Accessions evaluated for: 109 MAIN UTILIZATION in study 2012 Research Institute for Fodder Plants Ltd. Co. (3)

Selected item(s) below:

05618813T0500059 SRBCEN 06/11Trifolium ochroleucon Huds. Serbiamixture with grass13T0500059 **
15618913T0500060 SRBCEN 44/11Trifolium pannonicum Jacq. Serbiamixture with grass13T0500060 **
25619013T0500061 SRBCEN 46/11Trifolium pannonicum Jacq. Serbiamixture with grass13T0500061 **
35619113T0500062 SRBCEN 33/11Trifolium medium L. Serbiamixture with grass13T0500062 **
45619213T0500063 SRBCEN 45/11Trifolium montanum L. Serbiamixture with grass13T0500063 **
55618813T0500059 SRBCEN 06/11Trifolium ochroleucon Huds. Serbiasměska s travou13T0500059 **
65618913T0500060 SRBCEN 44/11Trifolium pannonicum Jacq. Serbiasměska s travou13T0500060 **
75619013T0500061 SRBCEN 46/11Trifolium pannonicum Jacq. Serbiasměska s travou13T0500061 **
85619113T0500062 SRBCEN 33/11Trifolium medium L. Serbiasměska s travou13T0500062 **
95619213T0500063 SRBCEN 45/11Trifolium montanum L. Serbiasměska s travou13T0500063 **