Brassica rapa L. subsp. oleifera (DC.) Metzg.


Origin from: Belgium
Maintained by: Not in the NPGS Collection.
Received: 1991
Growth class: winter
Backup location:
Life form: Annual
Improvement status: Advanced/improved cultivar
Reproductive uniformity:
Form received: Seed

Accession names and identifiers

Type: Cultivar name
Brassica campestris L.; Raphanus campestris (L.) CR.
Type: Site identifier
Brassica rapa subsp. rapa
Type: Full taxon

Intellectual Property Rights

Date Issued:
FAO Standard Material Transfer Agreement
Date Issued:
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Year of introduction
Identifier: Crop: . Date Issued: 01 Jan 1991.

Additional Availability Information

Accession is not in the NPGS, contact the donor for availability. Historical record only. Please do not request this accession.


Curator: Andrea RYCHLÁ, OSEVA PRO Ltd. Research Institute for Oilseed Crops (CZE065) rychla@oseva.cz
Note: change of accession number to 09H2600002

Source History


  • Enter ECN into system: 24-Jan-1994.

  • Passport comment: 12-Jul-2018. new ECN = 09H2600002