Accessions evaluated for: 012 BUD - SEPAL HAIRINESS in study 2020 OSEVA PRO s.r.o Research Inst. of Oilseed Crops (5)

Selected item(s) below:

06158815O0800167 'Legal'Papaver somniferum L. Denmarkabsent15O0800167 **
16159515O0800175 'Tatransky'Papaver somniferum L. Image Slovakiaabsent15O0800175 **
27488515O0800206 Okrasny ZavisicePapaver somniferum L. North Moravia, Czech Republicabsent15O0800206 **
37554315O0800208 'Akvarel'Papaver somniferum L. Czech Republicabsent15O0800208 **
47554515O0800210 'Hen and Chickens'Papaver somniferum L. unknownabsent15O0800210 **
56158815O0800167 'Legal'Papaver somniferum L. Denmarknejsou15O0800167 **
66159515O0800175 'Tatransky'Papaver somniferum L. Image Slovakianejsou15O0800175 **
77488515O0800206 Okrasny ZavisicePapaver somniferum L. North Moravia, Czech Republicnejsou15O0800206 **
87554315O0800208 'Akvarel'Papaver somniferum L. Czech Republicnejsou15O0800208 **
97554515O0800210 'Hen and Chickens'Papaver somniferum L. unknownnejsou15O0800210 **