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030 SPIKE - BRITTLENESS OF RAC in study 1958 Genebank Dept.-Div. Genet. & Plant Breed.- Res. Inst. Crop Production (3)

Accession030 SPIKE - BRITTLENESS OF RACPlant NameObservation details
01C0200505 1Akmolinka 1
01C0200529 1Iskra
01C0200550 1Milturum 162
01C0200551 1Milturum 321
01C0200552 1Milturum 553
01C0200573 1Udarnica
01C0200935 1Marrocos No. 184 (Rabat)
01C0200962 1Skreje
01C0200947 7T. dicoccon..(Verrieres)
01C0200980 7T. spelta..(Berlin-Dahlem)