Accessions evaluated for: 030 UNIFORMY OF TIME OF INFLOR in study 2019 OSEVA PRO Ltd. Grassland Research Station (9)

Selected item(s) below:

06600014G2000703 4Lolium perenne L. Slovakiahigh14G2000703 **
15926114G2000576 204Lolium perenne L. Czech Republiclow14G2000576 **
25932814G2000643 32Lolium perenne L. Czech Republiclow14G2000643 **
36496714G2000699 'Mischa'Lolium perenne L. Germanylow14G2000699 **
45931414G2000629 146Lolium perenne L. Czech Republicmedium14G2000629 **
56597714G2000701 'Propoz'Lolium perenne L. Czech Republicmedium14G2000701 **
66599914G2000702 33Lolium perenne L. Slovakiamedium14G2000702 **
76600814G2000704 35Lolium perenne L. Czech Republicmedium14G2000704 **
86601514G2000706 3Lolium perenne L. Czech Republicmedium14G2000706 **
95926114G2000576 204Lolium perenne L. Czech Republicnízká14G2000576 **
105932814G2000643 32Lolium perenne L. Czech Republicnízká14G2000643 **
116496714G2000699 'Mischa'Lolium perenne L. Germanynízká14G2000699 **
125931414G2000629 146Lolium perenne L. Czech Republicstřední14G2000629 **
136597714G2000701 'Propoz'Lolium perenne L. Czech Republicstřední14G2000701 **
146599914G2000702 33Lolium perenne L. Slovakiastřední14G2000702 **
156600814G2000704 35Lolium perenne L. Czech Republicstřední14G2000704 **
166601514G2000706 3Lolium perenne L. Czech Republicstřední14G2000706 **
176600014G2000703 4Lolium perenne L. Slovakiavysoká14G2000703 **