Descriptor: 026 Spike - awnedness (026 SPIKE - AWNEDNESS )

Crop: Triticum L. (spring)
Category: Morphological descriptors
Status: Crop Germplasm Committee approved
Data Type: Alpha/numeric descriptor
Maximum Length: 1
Responsible site: Crop Research Institute, Prague, Gene Bank (CZE122)

Studies or environments for this trait

Distribution of Values for 026 Spike - awnedness (026 SPIKE - AWNEDNESS )

CodeDefinitionNumber of Accessions
2very short-awnletted <10 mm, upper part of spike382
3short-awnletted 10-20 mm, upper part of spike300
4awnletted 21-40 mm, upper part of spike84
5long-awnetted 41-60 mm, upper part of spike21
6short awned <40 mm, whole spike97
7awned >length of spike1168
8long awned <two times length of spike353
9very long awned >two times length of spike8