Accessions evaluated for:

077 STAND - NUMBER OF PANICLES in study 2008 Agricultural Research Institute Kromeriz, Co. Ltd. (10)

Accession077 STAND - NUMBER OF PANICLESPlant NameObservation details
03C0702016 4Detenicky Schlanstedsky
03C0702017 4Nalecowskij najwcz
03C0702046 4Krajovy 5C
03C0702106 4Detenicky
03C0702107 4Horsky zelenac
03C0702108 4Krajovy 14C
03C0702109 4Nalzovsky selekcni
03C0702110 4Selecty bily
03C0702111 4Tabor I
03C0702112 4Draeger 1
03C0702113 4Valecovsky Ligowo
03C0702115 4Slapsky taborak
03C0702116 4Brucusky zluty
03C0702047 5Krajovy 6A
03C0702117 5Krajove z Ziaru
03C0702114 6Tabor zluty