Accessions evaluated for:

090 PANICLE - NUMBER OF GRAINS in study 2008 Agricultural Research Institute Kromeriz, Co. Ltd. (12)

Accession090 PANICLE - NUMBER OF GRAINSPlant NameObservation details
03C0701792 5Bandicoot
03C0701263 6VIR K 2468 Local
03C0700674 73 CW Oats
03C0701267 7VIR K 11014
03C0701275 7Nuprime
03C0701592 7Nue Rennes
03C0700043 8Nahy
03C0701588 8Adam
03C0701716 8Abel
03C0701808 8Neon
03C0700644 9Nos Nackt
03C0701947 9Izak
03C0701993 9Jakub