Accessions evaluated for:

094 GRAIN - PORTION OF LEMMAS in study 1961 Agricultural Research Institute Kromeriz, Co. Ltd. (17)

Accession094 GRAIN - PORTION OF LEMMAS Plant NameObservation details
03C0700532 6Breustedts Widukind
03C0700546 6Bensings Findling
03C0700902 6Italsky Bily
03C0700575 7Mansholts III
03C0700524 8Engelens Kriemhild
03C0700829 8Beacon
03C0700205 9Pobeda
03C0700351 9Jugoslavsky 365
03C0700557 9Hornings Wiess
03C0700714 9Finsky
03C0700722 9Eho
03C0700827 9Cartizy