Papaver somniferum L accessions
Code: late +2 to +4 days

Selected item(s) below:

06142215O0800001 'Azur'Papaver somniferum L. Czechoslovakia715O0800001 **
16143315O0800012 'Dubsky stribrosedy'Papaver somniferum L. Czechoslovakia715O0800012 **
26143415O0800013 'Dunajsky modry'Papaver somniferum L. Czechoslovakia715O0800013 **
36145315O0800032 'Modran'Papaver somniferum L. Czechoslovakia715O0800032 **
46146715O0800046 'Peragis'Papaver somniferum L. Netherlands715O0800046 **
56147915O0800058 'Ludenskij 6'Papaver somniferum L. Former Soviet Union715O0800058 **
66148015O0800059 'Ludenskij 7'Papaver somniferum L. Former Soviet Union715O0800059 **
76148515O0800064 'Tatarstan'Papaver somniferum L. Former Soviet Union715O0800064 **
86149215O0800071 'Vahovecky'Papaver somniferum L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available715O0800071 **
96150315O0800082 BelosemennyPapaver somniferum L. unknownNot Available715O0800082 **
106150415O0800083 Belosemenny BolekovicePapaver somniferum L. unknown715O0800083 **
116150515O0800084 'Boehmuv belosemenny'Papaver somniferum L. unknownNot Available715O0800084 **
126150615O0800085 Bulharsky slepak bilyPapaver somniferum L. Bulgaria715O0800085 **
136151715O0800096 'Amarin'Papaver somniferum L. Czechoslovakia715O0800096 **
146152415O0800103 'Ferrara 2'Papaver somniferum L. unknownNot Available715O0800103 **
156152615O0800105 'Opiferum Turci'Papaver somniferum L. unknown715O0800105 **
166152815O0800107 'Prejmer bily'Papaver somniferum L. unknown715O0800107 **
176154015O0800119 R 2Papaver somniferum L. France715O0800119 **
186154115O0800120 R 3Papaver somniferum L. France715O0800120 **
196154715O0800126 'Sonna'Papaver somniferum L. Sweden715O0800126 **
206155015O0800129 'Modry'Papaver somniferum L. Poland715O0800129 **
216156515O0800144 B 227Papaver somniferum L. Former Soviet UnionNot Available715O0800144 **
226156615O0800145 'Dubnik'Papaver somniferum L. Czechoslovakia715O0800145 **
236157315O0800152 Papaver 54Papaver somniferum L. Austria715O0800152 **
246157815O0800157 'Extaz'Papaver somniferum L. Romania715O0800157 **
256160615O0800186 Opava-KomarovPapaver somniferum L. Czech Republic715O0800186 **
266485215O0800198 'Ametiszt'Papaver somniferum L. Hungary715O0800198 **
277488515O0800206 Okrasny ZavisicePapaver somniferum L. North Moravia, Czech Republic715O0800206 **
287554515O0800210 'Hen and Chickens'Papaver somniferum L. UnknownNot Available715O0800210 **