We apologize, but the distribution of Solanum lycopersicum L. and Capsicum spp. is suspended due to the EU regulation (details); only accessions with CZE (CSK) origin are tested and available.

Lolium perenne L. accessions
Code: high 1,31 - 1,5 (kg.m2)

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Some descriptor observations are linked to specific inventory lots within an accession. Click on the accession link for those listed as "Not Available" to see availability of other lots within an accession. Note that specific genotypes might be inventory lot specific. For clonal material, male and female plants may be represented by different inventory lots within an accession.

05873014G2000045 'Mustang'Lolium perenne L. CzechoslovakiaNot Available*714G2000045 **
15889014G2000205 'Olaf'Lolium perenne L. Czech RepublicNot Available*714G2000205 **
25893514G2000250 'Tivoli'Lolium perenne L. DenmarkNot Available*714G2000250 **
35894414G2000259 'Barglen'Lolium perenne L. NetherlandsNot Available*714G2000259 **
45894514G2000260 'Barlet'Lolium perenne L. NetherlandsNot Available*714G2000260 **
55894714G2000262 'Barnasso'Lolium perenne L. NetherlandsNot Available*714G2000262 **
65895214G2000267 'Madera'Lolium perenne L. NetherlandsNot Available*714G2000267 **
75895614G2000271 'Belle'Lolium perenne L. United StatesHistoric714G2000271 **
85895714G2000272 'Goalie'Lolium perenne L. United StatesNot Available*714G2000272 **
95896114G2000276 'Andes'Lolium perenne L. NetherlandsNot Available*714G2000276 **
105897014G2000285 'Barsandra'Lolium perenne L. NetherlandsHistoric714G2000285 **
115897114G2000286 'Belramo'Lolium perenne L. NetherlandsNot Available*714G2000286 **
125898114G2000296 'Lipondo'Lolium perenne L. GermanyNot Available*714G2000296 **
135898214G2000297 'Liprinta'Lolium perenne L. GermanyNot Available*714G2000297 **
145898414G2000299 'Merbo'Lolium perenne L. BelgiumNot Available*714G2000299 **
155898514G2000300 'Merganda'Lolium perenne L. BelgiumNot Available*714G2000300 **
165898914G2000304 'Moronda'Lolium perenne L. NetherlandsNot Available*714G2000304 **
175899414G2000309 'Jantar'Lolium perenne L. Czech RepublicNot Available*714G2000309 **
185900014G2000315 'Atlas'Lolium perenne L. NetherlandsNot Available*714G2000315 **
195900314G2000318 'Colmar'Lolium perenne L. NetherlandsNot Available*714G2000318 **
205900714G2000322 'Othello'Lolium perenne L. NetherlandsNot Available*714G2000322 **
215900914G2000324 'Summit'Lolium perenne L. NetherlandsNot Available*714G2000324 **
225926714G2000582 'Kertak'Lolium perenne L. Czech RepublicNot Available*714G2000582 **
235928014G2000595 'Premium'Lolium perenne L. NetherlandsNot Available*714G2000595 **
245928214G2000597 'Sponsor'Lolium perenne L. NetherlandsNot Available*714G2000597 **
255928314G2000598 'Aberdart'Lolium perenne L. United KingdomNot Available*714G2000598 **
265928514G2000600 'Martha'Lolium perenne L. DenmarkNot Available*714G2000600 **
275930614G2000621 'Lipresso'Lolium perenne L. GermanyNot Available*714G2000621 **
285930714G2000622 'Litempo'Lolium perenne L. GermanyNot Available*714G2000622 **
295931614G2000631 PF 27/96Lolium perenne L. Czech RepublicNot Available*714G2000631 **
305931814G2000633 PF 34/96Lolium perenne L. Czech RepublicNot Available*714G2000633 **
315934414G2000659 PF 46/09Lolium perenne L. United KingdomNot Available*714G2000659 **
325934514G2000660 PF 47/09Lolium perenne L. United KingdomNot Available*714G2000660 **
335934614G2000661 16-57-2Lolium perenne L. NorwayNot Available*714G2000661 **
345934814G2000663 KONGELUNDEN NF0001Lolium perenne L. DenmarkNot Available*714G2000663 **
355935514G2000670 'Salamandra'Lolium perenne L. SwitzerlandNot Available*714G2000670 **
365936014G2000675 'Sumpak'Lolium perenne L. DenmarkNot Available*714G2000675 **
375937214G2000687 'Proly'Lolium perenne L. Czech RepublicNot Available*714G2000687 **
*. This accession is available for ordering from another inventory lot. Click on the accession link to see availability of other inventory lots.

Distribution Policy

According to the Decree no.458/2003 to the Act no.148/2003 on plant genetic resources in the Czech Republic users are allowed to order a maximum of 30 generatively and 10 vegetatively propagated samples per year (our business year is from November until October).

Shipments are processed in the order of acceptance. The average handling time is 10 working days.

Plant germplasm is distributed to scientists, educators, producers and other bona fide research and education entities. Distribution of germplasm from National Plant Germplasm collections (NPG) to fulfil requests from individuals seeking free germplasm strictly for home use is generally considered as inappropriate use of limited resources and conflicts with Government policy of not competing with commercial enterprises. Requestors can be asked, in an appropriate manner, to justify the use of specific NPG instead of suitable commercially available germplasm

Accessions listed in the Germplasm Resources Information Network (GRIN Czech) database as “not available” due to insufficient or low viability seed and/or scheduled for regeneration will generally not be available for distribution

To safeguard its international public goods character, and by a legal obligation with FAO and the Governing Body of the International Treaty of Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (ITPGRFA), germplasm for use in food and agriculture is transferred using the Standard Materials Transfer Agreement (SMTA) of the ITPGRFA.

CRI makes no warranties, express or implied, regarding the quality, viability or purity (genetic or mechanical), safety of and/or use of CRI-held germplasm including any warranty of merchantability, or fitness for a particular purpose, including without limitation, production, breeding, crossing, testing, commercialization, or non-infringement of third-party intellectual property.