We apologize, but the distribution of Solanum lycopersicum L. and Capsicum spp. is suspended due to the EU regulation (details); only accessions with CZE (CSK) origin are tested and available.

Avena L. (spring) accessions
Code: tall 131-150 cm

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Some descriptor observations are linked to specific inventory lots within an accession. Click on the accession link for those listed as "Not Available" to see availability of other lots within an accession. Note that specific genotypes might be inventory lot specific. For clonal material, male and female plants may be represented by different inventory lots within an accession.

02398703C0700007 'Nalzovsky'Avena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*703C0700007 **
12398903C0700009 'Studnicky'Avena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*703C0700009 **
22399303C0700013 'Stupicky Zluty'Avena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaHistoric703C0700013 **
32399603C0700016 Valecovsky 4Avena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*703C0700016 **
42399703C0700017 Valecovsky 2Avena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*703C0700017 **
52399803C0700018 'Valecovsky Nepolehavy'Avena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*703C0700018 **
62399903C0700019 'Valecovsky Ligovo II'Avena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*703C0700019 **
72400203C0700022 'Slapsky Vitez'Avena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*703C0700022 **
82401003C0700030 Udycz 101Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*703C0700030 **
92401203C0700032 Udycz 100Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*703C0700032 **
102401303C0700033 'Teodozja'Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*703C0700033 **
112401403C0700034 'Tatrzanski'Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*703C0700034 **
122401503C0700035 TatarskiAvena sativa L. PolandNot Available*703C0700035 **
132401603C0700036 'Sobieszynski'Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*703C0700036 **
142401803C0700038 SaskiAvena sativa L. PolandNot Available*703C0700038 **
152402503C0700045 LeniakAvena sativa L. PolandNot Available*703C0700045 **
162402603C0700046 KozakAvena sativa L. PolandNot Available*703C0700046 **
172402803C0700048 HrywakAvena sativa L. PolandNot Available*703C0700048 **
182402903C0700049 DippawskiAvena sativa L. PolandNot Available*703C0700049 **
192403003C0700050 Drogerny zlatyAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*703C0700050 **
202403103C0700051 'Bialy Orzel'Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*703C0700051 **
212403203C0700052 Jesenicky zlutyAvena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*703C0700052 **
222403303C0700053 R 12/65Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*703C0700053 **
232403503C0700055 LP 214Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*703C0700055 **
242403803C0700058 Piby AAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*703C0700058 **
252403903C0700059 StrengulAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*703C0700059 **
262404103C0700061 TiruncesAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*703C0700061 **
272404203C0700062 BalkanAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*703C0700062 **
282404403C0700064 White KingAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*703C0700064 **
292404603C0700066 ValverinceAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*703C0700066 **
302404703C0700067 SumarkAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*703C0700067 **
312404803C0700068 MirassowAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*703C0700068 **
322405003C0700070 'OAC 144'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*703C0700070 **
332405203C0700072 Minsker 025Avena sativa L. unknownNot Available*703C0700072 **
342405403C0700074 'Bambu I'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*703C0700074 **
352405703C0700077 LaxtonAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*703C0700077 **
362405803C0700078 LaworAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*703C0700078 **
372405903C0700079 Hybrid 181Avena sativa L. unknownNot Available*703C0700079 **
382406003C0700080 Krajova ze Zdiaru (Stefaniak)Avena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaHistoric703C0700080 **
392406103C0700081 GordonAvena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*703C0700081 **
402406303C0700083 GeationAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*703C0700083 **
412406503C0700085 CaptainAvena sativa L. unknownHistoric703C0700085 **
422407303C0700093 MijoAvena sativa L. FranceNot Available*703C0700093 **
432407403C0700094 Hative de SiberiaAvena sativa L. FranceNot Available*703C0700094 **
442407503C0700095 Hative d'OrchesAvena sativa L. FranceNot Available*703C0700095 **
452407803C0700098 Grise de RennesAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*703C0700098 **
462408103C0700101 DollarAvena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*703C0700101 **
472408203C0700102 'Pentland Provender'Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*703C0700102 **
482408303C0700103 AA 736Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*703C0700103 **
492408503C0700105 Early InebleAvena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*703C0700105 **
502408603C0700106 Z 164Avena sativa L. YugoslaviaNot Available*703C0700106 **
512409003C0700110 Babolnai 2338Avena sativa L. HungaryNot Available*703C0700110 **
522409103C0700111 VobesderAvena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*703C0700111 **
532409203C0700112 'Kehra Varane'Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*703C0700112 **
542409303C0700113 Kehra TanguAvena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*703C0700113 **
552409403C0700114 Kehra SaagirikesAvena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*703C0700114 **
562410503C0700125 'Abed Solve'Avena sativa L. DenmarkNot Available*703C0700125 **
572410703C0700127 BelgiqueAvena sativa L. BelgiumNot Available*703C0700127 **
582410803C0700128 'Argus'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*703C0700128 **
592413503C0700155 OrlovskijAvena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*703C0700155 **
602413603C0700156 'Otter'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*703C0700156 **
612418203C0700202 'Sovetskij'Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*703C0700202 **
622420303C0700223 'Lgovskij 1026'Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*703C0700223 **
632420803C0700228 'Magistral'Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*703C0700228 **
642421003C0700230 'Nemcinovskij 1'Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*703C0700230 **
652421203C0700232 'Bajkal'Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*703C0700232 **
662421303C0800034 'Byzantina II'Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*703C0800034 **
672421503C0700235 'Cakinskij 1812'Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*703C0700235 **
682422103C0700241 'Maganskij 44'Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*703C0700241 **
692422203C0700242 MicurinecAvena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*703C0700242 **
702422503C0700245 'Artemovskij 1'Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*703C0700245 **
712422803C0700248 'Stepnjak 648'Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*703C0700248 **
722424703C0700267 'Jakutskij 1708'Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*703C0700267 **
732425003C0700270 'Stendskij Pozdnyj'Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*703C0700270 **
742426203C0700282 'Dorval'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*703C0700282 **
752428803C0700309 Vjatskij 20/63Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*703C0700309 **
762429703C0700318 GoralskiAvena sativa L. PolandNot Available*703C0700318 **
772430003C0700321 Grzywacz WolynskiAvena sativa L. PolandNot Available*703C0700321 **
782430903C0700330 JurkichowskiAvena sativa L. PolandNot Available*703C0700330 **
792431003C0700331 JezewskiAvena sativa L. PolandNot Available*703C0700331 **
802431103C0700332 'Bartek Udycki'Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*703C0700332 **
812431503C0700336 LandhaferAvena sativa L. UruguayNot Available*703C0700336 **
822433103C0700352 Klock IIAvena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*703C0700352 **
832433203C0700353 MelykutskiAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*703C0700353 **
842433903C0700360 'Tyrgu Frumos 9'Avena sativa L. RomaniaNot Available*703C0700360 **
852434003C0700361 'Icar 878'Avena sativa L. RomaniaNot Available*703C0700361 **
862434603C0700367 J 14Avena sativa L. YugoslaviaNot Available*703C0700367 **
872434703C0700368 J 15Avena sativa L. YugoslaviaNot Available*703C0700368 **
882435103C0700372 J 19Avena sativa L. YugoslaviaNot Available*703C0700372 **
892435403C0700375 Z 219Avena sativa L. YugoslaviaNot Available*703C0700375 **
902435603C0700377 Z 24Avena sativa L. YugoslaviaNot Available*703C0700377 **
912435703C0700378 Z 1Avena sativa L. YugoslaviaNot Available*703C0700378 **
922435803C0700379 'Cenad 309'Avena sativa L. RomaniaHistoric703C0700379 **
932436103C0700382 'Montferrandaise'Avena sativa L. FranceNot Available*703C0700382 **
942436403C0700385 Horvath 5Avena sativa L. HungaryNot Available*703C0700385 **
952436503C0700386 KompoltiAvena sativa L. HungaryNot Available*703C0700386 **
962436903C0700390 'Hatvani 187'Avena sativa L. HungaryNot Available*703C0700390 **
972437003C0700391 Horvath 107Avena sativa L. HungaryNot Available*703C0700391 **
982437103C0700392 Legeny 157Avena sativa L. HungaryNot Available*703C0700392 **
992437203C0700393 Babolnai SargaAvena sativa L. HungaryNot Available*703C0700393 **
1002437303C0700394 Esterhazai 292Avena sativa L. HungaryNot Available*703C0700394 **
1012437403C0700395 Lovaszpatonai SargaAvena sativa L. HungaryNot Available*703C0700395 **
1022437803C0700399 'Pierce'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*703C0700399 **
1032438103C0800038 SzegediAvena sativa L. HungaryNot Available*703C0800038 **
1042438203C0700403 MD 10Avena sativa L. RomaniaNot Available*703C0700403 **
1052438303C0700404 MD 22Avena sativa L. RomaniaNot Available*703C0700404 **
1062438603C0700407 MD 314Avena sativa L. RomaniaNot Available*703C0700407 **
1072438803C0700409 MD 397Avena sativa L. RomaniaNot Available*703C0700409 **
1082438903C0700410 MD 399Avena sativa L. RomaniaNot Available*703C0700410 **
1092439503C0700416 Belje Broj 555Avena sativa L. YugoslaviaNot Available*703C0700416 **
1102439603C0700417 No 121Avena sativa L. BulgariaNot Available*703C0700417 **
1112439703C0700418 No 320Avena sativa L. BulgariaNot Available*703C0700418 **
1122439903C0700420 No 914Avena sativa L. BulgariaNot Available*703C0700420 **
1132440003C0700421 No 5Avena sativa L. BulgariaNot Available*703C0700421 **
1142440203C0700423 5602-1-1-2-2Avena sativa L. BulgariaNot Available*703C0700423 **
1152440503C0700426 5709-8-4-1Avena sativa L. BulgariaNot Available*703C0700426 **
1162440603C0700427 5710-2-1-1Avena sativa L. BulgariaNot Available*703C0700427 **
1172451303C0700535 HirschbacherAvena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*703C0700535 **
1182451503C0700537 Lischower FruehAvena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*703C0700537 **
1192451603C0700538 'Fichtelgebirgs II'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*703C0700538 **
1202452003C0700542 Tepler HochlandAvena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*703C0700542 **
1212452303C0700545 Loosdorfer DreikornAvena sativa L. AustriaNot Available*703C0700545 **
1222452403C0700546 'Bensings Findling'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*703C0700546 **
1232452603C0700548 'Strubes Schlandstedter gelb II'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*703C0700548 **
1242452703C0700549 'Hohenheimer V'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*703C0700549 **
1252452803C0700550 'Garlstorfer Barden'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*703C0700550 **
1262452903C0700551 'Beseler Nr 2'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*703C0700551 **
1272453103C0700553 'Zwarte President'Avena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*703C0700553 **
1282453703C0700559 'Mahndorfer III'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*703C0700559 **
1292453803C0700560 'Pfarrkirchner Edel'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*703C0700560 **
1302454603C0700568 'Ebstorfer Kley'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*703C0700568 **
1312455303C0700575 'Mansholts III'Avena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*703C0700575 **
1322456703C0700589 Schottischer FahnenAvena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*703C0700589 **
1332456803C0700590 Eigene Sorte GelbAvena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*703C0700590 **
1342457003C0700592 Eigene Sorte NeuAvena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*703C0700592 **
1352457103C0700593 'Sachsischer Fruhhafer'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*703C0700593 **
1362457503C0700597 'Firlbecks Gelb'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*703C0700597 **
1372458203C0700604 Strubes MutantAvena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*703C0700604 **
1382459303C0700615 KellsallsAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*703C0700615 **
1392459503C0700617 Westfinnischer SchwarzAvena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*703C0700617 **
1402459703C0700619 'Fischers Wirchenblatte- F-UH X'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*703C0700619 **
1412460503C0700627 'Austria Weiss'Avena sativa L. AustriaNot Available*703C0700627 **
1422460803C0700630 'Strubes Gelb II'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*703C0700630 **
1432462703C0700649 'PSG Guldenkorn'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*703C0700649 **
1442463803C0700660 TA 838Avena sativa L. FinlandHistoric703C0700660 **
1452464003C0700662 TA 1868Avena sativa L. FinlandNot Available*703C0700662 **
1462464103C0700663 TA 3747Avena sativa L. FinlandNot Available*703C0700663 **
1472464503C0700667 SI 25/14Avena sativa L. FinlandNot Available*703C0700667 **
1482467003C0700692 Endress GalizAvena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*703C0700692 **
1492468603C0700708 'Svalofs Orion'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*703C0700708 **
1502469603C0700718 UngarnAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*703C0700718 **
1512469803C0700720 'Svalofs Stjarn'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*703C0700720 **
1522470503C0700727 UgrstebergAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*703C0700727 **
1532472203C0700744 'Extra Clock II'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*703C0700744 **
1542473203C0700754 'Pie de Mouche'Avena sativa L. FranceNot Available*703C0700754 **
1552474803C0700770 'Aurora'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*703C0700770 **
1562475003C0700772 'Trophe Vilmorin'Avena sativa L. FranceNot Available*703C0700772 **
1572475403C0700776 'Osmo'Avena sativa L. FinlandNot Available*703C0700776 **
1582476903C0700791 'Addi'Avena sativa L. NetherlandsNot Available*703C0700791 **
1592477703C0700799 'Plui d'Or II'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*703C0700799 **
1602477903C0700801 Svalofs Ligowo IAvena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*703C0700801 **
1612479403C0700816 'Exeter'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*703C0700816 **
1622479803C0700820 Oats CHAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*703C0700820 **
1632480303C0700825 SirinshaferAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*703C0700825 **
1642482503C0700847 'Roxton'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*703C0700847 **
1652486503C0700887 'Victoria'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*703C0700887 **
1662487003C0700892 Albyn BardAvena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*703C0700892 **
1672487203C0700894 'Ayr Line'Avena sativa L. IrelandNot Available*703C0700894 **
1682487303C0700895 'Yielder'Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*703C0700895 **
1692487403C0700896 'Graigs Afterlea'Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*703C0700896 **
1702487603C0700898 'Bell'Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*703C0700898 **
1712487903C0700901 SevilskyAvena sativa L. SpainNot Available*703C0700901 **
1722489403C0700916 ParkAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*703C0700916 **
1732489503C0700917 'Saia'Avena strigosa Schreb. BrazilNot Available*703C0700917 **
1742490003C0700922 Standfers Hobi WeissAvena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*703C0700922 **
1752492203C0700944 Baragan 117Avena sativa L. RomaniaNot Available*703C0700944 **
1762492303C0700945 Bellyei 179 SargaAvena sativa L. HungaryNot Available*703C0700945 **
1772492503C0700947 Esterhazai 128Avena sativa L. HungaryNot Available*703C0700947 **
1782492903C0700951 Novi Sad 4737Avena sativa L. YugoslaviaNot Available*703C0700951 **
1792495303C0700975 No 194Avena sativa L. BulgariaNot Available*703C0700975 **
1802495603C0700978 A. sativa L. 1/1Avena sativa L. BulgariaHistoric703C0700978 **
1812495903C0700981 A. sativa L. 26/3/5Avena sativa L. BulgariaNot Available*703C0700981 **
1822496003C0700982 A. sativa L. 26/3/32Avena sativa L. BulgariaNot Available*703C0700982 **
1832498403C0701006 FlughaferAvena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*703C0701006 **
1842498703C0701009 'Goldschatz'Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*703C0701009 **
1852498803C0701010 Gelber RiesenfahnenAvena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*703C0701010 **
1862498903C0701011 HojerAvena sativa L. unknownHistoric703C0701011 **
1872499103C0701013 JelberAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*703C0701013 **
1882499203C0701014 Kanadischer RiesenAvena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*703C0701014 **
1892499303C0701015 Kraffts ChinesischerAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*703C0701015 **
1902499403C0701016 Lochows 86/39Avena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*703C0701016 **
1912500903C0701031 WalesAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*703C0701031 **
1922502503C0701047 ForkedeerAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*703C0701047 **
1932502803C0701050 'Goodfield'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*703C0701050 **
1942503903C0701061 CC 4146Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*703C0701061 **
1952504303C0701065 CC 4872 (Rouge d Algerie)Avena byzantina K. Koch United KingdomNot Available*703C0701065 **
1962504803C0701070 M 200Avena sativa L. PolandNot Available*703C0701070 **
1972505103C0701073 'Svalofs Esa'Avena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*703C0701073 **
1982505403C0701076 ZielonyAvena sativa L. PolandNot Available*703C0701076 **
1992506603C0701088 CanadianAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*703C0701088 **
2002512003C0701142 'Gerkules'Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*703C0701142 **
2012513703C0701159 'Burt'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*703C0701159 **
2022514203C0701164 'Tech'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*703C0701164 **
2032514403C0701166 'Silvermine'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*703C0701166 **
2042514503C0701167 CoastblackAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*703C0701167 **
2052515003C0701172 Garton 5Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*703C0701172 **
2062515803C0701181 BelyakAvena sativa L. Malmohus, SwedenNot Available*703C0701181 **
2072516203C0701185 Scottish ChiefAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*703C0701185 **
2082516503C0701188 'Idamine'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*703C0701188 **
2092516903C0701192 Black DiamondAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*703C0701192 **
2102517103C0701194 Garton 473Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*703C0701194 **
2112517603C0701199 EmpireAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*703C0701199 **
2122518703C0701210 'Miami'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*703C0701210 **
2132520103C0701224 'Marion'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*703C0701224 **
2142520403C0701227 HancockAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*703C0701227 **
2152521903C0701242 CimarronAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*703C0701242 **
2162525703C0701280 GrakallAvena sativa L. NorwayNot Available*703C0701280 **
2172538903C0701412 Germ Plasm Release Oats 83-011Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*703C0701412 **
2182539003C0701413 Germ.Plasm.Release Oats 84-007Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*703C0701413 **
2192540503C0701428 PokrovskijAvena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*703C0701428 **
2202547303C0701496 Andrew 9 BAvena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*703C0701496 **
2212547403C0701497 AndresAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*703C0701497 **
2222547503C0701498 AccadiaAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*703C0701498 **
2232547703C0701500 BelloneAvena sativa L. FranceNot Available*703C0701500 **
2242547903C0701502 ColummiersAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*703C0701502 **
2252552503C0701549 BEL 8Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*703C0701549 **
2262552603C0701550 BEL 9Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*703C0701550 **
2272553703C0701561 CliffAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*703C0701561 **
2282554103C0701565 Black RivalAvena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*703C0701565 **
2292554203C0701566 BoswellAvena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*703C0701566 **
2302554703C0701571 BancroftAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*703C0701571 **
2312555003C0701574 AmarelaAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*703C0701574 **
2322555203C0701576 PI 174524Avena sativa L. FranceNot Available*703C0701576 **
2332555603C0701580 PI 185776Avena sativa L. ArgentinaNot Available*703C0701580 **
2342555903C0701583 PI 189767Avena sativa L. TunisiaNot Available*703C0701583 **
2352556103C0701585 Bohnstedts Bonaner GoldAvena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*703C0701585 **
2362556203C0701586 Alter Sachsischer GelbAvena sativa L. GermanyNot Available*703C0701586 **
2372556603C0701590 Auslese aus Nr.2Avena sativa L. unknownNot Available*703C0701590 **
2382557503C0701599 Germ. Plasm. Release 85-009Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*703C0701599 **
2392557603C0701600 Germ. Plasm. Release 86-010Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*703C0701600 **
2402557703C0701601 Germ. Plasm. Release 86-011Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*703C0701601 **
2412557803C0701602 Germ. Plasm. Release 86-012Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*703C0701602 **
2422557903C0701603 Germ. Plasm. Release 86-013Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*703C0701603 **
2432558003C0701604 Germ. Plasm. Release 86-014Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*703C0701604 **
2442558203C0701606 Germ. Plasm. Release 86-016Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*703C0701606 **
2452558303C0701607 Germ. Plasm. Release 86-017Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*703C0701607 **
2462558403C0701608 Gigant ZolotojAvena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*703C0701608 **
2472558603C0701610 'Jasper'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*703C0701610 **
2482559303C0701617 BoppyAvena byzantina K. Koch New South Wales, AustraliaNot Available*703C0701617 **
2492559403C0701618 'Falenskij 3'Avena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*703C0701618 **
2502563303C0701658 ZedacyAvena sativa L. unknownNot Available*703C0701658 **
2512565403C0701679 AsilokAvena sativa L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available*703C0701679 **
2522565603C0701681 DerbyAvena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*703C0701681 **
2532566303C0701688 DolphinAvena sativa L. AustraliaNot Available*703C0701688 **
2542573503C0701760 Sol II FAvena sativa L. SwedenNot Available*703C0701760 **
2552576403C0701791 'Waldern'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*703C0701791 **
2562577603C0701803 'Nobby'Avena sativa L. AustraliaNot Available*703C0701803 **
2572578003C0701807 'Orlando'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*703C0701807 **
2582579403C0701822 'Lisbeth'Avena sativa L. FinlandNot Available*703C0701822 **
2592582303C0701852 'Obee/Midsouth'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*703C0701852 **
2602583803C0701867 'Vermion'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*703C0701867 **
2612586303C0701895 'Asilak'Avena sativa L. BelarusNot Available*703C0701895 **
2622592203C0701954 'Delredsa'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*703C0701954 **
2632592503C0701957 'Steele'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*703C0701957 **
2642592703C0701959 'Sandy'Avena sativa L. Wales, United KingdomNot Available*703C0701959 **
2652598403C0702016 'Detenicky Schlanstedsky'Avena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*703C0702016 **
2662599603C0702028 'GK Zalan'Avena sativa L. HungaryNot Available*703C0702028 **
2672599703C0702029 'CDC Baler'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*703C0702029 **
2682599803C0702030 'CDC Bell'Avena sativa L. CanadaNot Available*703C0702030 **
2692602903C0702061 'Pioneer'Avena sativa L. United StatesNot Available*703C0702061 **
2702606103C0702093 'Hendon'Avena sativa L. United KingdomNot Available*703C0702093 **
2712606503C0702097 'Privet'Avena sativa L. Russian FederationNot Available*703C0702097 **
2722606603C0702098 'Borets'Avena sativa L. Russian FederationNot Available*703C0702098 **
2732607003C0702102 'Vjatskii golozernii'Avena sativa L. Russian FederationNot Available*703C0702102 **
2742607303C0702105 'Levsha'Avena sativa L. Russian FederationNot Available*703C0702105 **
2752607503C0702107 Horsky zelenacAvena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*703C0702107 **
2762607603C0702108 Krajovy 14CAvena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*703C0702108 **
2772607803C0702110 Selecty bilyAvena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*703C0702110 **
2782608003C0702112 'Draeger 1'Avena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*703C0702112 **
2792608303C0702115 Slapsky taborakAvena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*703C0702115 **
2802608403C0702116 Brucusky zlutyAvena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*703C0702116 **
2812610803C0702140 'Dregeruv zluty'Avena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*703C0702140 **
2822610903C0702141 Duppauer 31Avena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*703C0702141 **
2832611003C0702142 Ligovo 2Avena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*703C0702142 **
2842611103C0702143 Partner GalantskyAvena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*703C0702143 **
2852611203C0702144 Rickluk M1Avena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*703C0702144 **
2862611303C0702145 Sobotkaer FahneAvena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available703C0702145 **
2872612103C0702153 HvezdovyAvena sativa L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*703C0702153 **
2882614103C0702173 'Ayr Ally'Avena sativa L. IrelandNot Available*703C0702173 **
2892614303C0702175 'Taplani csupasz'Avena sativa L. HungaryNot Available*703C0702175 **
2906497503C0702193 'Ripon'Avena sativa L. Quebec, CanadaNot Available*703C0702193 **
2916498703C0702187 Hay's FavoriteAvena sativa L. Oregon, United StatesNot Available*703C0702187 **
2926498803C0702186 'Purhavre Fra Bur'Avena strigosa Schreb. DenmarkNot Available*703C0702186 **
2936587303C0702215 'Kalle'Avena sativa L. EstoniaNot Available*703C0702215 **
*. This accession is available for ordering from another inventory lot. Click on the accession link to see availability of other inventory lots.

Distribution Policy

According to the Decree no.458/2003 to the Act no.148/2003 on plant genetic resources in the Czech Republic users are allowed to order a maximum of 30 generatively and 10 vegetatively propagated samples per year (our business year is from November until October).

Shipments are processed in the order of acceptance. The average handling time is 10 working days.

Plant germplasm is distributed to scientists, educators, producers and other bona fide research and education entities. Distribution of germplasm from National Plant Germplasm collections (NPG) to fulfil requests from individuals seeking free germplasm strictly for home use is generally considered as inappropriate use of limited resources and conflicts with Government policy of not competing with commercial enterprises. Requestors can be asked, in an appropriate manner, to justify the use of specific NPG instead of suitable commercially available germplasm

Accessions listed in the Germplasm Resources Information Network (GRIN Czech) database as “not available” due to insufficient or low viability seed and/or scheduled for regeneration will generally not be available for distribution

To safeguard its international public goods character, and by a legal obligation with FAO and the Governing Body of the International Treaty of Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (ITPGRFA), germplasm for use in food and agriculture is transferred using the Standard Materials Transfer Agreement (SMTA) of the ITPGRFA.

CRI makes no warranties, express or implied, regarding the quality, viability or purity (genetic or mechanical), safety of and/or use of CRI-held germplasm including any warranty of merchantability, or fitness for a particular purpose, including without limitation, production, breeding, crossing, testing, commercialization, or non-infringement of third-party intellectual property.