712592403C0701956 'Trucker'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0701956 **
8722592603C0701958 'Hytest'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0701958 **
8732593403C0701966 'Vista'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0701966 **
8742594603C0701978 'Freddy'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0701978 **
8752595103C0701983 'Jump'Avena sativa L. unknownNot Available*603C0701983 **
8762595203C0701984 'Katri'Avena sativa L. unknownNot Available*603C0701984 **
8772595303C0701985 'Kermit'Avena sativa L. unknownNot Available*603C0701985 **
8782595503C0701987 'Robert'Avena sativa L. unknownNot Available*603C0701987 **
8792595703C0701989 'Suomi'Avena sativa L. unknownNot Available*603C0701989 **
8802596403C0701996 'Gloria'Avena sativa L. unknownNot Available*603C0701996 **
8812596903C0702001 'Amursky Utes'Avena sativa L. unknownNot Available*603C0702001 **
8822597003C0702002 'Flaemingsgarand'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0702002 **
8832597103C0702003 'Goral'Avena sativa L. unknownNot Available*603C0702003 **
8842597403C0702006 'Hippos'Avena sativa L. unknownNot Available*603C0702006 **
8852597503C0702007 'Johana'Avena sativa L. unknownNot Available*603C0702007 **
8862597703C0702009 'Kasarda'Avena sativa L. unknownNot Available*603C0702009 **
8872598003C0702012 'Norby'Avena sativa L. unknownNot Available*603C0702012 **
8882598103C0702013 'Echo'Avena sativa L. unknownNot Available*603C0702013 **
8892598503C0702017 Nalecowskij najwczAvena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*603C0702017 **
8902599003C0702022 'Exactor'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*603C0702022 **
8912599303C0702025 OrientalAvena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*603C0702025 **
8922599503C0702027 'GK Pillango'Avena sativa L. HungaryNot Available*603C0702027 **
8932599903C0702031 'CDC Boyer'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*603C0702031 **
8942600003C0702032 'CDC Dancer'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*603C0702032 **
8952600103C0702033 'CDC Pacer'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*603C0702033 **
8962600303C0702035 'Chambord'Avena sativa L. FranceNot Available*603C0702035 **
8972600503C0702037 No 12Avena sativa L. ChinaNot Available*603C0702037 **
8982601403C0702046 Krajovy 5CAvena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*603C0702046 **
8992601503C0702047 Krajovy 6AAvena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*603C0702047 **
9002601803C0702050 Baragan 114Avena sativa L. RomaniaNot Available*603C0702050 **
9012601903C0702051 Criolla SaltenaAvena sativa L. ArgentinaNot Available*603C0702051 **
9022602003C0702052 Large hull-lessAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0702052 **
9032602103C0702053 Novosadski IVAvena sativa L. YugoslaviaNot Available*603C0702053 **
9042602203C0702054 'Omskij 6922'Avena sativa L. Russian FederationNot Available*603C0702054 **
9052602303C0702055 OsijekAvena sativa L. CroatiaNot Available*603C0702055 **
9062602403C0702056 Ozimi OvesAvena sativa L. YugoslaviaNot Available*603C0702056 **
9072602603C0702058 StantonAvena sativa L. South AfricaNot Available*603C0702058 **
9082602703C0702059 YenmeshAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0702059 **
9092602803C0702060 P.No.59/587Avena sativa L. TurkeyNot Available*603C0702060 **
9102603003C0702062 Stillwater 462567Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0702062 **
9112604003C0702072 61Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*603C0702072 **
9122604103C0702073 588Avena sativa L. GreeceNot Available*603C0702073 **
9132604203C0702074 733Avena sativa L. TurkeyNot Available*603C0702074 **
9142604303C0702075 788Avena sativa L. MacedoniaNot Available*603C0702075 **
9152604603C0702078 4295Avena sativa L. TurkeyNot Available*603C0702078 **
9162604703C0702079 4296Avena sativa L. TurkeyNot Available*603C0702079 **
9172604903C0702081 'Vendelin'Avena sativa L. SlovakiaNot Available*603C0702081 **
9182605103C0702083 'Sipan'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0702083 **
9192605203C0702084 'Anderson'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*603C0702084 **
9202605703C0702089 'SW Argyle'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*603C0702089 **
9212606403C0702096 'Argamak'Avena sativa L. Russian FederationNot Available*603C0702096 **
9222606703C0702099 'Krechet'Avena sativa L. Russian FederationNot Available*603C0702099 **
9232606803C0702100 'Gunter'Avena sativa L. Russian FederationNot Available*603C0702100 **
9242606903C0702101 'Kemerovskii 90'Avena sativa L. Russian FederationNot Available*603C0702101 **
9252607103C0702103 'Tubinskii'Avena sativa L. Russian FederationNot Available*603C0702103 **
9262607203C0702104 'Togurchanin'Avena sativa L. Russian FederationNot Available*603C0702104 **
9272607403C0702106 DetenickyAvena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*603C0702106 **
9282607703C0702109 Nalzovsky selekcniAvena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*603C0702109 **
9292608103C0702113 Valecovsky LigowoAvena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*603C0702113 **
9302608503C0702117 Krajove z ZiaruAvena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*603C0702117 **
9312608603C0702118 'Arab'Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*603C0702118 **
9322608703C0702119 'Scorpion'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0702119 **
9332608803C0702120 CD 1017Avena strigosa Schreb. Czech RepublicNot Available*603C0702120 **
9342608903C0702121 'Berdysz'Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*603C0702121 **
9352609003C0702122 'Gniady'Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*603C0702122 **
9362609103C0702123 651/99Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*603C0702123 **
9372609203C0702124 25/05Avena sativa L. ChinaNot Available*603C0702124 **
9382609303C0702125 'Krezus'Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*603C0702125 **
9392609403C0702126 RadosinskyAvena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*603C0702126 **
9402609703C0702129 'KWS Contender'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0702129 **
9412609803C0702130 'Arden'Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*603C0702130 **
9422609903C0702131 'Bohum'Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*603C0702131 **
9432611903C0702151 KR 288/73L569Avena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*603C0702151 **
9442612503C0702157 'Otakar'Avena sativa L. Czech RepublicNot Available*603C0702157 **
9452613103C0702163 MuresAvena sativa L. RomaniaNot Available*603C0702163 **
9462613403C0702166 KinelskiiAvena sativa L. Russian FederationNot Available*603C0702166 **
9472614203C0702174 Avena BlancaAvena sativa L. SpainNot Available*603C0702174 **
9482614403C0702176 'Aveny'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*603C0702176 **
9492614703C0702180 Naakte Haver vit OverasseltAvena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*603C0702180 **
9502614803C0702181 'Primula'Avena sativa L. ItalyNot Available*603C0702181 **
9516497103C0702190 'Yarran'Avena byzantina K. Koch New South Wales, AustraliaNot Available*603C0702190 **
9526497303C0702191 'Polar'Avena sativa L. Alaska, United StatesNot Available*603C0702191 **
9536497403C0702192 'Boone'Avena sativa L. Iowa, United StatesNot Available*603C0702192 **
9546497603C0702194 'Otana'Avena sativa L. Idaho, United StatesNot Available*603C0702194 **
9556497803C0702195 'Lancer'Avena sativa L. South Dakota, United StatesNot Available*603C0702195 **
9566498603C0702188 Chinese Hull-lessAvena sativa L. California, United StatesNot Available*603C0702188 **
9576498903C0702185 'SW Betania'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*603C0702185 **
9586562803C0702177 Brevis turgida 5231/1Avena strigosa Schreb. PortugalNot Available*603C0702177 **
9596584403C0702197 Red OatAvena sativa L. SpainNot Available*603C0702197 **
9606584503C0702198 'Tschermaks Early Oat'Avena sativa L. AustriaNot Available*603C0702198 **
9616586203C0702208 'Panfive'Avena sativa L. New South Wales, AustraliaNot Available*603C0702208 **
9626587003C0702212 'Nagus'Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*603C0702212 **
9636587103C0702213 'Tibor'Avena sativa L. Czech RepublicNot Available*603C0702213 **
9646587203C0702214 'Spartan'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*603C0702214 **
9656663203C0702216 'Hronec'Avena sativa L. SlovakiaNot Available*603C0702216 **
9666663403C0702218 'Tatran'Avena sativa L. SlovakiaNot Available*603C0702218 **
9676663503C0702219 'Viliam'Avena sativa L. SlovakiaNot Available*603C0702219 **
9686663703C0702221 'Espresso'Avena sativa L. AustriaNot Available*603C0702221 **
9696663903C0702223 'Elipso'Avena sativa L. AustriaNot Available*603C0702223 **
9706664003C0702224 'Erwin'Avena sativa L. AustriaNot Available*603C0702224 **
9716901303C0702234 Horse FeedAvena sativa L. Karnataka, IndiaNot Available*603C0702234 **
9726902003C0702240 'AC Morgan'Avena sativa L. Alberta, CanadaNot Available*603C0702240 **
9737345903C0702245 'Vazec'Avena sativa L. SlovakiaNot Available603C0702245 **
9747431603C0702249 'Frazier'Avena sativa L. Texas, United StatesNot Available603C0702249 **
9757431703C0702250 'Race Horse'Avena sativa L. Kyushu, JapanNot Available603C0702250 **
9767432203C0702254 'Nusso'Avena sativa L. Not Available603C0702254 **
*. This accession is available for ordering from another inventory lot. Click on the accession link to see availability of other inventory lots.

Distribution Policy

According to the Decree no.458/2003 to the Act no.148/2003 on plant genetic resources in the Czech Republic users are allowed to order a maximum of 30 generatively and 10 vegetatively propagated samples per year (our business year is from November until October).

Shipments are processed in the order of acceptance. The average handling time is 10 working days.

Plant germplasm is distributed to scientists, educators, producers and other bona fide research and education entities. Distribution of germplasm from National Plant Germplasm collections (NPG) to fulfil requests from individuals seeking free germplasm strictly for home use is generally considered as inappropriate use of limited resources and conflicts with Government policy of not competing with commercial enterprises. Requestors can be asked, in an appropriate manner, to justify the use of specific NPG instead of suitable commercially available germplasm

Accessions listed in the Germplasm Resources Information Network (GRIN Czech) database as “not available” due to insufficient or low viability seed and/or scheduled for regeneration will generally not be available for distribution

To safeguard its international public goods character, and by a legal obligation with FAO and the Governing Body of the International Treaty of Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (ITPGRFA), germplasm for use in food and agriculture is transferred using the Standard Materials Transfer Agreement (SMTA) of the ITPGRFA.

CRI makes no warranties, express or implied, regarding the quality, viability or purity (genetic or mechanical), safety of and/or use of CRI-held germplasm including any warranty of merchantability, or fitness for a particular purpose, including without limitation, production, breeding, crossing, testing, commercialization, or non-infringement of third-party intellectual property.